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The Phantom is a type of Cryptid that was introduced in the Extinction map Nightfall. Phantoms also appear in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map, The Beast From Beyond.

Call of Duty: Ghosts[]


The Phantom has a similar appearance to the Hunter albeit having a blue detail. Its body surrounds in a dark cloud whenever it jumps and activates its invisibility.


The Phantom acts similar to a Hunter, the only difference is its ability to go turn into a puff of smoke while jumping. Although it seems to disappear, a faint trail of blue smoke can be seen, indicating where the Phantom is going. Hypno Knives also work on the Phantom. Although it seems like the Phantom has died, the blue outline from the Hypno Knife disappears whenever the Phantom jumps. Phantoms have significantly more health than Hunters or Scorpions do. Phantoms will also net a hefty $1000 per Phantom killed. Phantoms are some of the rarest Cryptids in Extinction. Very rarely will multiple Phantoms be active at once.

Incendiary Ammo is incredibly ineffective against a Phantom, as the incendiary effect is instantly removed whenever the Phantom vanishes, while also not lasting very long when the Phantom isn't vanishing and actually is attacking players.

Behavior-wise, the Phantom is incredibly unusual. Phantoms never attack Generators, Laser Drills, or Sentry Guns, but they can target and attack the chlorine gas pipes on Mayday and the terminals in Awakening.

Phantoms will usually only attack players, but the Phantom is unusually passive-aggressive in doing so, and will sometimes retreat when attacking players. Due to this, it can be easy to lose track of a Phantom's presence. Phantoms become much more aggressive if the player it's targeting is not looking at it. If a player is attacking a Phantom, the Phantom tends to jump to various walls and elevated platforms to try and elude the attacker, in the hopes that the attacker will either lose track of it or not pursue it. Phantoms are incredibly powerful, only dealing less damage than Rhinos and Mammoths among grounded Cryptids. Because of this, Phantoms are among the most valuable targets to use a Hypno Knife on, and it is the best ground-based Cryptid to use a Hypno Knife on should the player not yet have the Hypno Knife a Rhino upgrade. However, due to the Phantom's tendency to jump around, rarely attack, and be a massive threat when it is attacking, the Phantom is perhaps the hardest ground Cryptid to land a Hypno Knife on, usually requiring a player to be used as bait for a teammate or the bait to hit the Phantom with the Hypno Knife. Luring tactics like Flares and the Tank Upgrade can help more easily put the Phantom in a spot to be struck by a Hypno Knife.

On Awakening, Phantoms may sometimes spawn in mid-air instead of a Gargoyle in situations where a Gargoyle is supposed to spawn in, as both types of Cryptids have distinct spawning sequences on the map. When this happens, the Phantom will stand still and never move. It cannot be dislodged from the air. This most commonly happens in the cavern area, near the waterfall and near the cavern opening where players can fall off. If it spawns in mid-air near the waterfall, the Phantom cannot be killed as bullets and such cannot hit it. If the Phantom is in a spot where it is capable of being hit, then it is completely incapable of fighting back, it will not move and will not even react to the damage being dealt to it, making for an easy kill. However, it will usually be far away, meaning that more ammunition may be needed to kill it.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare[]

The Beast from Beyond[]

The Phantom's first appearance is at the first time the Pack-A-Punch time expires. They start to appear as a mini boss along the game, dropping a power up, and will appear every time a step for Venom-X is missed. It will chase the player down with a high speed, teleporting and attacking relentless, killing a player with Tuff 'Nuff in three strikes. They also show up during the last step of the main quest, appearing several times.



Call of Duty: Ghosts[]


  • The fashion in which the Phantom cloaks itself is similar to the optical camouflage used by the titular aliens of the Predator franchise.
  • They act similarly to Stalkers from Borderlands 2.
  • While invisible, the Phantom leaves a very thin smoke trail indicating where it is located, but players must have a very keen eye to see it.
  • The Phantom can be damaged while it's invisible.
  • The Phantom has more health than a Hunter and is stronger and more agile. Therefore, it is arguably one of the most valuable Cryptids to convert with a Hypno Knife, second only to the Rhino (which requires an Upgrade).