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"Parabolic" was a planned campaign mission in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Not even its true name is known. The reason the level is called "parabolic" is because of the only file currently available to the public that proves its existence, "parabolic.str". Most of the string file is missing; its contents only show hint strings and objectives. In the game's mod tools, parabolic's prefab folder's contents are nearly identical to that of Blackout's prefab folder, suggesting parabolic was an early version of Blackout. The intended skybox texture for parabolic (sky_parabolic) is also very similar to the skybox texture used for Blackout, further adding to the aforementioned theory. Furthermore, Blackout is the only mission in the game that makes use of BM-21 rockets; a debug string in parabolic.str mentions a BM-21 rocket test. In addition, both levels would include an assault on a safehouse and a prisoner to rescue.

Plot Edit

Hint strings include the following:

  • Hold down [{+speed}] to target\nand amplify conversations"
  • Gathering intel...
  • Use Flashbangs [{+smoke}] to stun sentries.
  • Press and hold [USE] to initiate assault.
  • Conversation captured.
  • Conversation lost.
  • Enemies have been alerted by gunfire.
  • Enemies have spotted you.
  • Your weapon is slung. Line up your shot and wait for the signal.
  • Pull [{+speed}] or [{+attack}] to draw pistol.
  • Time left: [number]

Note that this level would include the use of a parabolic microphone. Also note that this level would be an early one - the player is told the control for throwing flashbangs. Also note that the secondary weapon - a pistol - is drawn using the sprint or shoot key.

Objectives include the following:

  • Gather intel with the parabolic microphone
  • Gather intel from the sentries on the bridge
  • Gather intel from the sentry on his cell phone
  • Gather intel from the officer on the river bank
  • Assault the safehouse
  • Locate the prisoner
  • Proceed to the LZ
  • Disable all mobile artillery
  • Extract to the graveyard LZ

"Mission Failed" messages include the following:

  • Mission Failed: You killed the hostage.
  • Mission Failed: The hostage was executed.

Debug text includes:

  • End of currently scripted level. Proceed outside to see BM21 rocket test.

Parabolic Microphone Edit

Most interesting about this level is the use of a parabolic microphone to record intel. After extensive searching, remnants of a weapon called "parabolic" can be found in the game. Its model files are missing, and its only known controls are the sprint key which would target and amplify conversations. This like many other non-harmful utilities were included in a canceled mission.

Trivia Edit

  • The Eavesdrop perk is coded as "specialty_parabolic"
  • The texture for the knife is called parabolic knife.
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