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For a similarly named fighter jet, see F-4 Phantom.

The Phantom is a type of Cryptid that was introduced in the Extinction map Nightfall. Phantoms also appear in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map, The Beast from Beyond.


The Phantom has a similar appearance to the Hunter albeit having a blue detail. Its body surrounds in a dark cloud whenever it jumps and activates its invisibility.


The Phantom acts similar to a Hunter, the only difference is its ability to go invisible while jumping. Hypno Knives also work on the Phantom. Although it seems like the Phantom has died, the blue outline from the Hypno Knife disappears whenever the Phantom jumps.

Behavior-wise, the Phantom can be a mixed bag. It bounces around similar to Scorpions, yet they will attack approximately every 15 seconds. The hits that the Phantom lands are very powerful, just slightly weaker than a regular hit from a Rhino. Another thing is that, because it bounces around so much, it is difficult to land a Hypno Knife on it without having to use a player as bait, therefore damaging the player with a considerable hit. Its high damaging potential makes it one of the most dangerous of the aliens to fight against, as its large amount of health does the players no favors in progressing.

The best strategy to counter a Phantom is: as soon as it appears, one player pops a flare so it remains stationary when attracted, then another player goes for the easy Hypno Knife, and it will side with the players and begin attacking enemy Cryptids once the flare is put out. Because of its high health amount and the ability to disappear when jumping, it can last up to two hive rounds and becomes a very powerful arsenal for the players. Knifing the Phantom will cause it to be stunned for a few seconds, and quick players can Hypno knife it.




  • The fashion in which the Phantom cloaks itself is similar to the optical camouflage used by the titular aliens of the Predator franchise.
  • They act similarly to Stalkers from Borderlands 2.
  • While invisible, the Phantom leaves a very thin smoke trail indicating where it is located, but players must have a very keen eye to see it.
  • The Phantom can be damaged while it's invisible.
  • The Phantom has more health than a Hunter and is stronger and more agile. Therefore, it is arguably one of the most valuable Cryptids to convert with a Hypno Knife, second only to the Rhino (which requires an Upgrade)

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