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Pavlov's HouseEdit

Alexei Ivanovich Voronin meets with Yakov Pavlov in a building.

Pavlov: Stay in the ditch and keep your head down! They've got snipers out there!

Voronin and Pavlov move over to meet Kovalenko by a wall.

Pavlov: Private Kovalenko, as the fastest man here, you will be the bait.

Kovalenko: Me? No thank you, comrade!

Pavlov: That is an order! Alexei will cover you with the sniper rifle from here. Now go, before I shoot you myself!

Kovalenko begins running from cover. Many German snipers will attempt to hit Kovalenko, but all will miss. Voronin takes out all the snipers in the building. Artillery begins dropping around the Russian soldiers.

Pavlov: They've got us zeroed in! We're all dead if we stay here! Let's go comrades! Go! Get moving! All of you, go!

The soldiers begin moving up towards the building. They enter the building and begin clearing out every floor if German soldiers. They clear the building. Enemy tanks begin rolling up towards the building.

Pavlov: Comrade Alexei, we've got those anti-tank rifles on the second and third floor! You take out the tanks - we'll stop the troops! Here they come! Ready on the anti-tank rifles!

Soldier: Anti-tank rifles ready! Machine guns ready!

Pavlov: Hold this position!

Voronin gets on the PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle and fires on the tanks, destroying them. A timer shows up, saying reinforcements will arrive in 4 minutes. The soldiers hold out until then, with Voronin using both anti-tank rifles to ward off tanks. After 4 minutes, the soldiers clear out the remaining Germans. Voronin then regroups with the Russian reinforcements outside and the level ends.

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