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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Parliament is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that was released in the Supremacy downloadable content pack. It takes place on a ship docked beside the Palace of Westminster in London, England.


A wide open, large map that long range weapons like Assault Rifles must be equipped. It's a two floor ship where it contains some verticality, alternative routes, a lot of coverage and jumping positions. Gamemodes such as Hardpoint and Domination are well suited. Exo Grapple makes the gameplay faster when navigating the different sections.


The majority of combat takes place on the ship.

First Floor[]

The Back Space of the ship is small, containing cargo containers serving as jumping spots and also provide cover and defensive positions which are extremely useful in Domination. It also has two accessible structures that players can use to look for enemies when entering the back through the tunnels. At the very back is another small space of the ship that is used as a spawn area. The front space also contains a small space at the very front of the ship. It also has some cargo containers, a battle tank and some small platforms. There are tunnels at both sides that serve as alternative passage ways.

Second Floor[]

This floor is wide, consisting of some staircases that leads to the second floor, a lot of jumping positions on the cargo containers similar to the first and some verticality. It has an interior section that can be used for cover and a small tunnel at the above right portion that can be used as a defensive alternative route. 


The Dock isn't very chaotic but is still active. It has bright colors making it clear to see, some platforms to jump on and two bridges on both the right and left sides. The bridge also have cargo containers obscuring the lines of sight for players.

In Domination, the A flag is beneath a platform in front of the ship. Using the wallings as coverage is a safe capture spot or even going prone. The B flag is located at the docks with less coverage making it difficult to capture. Using the walling of the structure is place on is good way in capturing it. The C flag is behind the ship covered by small cargo containers. Going prone makes it slightly safe due to the small height of the containers.

Map Dynamics[]