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Panzermörder WWII
Appears in Call of Duty: WWII
Affiliations Peter Straub
Klaus Fischer
Nationality Flag of Nazi Germany German
Status Deceased
Killed By MFAA
Death A few days before April 18-19th, 1945, Mittelburg, Kyffhäuser Mountains, Bavaria, Nazi Germany
Race Zombie
Level Prologue
The Final Reich
The Tortured Path (cutscene only)

The Panzermörder is the final boss in the Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies map The Final Reich. Its name translates into "armor-killer", which may allude to the fact that he drops the player's armor very rapidly.

When attacking, Panzermörder depletes one armor per hit.

The Panzermörder is a massive enemy, towering several meters above the player characters and all zombie types. It is constructed out of both metal and flesh. Mechanical joints can be seen sticking out of its knees, while its mouth is made of several human heads, and its hands and feet are made of individual limbs. Klaus Fischer, still alive, is stuck in the center of the monster.

Another Panzermörder can be seen in the intro cutscene of The Tortured Path, attacking London alongisde a horde of Zombies.


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