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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
"Airdropped perk packages. Collecting a new perk will replace the old perk."
— Description from the Air Support Armory.

Perk Care Packages are featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Survival Mode. They are purchased from the air support armory for varying amounts and just like regular Care Packages, must be air dropped onto the battlefield. Unlike the multiplayer variant, the perk is obtained as soon as the "Use" button is pressed. All Perks function as if they had the pro version from multiplayer.

Purchasable Perks


  • All Perk Care Packages have either the Task Force 141 or the Spetsnaz logo on them.
  • A dropped Care Package can instantly kill any enemies it lands on, including Juggernauts, except for helicopters.
  • After the player unlocks Steady Aim, every other perk after that is unlocked in another 14 ranks.
  • The Perk Care Package helicopter has two miniguns attached to its wings and has the ability to shoot using them. This is usually not seen because of the sheer speed the helicopter flies to drop the package. If the player was to throw a Care Package marker at an area with no cover from any air support, the friendly helicopter can see enemy targets on the ground and will fire using its miniguns until no targets are in its line of sight. However, there is only a rare chance that an enemy may be killed because of the miniguns not being able to turn fast enough or not being able to target at all and will just fire until no one is seen. One can sometimes hear the miniguns spooling while dropping the Care Package. This does not work against enemy helicopters. Kills from the helicopter won't yield any points.
  • Players cannot be killed or downed by a falling Care Package.
  • One will hear a commentator say the name of the perk collected. This can also be experienced when acquiring extra rewards with the Specialist strike package.
  • If the player has a Predator Missile or Air Strike in their inventory it is impossible to purchase a Perk Care package, as they all take up the same slot.