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"Yeah, the kitty cat in the dojo might have some words of wisdom."
A.J. referring to Pam Grier

Pamela Suzette "Pam" Grier is a character featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map Shaolin Shuffle. Like David Hasselhoff and Kevin Smith, she appears as a guest celebrity trapped within Willard Wyler's films.


At some point in time, Pam was trapped within Willard Wyler's film Shaolin Shuffle, Within the film, she plays the role of a martials art master of the Black Cat dojo. She also broadcasts music and encourages the survivors within the film to join her at the dojo to fight against the undead hordes.

Eventually, four actors named Andre Wright, Aaron "A.J." Jordaniels, Sally Simpson and Poindexter Zittermann end up in the film as well. There, they find Pam within the Black Cat Dojo meditating. After talking with her after round five, she will allow the players to being training with the Chi abilities.

After the actors reach the first rank in their Chi abilities, she informs them about a rat on the streets, which they find in a cage. After freeing it and eventually defeating the Rat King for the first time, they acquire the Rat King's eye and eventually his brain and heart after two more fights. After defeating the Rat King for the third time, Pam decides it is time to end it all with the rats. Traveling to the Rat King's lair in the sewers beneath the city, they confront the Rat King. After a long fight, the actors manage to defeat the Rat King, with Pam giving the final blow by stabbing the Rat King in his heart with her katana. With the Rat King dead, she rewards them with her katana before disappearing in a cloud of smoke, saying "Namaste".

Later on after the four actors real to what seems to be the outside world and banish Willard Wyler into Zombies in Spaceland, they are confronted by Mephistopheles, who first has the appearance of a shadowy figure before taking on the form of Pam Grier, where he reminds them in this form that the reason they are still in the theater is because they told Pam back in Shaolin Shuffle that they all wanted to go back to the theater. After ordering them to bow down to him, Mephistopheles goes from his Pam Grier form to his true form and battles the four actors.

Unlocking Pam[]

After completing the main easter egg, enter the following code in the pre-game lobby: Up, Up, Right, Left, Down, Left.

Also, playing with Pam Grier enables the Nunchucks at the Wheel.