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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII

"Listen good, kid. It's only natural to be scared. We need to head home, baby brother."
— Paul's last words before dying of his wounds.

Paul Thomas Daniels is a character in Call of Duty: WWII. He was Ronald "Red" Daniels' older brother. While hunting for the wolves that went after his family's livestock with his brother, he was attacked by a wolf, to which he died from his injuries. Ronald "Red" Daniels has illusions of Paul during battle from time to time. In addition, Red frequently thinks his brother is watching over him through the campaign, and wants to live up to him.


Paul Thomas is the son of Emmet Daniels, a World War I veteran and unnamed mother on May 13, 1911, presumably in Texas. His younger brother, Ronald, was born in 1925 and he nicknamed him "Red". The brothers were close, with Red looking up to him.

Death in 1938

"Red, take the shot!"
— Paul telling Red to shoot the wolf.

One day in 1938, a pack of wolves were going after their family's livestock, and decided that he and Red would hunt them. While in the woods, a wolf attacked Paul, injuring him as he called out for Red to take the shot. Red fuddled with the bullet, as Paul stabbed the wolf to death. Paul lectured Red before falling dead from his injuries.

Influences on Red

"Krauts could be here any second. So show me what you're made of and get on your feet."
— Paul speaking in Red's illusion

Throughout World War II, Red writes letters to Paul as though he was still alive, using his brother's memory to motivate himself. At one point, Red hallucinates Paul telling him to get up and push on while suffering from shellshock in the Hurtgen forest.

Because of the events in 1938, Red cared a lot for the brothers he fought alongside during the war, and also the German soldiers. He treated the men completely different than his squad mates as he knew how it feel when losing a family member during his childhood.

Bronze Star

"'Cause the sacrifice you made taught me a hero will risk it all to save his brother. And you'll always be both to me."
— Red putting his Bronze Star medal on top of Paul's grave

After the war has ended, Red was awarded with a Bronze Star medal because of his heroic actions. Red returned home and put his medal on Paul's grave as he thought that he wouldn't have the medal if Paul hadn't taught him to save his brothers.