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Peter McCain
Peter McCain corpse BO3
Peter's hanging body, found in Shi No Numa.
Appears in Call of Duty: World at War
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Rank Doctor
Affiliations OSS, Group 935
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Status Unknown
Death October 18th, 1945, Rising Sun Facility, Empire of Japan (Original Timeline)
Sometime after October 18th, 1945, Division 9 facility, Pohnpei Island, Federal States of Micronesia (Proditone Fracture)
Sex Male
Marks Part of his left arm is missing
Hair Blond
Race Caucasian
Weapon M1 Garand
Equipment Parachute
Voice Actor Steve Blum (as A.D.A.M)
Level Shi No Numa
Call of the Dead (mentioned only)
Der Eisendrache (cipher only)
Gorod Krovi (cutscene only)
Revelations (trailer only)
Classified (mentioned in radios)
Alpha Omega (as an A.D.A.M unit)
"You'll be our only advantage now."
Cornelius Pernell, Peter's handler, trying to contact him.

Doctor Peter McCain is a character in the Zombies map Shi No Numa. He is never actually heard, but there are references to him heard in various radio messages and a letter by him is shown through a cipher in Der Eisendrache. He also appears in the intro cutscene of the map Gorod Krovi. He is mentioned by Cornelius Pernell in the map Classified through radios around the map. He is revived as an A.D.A.M. Unit in Alpha Omega.


Original TimelineEdit

Peter McCain was an OSS spy sent to infiltrate Group 935. He originally worked undercover as a research assistant somewhere in Munich,[1] but was then transferred to Verrückt, another Group 935-controlled facility. When Peter's handler suspected his identity had been compromised, a Marine Recon Team led by "Tank" Dempsey was sent to Verrückt to rescue him. McCain had escaped/been evacuated before they arrived, and Dempsey, the only known survivor of the recon team, was captured by Group 935 and experimented on. Sometime later, McCain was sent to investigate a Division 9 facility in Japan by plane, parachuting to the facility. However, his parachute got caught in the roof of one of the Rising Sun facility's buildings, hanging McCain and killing him.

Proditone/Agonia FractureEdit

In the Proditone Fracture, McCain never died in Shi No Numa. Instead, he jumped into a temporal rift opened below him, teleporting him to Stalingrad, USSR in the Agonia Fracture, where Primis were pursuing the fracture's Ultimis Nikolai in Gorod Krovi. The four then use Peter's parachute to successfully land in Stalingrad.

The Broken CycleEdit

In the broken cycle, Peter's body was recovered from the Rising Sun facility after Japan's defeat, and used as a test subject in the Broken Arrow facility known as the Camp Edward. After numerous failures, Cornelius Parnell and Dr.Hale successfully revived Peter inside the A.D.A.M unit with the power of the elemental shard. Unlike that of element 115, Peter retained full memory, mind, and intelligence before his death, and continued to work for Broken Arrow. However, after Peter reporting that Cornelius Parnel has become unstable and threat to the national security, enraged Parnell thrown him in the solitary and used him as an experiment subject on A.P.D. When Primis and Ultimis arrived at Camp Edward in 2025, his A.D.A.M body was torn apart, and stays frozen in front of the A.P.D. The crew re-build him, and Rushmore provided him an energy ball that seves as better vessel for Peter. Peter thanks the crew and Rushmore, and flew away. If Peter survived the nuke that's shortly after dropped or not is unknown.



  • His corpse can be taken down from its hanging spot if the player(s) attack it with explosives.
    • When knocked down from hanging in his noose in Shi No Numa, if the player stands on him, there is a possibility of the player being immediately killed.
    • If Peter's hung body is knifed a sufficient amount of times, the game session will restart.
  • In the Call of Duty: Zombies version of Shi No Numa, the map lacks Peter's hanging body and features the Peter's Grave Easter Egg instead.
  • On Call of Duty: World at War, if the player throws grenades below him or shoot him, his corpse will swing around. On Call of Duty: Black Ops, when doing this, his corpse will hardly swing at all.
  • If using the "noclip" command, the player can see that he has a backpack, and a sheet on the roof, indicating that he came from an airplane via parachute.
  • Peter appears in Revelations in the Origins Recap trailer alive and fighting.
  • In the IOS version of zombies, unlocking all the perks in Shi No Numa, will replace the players melee with a shovel and the game will ask you and request you Dig the grave. Complying with the order rewards you with a Wunderwaffe DG-2. 


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