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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.
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"We'll hold 'em here. You - take that path to the right and flank 'em!"
— Peterson, assigning orders to Private Derrick Warren

Captain Peterson is an American soldier, who served in the 82nd Airborne Division during World War II. During this time, he served as the captain of Private Derrick Warren's unit. He is a side character in Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.


Invasion on Altavilla[]

"Listen up. They're pinned down up ahead. Machine guns and 88's are ripping 'em apart."
"We're going up there and lend 'em a helping hand. Understand?"
"Yes sir!"
"Move out!"
—Peterson, speaking to his unit

Peterson participated in the invasion on Altavilla, along with the rest of the 82nd. During the invasion, Peterson led a small unit into the battle. While progressing up a mountain with his men, Peterson's jeep was ambushed by a Panzer IV. Peterson managed to jump out in time, however, surviving the attack. He then laid out covering fire on the tank, while his men made their way through the trenches.

He later rendezvoused with the rest of his unit, at the top of a mountain. Here, he distracted some Germans, while Derrick flanked them from behind. Peterson and Derrick then progress up the mountain, until they're stopped by a machine-gunner. The two then go prone, and bypass the gunner. They then flank the gunner, inside the barracks. After than, the two continue up the mountain, neutralizing some AA guns along the way. They eventually reach a locked door, which Peterson blasts open with some explosives. At the other end of this door are some more U.S. troops, who are defending themselves from snipers. After taking out the snipers, the two continue through the streets. They eventually reach a sniping outpost, where Peterson commands Derrick to call in some air strikes.


  • Strangely, Peterson manages to make it to the top of the mountain before Derrick, despite the fact that Peterson stayed behind.