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Perks in Spaaaaace is a zombie-related gameplay achievement/trophy in Moon, in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It requires the player to purchase every perk at least once in one game.

An easy method to achieve this achievement/trophy is to use the Hacker. This allows the player to "return" purchased perks for 100% of the cost. What a player could do is build up about 4000 points (the most for a perk), buy a perk, then use the Hacker to return it. This would return the cost of the perk to the player, allowing them to then buy more perks without having to obtain more points or down themselves. However, the perk Mule Kick should be the one bought last since it is located outside in an area without oxygen, making it very risky to hack and return to safety.


  • Acquiring all perks via completing Richtofen's Grand Scheme does not unlock this achievement, the player will have to actually purchase the perks to unlock it.
  • The achievement's name is a reference to the stereotypical sci-fi films of the 1960s.
  • The name is also a reference to "Pigs in Space" from the Muppet Show, where the announcer also extends the a in "space", making it "Pigs in Spaaaaace".
  • The picture for this achievement shows Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap Root Beer, and Quick Revive.
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