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Paranormal Progress is an achievement in Mob of the Dead that is earned by shocking one of the Voltmeters located through a portal only accessible in Afterlife that unlocks a closed door which requires power to open.

There are three eligible doors for this achievement. The first is the barred door outside the Cafeteria which leads to the showers, with its corresponding Afterlife portal directly opposite, and a high voltage panel close by.

The second is further down the cell blocks from the first, leading to the Warden's Office, with a high voltage panel directly opposite and the Afterlife portal directly above.

The last is in the infirmary, where the door is the one that leads to the roof. In order to access it, the player will have to go into Afterlife mode and go down the hallway without the tub. There will be a portal against the wall. The player will then have to double jump to get onto the roof, and go to the voltmeter, which is located directly next to the door to the roof.

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