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The People's Liberation Army (PLA; simplified Chinese: 中国人民解放军; traditional Chinese: 中國人民解放軍; pinyin: Zhōngguó Rénmín Jiěfàngjūn), is the official name of the Chinese armed forces. Founded in 1921 under the control of Communist Party of China, they participated in the Chinese Civil War, extended over certain periods between 1927 to 1950. As the PLA was victorious over the Republic of China's forces, the Communist Party of China took control officially in 1949 and created the People's Republic of China. From there on out, the PLA became the main military force of the PRC. Presently, it consists of 5 branches: the Ground Force, the Navy, the Air Force, the Second Artillery Corps and the Armed Police. It currently has the largest number of active personnel in the world at 2.3 million soldiers.



Submachine GunsEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

Light Machine GunsEdit



Notable member of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Edit

  • Tian Zhao (Alive/K.I.A. - Player determined)


  • Although the Type 25 is considered an improved version of the PLA's current Type 95 rifle, the PLA  has hardly used Type 25 in any mission. They use bullpup firearms like Chicom CQB , SMR , QBB LSW and MTAR more frequently.
  • PLA soldiers speak Chinese with a Hong Kong accent or Taiwanese accent, which is very strange for PLAs which mainly recruit people from the mainland.


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