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Pierson: "Hey, you gotta give those Krauts some credit, train's right on time."
Daniels: "Biggest train I've ever seen. Thickest armor too."
Vivian: "It's a panzerzug. Those V2s have a ranger of over 200 miles. More than enough to hit Paris. We can't let it reach the launch site."
— The squad discussing the panzerzug in S.O.E.

A Panzerzug (English: Armored train) is a railway train protected with armor. Armored Trains usually include railroad cars armed with artillery and machine guns. The armored train made its first appearance in the campaign of Call of Duty: WWII, and was later included in the multiplayer war map Operation Intercept.

Call of Duty: WWII


The platoon is ordered by Colonel Davis to destroy a German armored train carrying V-2 Rockets heading to the launch site and is going to attack Paris. Ronald "Red" Daniels and the squad team up with British Special Operations Executive agents Arthur Crowley and Vivian to sneak into the German base near Argentan but failed. The train started its way to the launch site, Daniels and Robert Zussman chased the train with a Kübelwagen and crashed into the train, leading the train to derail and therefore destroyed.


The Panzerzug returns in the multiplayer war map Operation Intercept of The Resistance map pack. The final objective of the operation is having the Allied Powers escort their tanks to destroy the German train. The train is also seen in Operation Supercharge of the United Front map pack set in Tunisia.