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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

For the successor, see Peacekeeper MK2.

The Peacekeeper is an submachine gun featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

"Fully automatic personal defense weapon. Rifle-class accuracy and range with SMG speed and handling."
— Description

The Peacekeeper was added in Call of Duty: Black Ops II as part of the Revolution downloadable content pack


If the player has access to the Revolution DLC, the Peacekeeper will be unlocked at level 4, and the player will not need to use an Unlock Token to equip it.

The Peacekeeper is a low damage, long range SMG. At any range short of 35 meters, the Peacekeeper will deal 33 damage per bullet, needing four shots to kill. At any range between 35 meters and 62.5 meters, the Peacekeeper will deal 24 damage per bullet, needing five shots to kill. At any range past 62.5 meters, the Peacekeeper will deal nineteen damage per bullet, needing six shots to kill. The Peacekeeper has by far the longest four shot kill and five shot kill ranges in its class, trumping the PDW-57 and MSMC in these regards. The Peacekeeper deals ten percent extra damage on a Headshot, and with the Peacekeeper's damage figures, headshots will reduce the number of shots to kill by one at all ranges, although multiple headshots will be needed to do this at long ranges, and at least five headshots will be needed to do this at very long ranges. The Peacekeeper has low penetration power, so the Peacekeeper will struggle to retain damage when shooting through surfaces. The Peacekeeper has a long one shot kill range for Hardcore game types. The Peacekeeper's four shot kill range is its biggest strength as a weapon, as it is long enough to be comparable to assault rifles, having a longer four shot kill range than the M8A1 while having a comparable four shot kill range to weapons like the MTAR, Type 25, and M27.

The Peacekeeper's rate of fire is one of the principle weaknesses of the Peacekeeper. The Peacekeeper fires at 750 RPM. Combined with the Peacekeeper needing at least four shots to kill, the Peacekeeper has a very long time to kill in CQC, unusual for an SMG. This makes the Peacekeeper kill rather slowly up close.

The Peacekeeper's accuracy is the best among SMGs. The iron sights are clear, although the side posts can clutter the sight picture a bit. Unlike other SMGs, which have very slight shot spread when aiming down the sight, the Peacekeeper has no shot spread when aiming down the sight at all. The Peacekeeper also has less idle sway when aiming down the sights. The Peacekeeper's recoil per shot is low, with values of 45 to the left and right, 60 upwards, and 35 downwards. The Peacekeeper will drift upwards, but have less horizontal recoil than other SMGs. The Peacekeeper has a slightly lower centerspeed value of 1500, but the slower fire rate makes up for this shortcoming. The Peacekeeper's good accuracy in conjunction with its great range makes the Peacekeeper very competitive at medium-long ranges.

The Peacekeeper's handling stats are hit or miss for an SMG. The Peacekeeper will allow the user to move at 100% of the base movement speed, or strafe at 80% of the base movement speed. The Peacekeeper's aim down sight time is poor for an SMG, at 250 milliseconds. The Peacekeeper has good hip-fire accuracy. The Peacekeeper's reload speeds are among the fastest in-class. The Peacekeeper's reload animation is two seconds long, or 2.5 seconds long if the magazine is completely empty. The user can Reload Cancel after 1.35 seconds. These reload speeds are among the fastest in class, only a smidge slower than the MP7 and Vector K10.

One of the Peacekeeper's weaknesses is its magazine capacity. It is tied with the MSMC for the smallest magazine capacity in tier, holding just thirty rounds. This allows the user to spawn in with 120 rounds total. Although not bad, this is poor by SMG standards.

The Peacekeeper has the standard assortment of SMG attachments available. The optical attachments can be worthwhile on the Peacekeeper due to its long range niche among SMGs. The Target Finder and EOTech Sight are the longest ranged sight attachments that can be used on the Peacekeeper, allowing for a clearer view at longer ranges.

The Laser Sight will tighten up the Peacekeeper's hip-fire spread. The benefit is slight, and the Peacekeeper's performance in close range remains questionable due to the Peacekeeper's long time to kill relative to other SMGs in CQC.

The Suppressor will reduce muzzle flash, make the Peacekeeper quieter when firing, and prevent the Peacekeeper from revealing the user's location on radar. However, this comes at the expense of some of the Peacekeeper's 33 damage per bullet range to 24.5 meters and the Peacekeeper's 24 damage per bullet range down to 43.75 meters. Although this infringes on the Peacekeeper's biggest strength as a weapon, the Peacekeeper's four shot kill range remains respectable with a Suppressor equipped. The Peacekeeper can fulfill a medium range stealth role with the Suppressor quite well.

Fast Mag and Extended Clip, although not usable together, will make reloads less of a hassle. Fast Mag will make reloads incredibly fast, while Extended Clip will give the Peacekeeper a forty round magazine in conjunction with a 160 round starting ammo loadout, at the expense of making reloads ten percent longer. Either attachment is a solid choice with next to no penalty.

The Foregrip increases the Peacekeeper's centerspeed from 1500 to 1522. The benefit is too small to consider using it.

The Quickdraw Handle will improve the Peacekeeper's aim down sight time from 250 milliseconds to 125 milliseconds. The Peacekeeper's aim down sight time is the worst among SMGs, and the Quickdraw Handle will more than correct this weakness.

FMJ will increase the Peacekeeper's penetration power, as well as increasing damage dealt to scorestreaks. This will allow the Peacekeeper to shoot through walls more effectively, and deal extra damage to scorestreaks, making the Peacekeeper more competent at destroying scorestreaks like Sentry Guns and Guardians.

The Long Barrel increases the Peacekeeper's 33 damage per bullet range to 40.6 meters, and the Peacekeeper's 24 damage per bullet range to 72.5 meters. This attachment will reduce the likelihood of needing more than four shots to kill. The Peacekeeper's four shot kill range is the weapon's biggest strength, so further building on that is beneficial. This gives the Peacekeeper a very slightly longer four shot kill range than the M27.

The Adjustable Stock will increase the Peacekeeper's strafe speed to 100%, allowing the user to move faster when strafing. The Peacekeeper moves fast enough when aiming down the sights that most users won't see much need for this attachment.

Select Fire will allow the Peacekeeper to fire in three round bursts. When firing in burst fire, the Peacekeeper's centerspeed is increased to 1600. Unlike most other SMGs, which gain a burst delay when using Select Fire in burst mode, the Peacekeeper will have no burst delay, allowing users to fire the Peacekeeper at its original 750 RPM. The Peacekeeper is already accurate enough that the centerspeed bonus Select Fire provides isn't worth the point spend.

Rapid Fire will increase the Peacekeeper's rate of fire to 1153 RPM, allowing the Peacekeeper to fire much faster. However, Rapid Fire is saddled with severe downsides. The Peacekeeper's hip-fire accuracy is worsened to a level similar to an assault rifle, and the Peacekeeper's centerspeed is reduced to 1275. In conjunction with the faster fire rate, this will make the Peacekeeper significantly less accurate. Most importantly, the 33 damage per bullet range is reduced to fourteen meters and the 24 damage per bullet range is reduced to 25 meters. Out of all the SMGs in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer, the Peacekeeper has the best case for Rapid Fire, since it retains a decent range, having a four shot kill range between the Vector K10 and MP7 with Rapid Fire equipped, and the Peacekeeper has a slow rate of fire. The attachment has severe upside, but even more severe penalties. Thankfully, the Peacekeeper's wealth of range means that the player can deal with these penalties decently well, should they wish to use Rapid Fire.

Overall, the Peacekeeper is among the most interesting SMGs on offer. Unlike most SMGs, which trade medium range competency for close quarters dominance, the Peacekeeper works the opposite way, sacrificing close quarters lethality to maintain respectable medium-long range performance. The Peacekeeper performs admirably at medium ranges, and it is much more mobile than weapons that are normally being used at a medium range. However, the Peacekeeper pays for its enhanced ranged performance by having very lacking close quarters performance despite its SMG caliber handling, with the Peacekeeper capable of being overmatched up close by assault rifles and even some LMGs. Nonetheless, the Peacekeeper's unique ability to perform well at range with SMG handling characteristics makes it a common sight in Black Ops 2 multiplayer.

In order to unlock Diamond Camouflage for the Peacekeeper, all other submachine guns as well as the Peacekeeper must have Gold Camouflage unlocked. However, unlocking camouflages for the Peacekeeper is not required to obtain Diamond Camouflage on other submachine guns.



For attachment images, see Peacekeeper/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see Peacekeeper/Camouflage.



  • "5.7x28" can be seen written on the side of the gun.
    • Other text includes "SEA AIR LAND" printed below "5.7x28", the word "ARBITER" printed in the silhouette of a bird, and: "PEACEKEEPER1227 ALEXANDRE, INC J317-M81215-6112".
  • The Peacekeeper seems to have an upgraded iron sights when no optical attachment is attached. A set of back-up iron sights is visible when using an optical attachment. In addition, these iron sights use blue tritium, contrary to the green, red, and white tritium commonly used on other weapons' luminous sight effects.
  • Although Peacekeeper is a futuristic weapon, the design looks hard to identify. It seems to be based on AAC Honey Badger due it has suppressed sound.
  • According to Murad Ainuddin, lead artist at Treyarch, the Peacekeeper was designed as a weapon to deal with counter-terrorist threats and V.I.P. protection.
  • The Peacekeeper has a split muzzle flash, making it seem like there are two barrels.
  • Bots in local multiplayer and Combat Training can use this gun even without the DLC installed.
    • But they can't and won't use it in custom games of online multiplayer, no matter the DLC is installed or not.
  • While playing the Sharpshooter game type, it is possible to acquire this weapon, even without the downloadable content installed.
    • It can also be picked up from dead enemies, even without the DLC.
  • In the Marksman, Expert and Mastery calling cards, the Peacekeeper has a side view rather than an angled view and the weapon and background colors have less contrast than other such calling cards.
  • Its default grip has a white theme. It also has a special foregrip.
  • Like the MTAR and the Chicom CQB, it has an unusable flashlight on the gun.
    • The Laser Sight will replace it when that attachment is equipped.