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Private Parker was a radio operator who fought during World War II.

Military career Edit

Parker joined the army in 1942, and operated under Sgt. Hawkins of 3rd squad in the 1st Infantry Division. Parker fought during Operation Torch and landed in Algeria with the rest of the 1st Infantry Division. He helped take the German airfield and was in the fight for Kasserine Pass.

On July 10, 1943, he landed on Gela Beach at Sicily, where he lost his radio. Because of this, Sgt. Hawkins had to get Denley to run to the beach to the east to inform the Rangers that the 1st Infantry had secured a beachhead. When he was sent to blow up a section of barbed wire which blocked a road, an Italian soldier threw a grenade, detonating the Comp B Parker had, killing him.

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