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Panzer Attack is the fourth mission of the British campaign in Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS).


The German forces have lost an important supply line and have responded by moving armor into the area. British troops will need to cut through the defensive line to push the Germans back. The troops have orders to be on the lookout for the German armor and dispose of it. After destroying all Panzer IIIs, the player regroups with his squad and the level ends


  • Dawkins (playable)
  • Fawkes
  • Hammond
  • Pvt. Moxley
  • Pvt. Westing
  • Pvt. Kelly
  • Pvt. Harwick (K.I.A.)
  • Pvt. Brown
  • Pvt. Donnelly
  • Pvt. Ecksley
  • Pvt. Lunde
  • Sgt. O'Leary
  • Pvt. Livingston

Starting WeaponsEdit

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