"Braeburn, you left this ammo on the road! You'd forget your ass too if it wasn't glued on!"
— Peas lecturing Braeburn.

Private First Class Peas is a soldier of the 2nd Ranger Battalion and Dog Company appearing in Call of Duty 2. He is seen in the level "The Silo".


Private Peas is seen in "The Silo". He comes in a few minutes after the squad begins to assault Beaumont Hague, France, exclaiming to Braeburn that he left McCloskey's ammunition behind on the road the player starts the mission on. This does not occur if the player uses the machine gun that McCloskey is supposed to be on. Afterwards, he helps the squad through the mission and he is seen during the player's debriefing. He is next seen in a Jeep entering the town after having secured it. 


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