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"Hold L2 then press R2 to perform a takedown that restores health or armor."
— Description

The Perchta (also referred to as the Dancer's Dagger) is one of the three special melee weapons featured in the Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies map The Shadowed Throne. It is a black and golden knife imbued with surging red energy.


In order to obtain the Perchta, the player must obtain the painting of a dancer from within a suite in the Apartments. With the painting, the player must bring it to the Cabaret and in front of the projector. The player must now obtain the missing reel for the projector, which is located above the projector on a ledge. The player must shoot it down and pick it up from the ground before inserting it into the projector. The player must now use the Wunderbuss to power the projector, which will turn it on and reveal a layout of the map on a screen on the stage.

On this map will be a lone green dot. This corresponds to a clown doll located on the level itself. The player must kill zombies within close proximity to the clown doll identified on the map. While doing so, the player must keep track of how many zombies it takes to fill up a clown doll. The player must repeat this three more times at three different clown dolls, which will be identified by the map in the Cabaret. Once the player has filled all four clown dolls and obtain the four numbers, the player must go to a safe in the hallway between the Apartments and the Destroyed Building and insert these numbers into the safe as a combination. If done correctly, the safe will open, revealing the head of a dead Nazi officer and the Perchta sticking out of it.

As part of the map's easter egg, the player can bring the Nachtmahr and the other two melee weapons to the Church and insert them into a slot designed to fit the weapons. Filling all three melee weapons will the energies of Pests, Gekochts, and normal zombies will open up the doorway to Barbarossa's Refuge.

The Percha is essentially an upgraded version of the map's Trench Knife. Uniquely, if the player performs a heavy attack on a zombie, it will restore the player's health. If the player's health is full, it will instead fill up a single slot of Geistchild armor for the player for free.

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