CIA Station Chief Kate Laswell and Colonel Norris are seen exiting the operations tent after the operation in Verdansk, Kastovia ends in failure.

Laswell: This operation is now compartmentalized.

Norris: What the hell does that mean?!

Laswell: It means you no longer have clearance, Colonel.

Norris: Those are my Marines. We need a QRF in there right now.

Laswell: That's not advisable.

Norris: And that is not your call!

Lt. General Lyons appears.

Lyons: Colonel. Laswell.

Norris: General, my men are...

Lyons: Norris, give us a minute.

Norris: Yes, ma'am.

Norris leaves them.

Lyons: We've got a situation...The Kremlin has suspended all deconfliction channels...the Sixth Fleet is pushing into the Black Sea...and chemical weapons are now in the wild. Your fingerprints are all over this, Laswell. Fix it.

Laswell: General, right now intelligence is our best weapon.

Lyons: We've tried intelligence. Get me a better weapon.


The screen transitions to a tropic climate at night and some ruined buildings.

Laswell: John?

Price: Laswell.

Laswell: Where are you?

A sniper is seen setting up and mounting an AX-50 sniper rifle in the window in one of the ruined buildings. A car is seen approaching and the sniper is adjusting the scope.

Price: Occupied.

Laswell: I've got a problem.

Price: Russians?

The sniper scope's crosshairs show it targeting the driver and the passenger of the car.

Laswell: Chemical weapons have fallen into terrorist hands. They could be anywhere. Paris, New York...

The sniper is ready to shoot.

Price: London.


The sniper is shot in the head by Price from the building across facing the sniper. Price stands up to look at the sniper he just killed.

Laswell: When can you brief?

Price: We just did.

Text appears.


Cars are seen driving and pedestrians are walking through the streets of London. The camera focuses on an SUV driving in the traffic.

SAS Sgt. Kyle Garrick with three Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers are seen inside the SUV. Their superior named Raven radios them.

Raven: Sergeant Garrick, roger up.

Kyle: Go for Garrick.

Raven: Terror threat level is now critical. Possibly multiple attackers. Bombers or something worse.

Kyle: Do we have snipers in position?

Kyle rolls down a window in the SUV.

Raven: Negative, Sergeant. Can't unduly alarm the public.


Text appears.


25 OCT 2019 1800

Sgt. Kyle Garrick


London, UK

Kyle: Terrorists know that too, sir?

Raven: Garrick, don't turn London into a war zone. Clear?

Kyle: Yeah. Crystal. Out.

Sgt. Crowley, a member of CTFSO, decides to talk to the group in the SUV.

Sgt. Crowley: Looks like we're on our own, lads...

A police constable next to Kyle speaks up.

Cst. Brooks: We'll handle it...

Kyle: Let's get it done, yeah?

Sgt. Crowley: A-firm.

Cst. Brooks: Sergeant.

A white van is seen heading in the opposite direction in the two way street.

Cst. Brooks: Heads up, white van.

The group looks inside the van windows and sees three men inside the van. An Al-Qatala insurgent is seen holding an X16 and explosives are visible inside.

Sgt. Crowley: Weapons in view...

Kyle: That's them...

Kyle radios Raven.

Kyle: Sabre to Raven, white van, multiple military-aged males, weapons visible, moving to intercept.

Kyle and the others ready their M19 handguns. They exit the SUV and heads towards the van. A car abruptly stops and almost hits Police Constable Fowler.

Raven: Roger. Unless an attack is imminent- do not engage.

Cst. Brooks: White van. Left side.

Kyle: Go! Go!

Four Al-Qatala insurgents in a car to the right see Kyle and his team heading towards the van. An insurgent gets out of the car to inform his comrades in the van that they are coming.

Al- Qatala Fighter 3: They're here, brothers! They're here! Go!

Cst. Brooks: Come 'ere!

Cst. Brooks pulls the male fighter to the ground and points his weapon at the fighter.

Cst. Brooks: Don't fucking move!

Sgt Crowley: Police! Freeze!

Two male fighters in the van step out the back of the van. One of them continues to move towards them.

Al-Qatala Fighter 1: Woah, woah- put the gun down (The subtitles read put down the gun)

Sgt Crowley: Get your hands up! NOW!

Cst. Brooks: Get down on the ground! Right now!

Al-Qatala Fighter 1: You're making a mistake...

Cst. Brooks: Not gonna tell you again!

The driver of the white van floors it.

Sgt Crowley: They're takin' off!

Kyle radios Raven.

Kyle: Raven, suspect vehicle is headed your way.

The van blows up in an intersection, setting off an explosion that knocks Kyle and the others to the ground.

Raven: Sabre 2, missed your last. Say again?

Civilians are seen wounded or dead on the ground and some wrecked cars on fire. Sgt. Crowley gets up and sees an Al-Qatala fighter pointing his M1911 at Cst. Brooks and Sgt. Garrick.

Sgt Crowley: Gun! Gun!

Cst. Brooks moves backwards to find his weapon, but is shot and killed by the fighter.

Kyle: No!

Kyle pulls out his weapon to shoot the fighter that killed Brooks and helps his teammates eliminate the other fighters.

Kyle: Clear!

Sgt Crowley: Fuck! Brooks' gone! They fucking got him!

Raven: Sabre 2, what the hell is going on down there?

Kyle: There's been a detonation at Piccadilly Circus! Shots fired! Officers down! We need medical down here now!

Sgt Crowley: Fucking hell, Kyle- look what they did to our home!

Kyle: They're not done yet. Let's move!

Sgt Crowley: Let's get after 'em, Kyle!

As the group head down the street, an Al-Qatala fighter is seen standing on top of a car and shooting the driver multiple times. Two police constables get out of their car to assist Garrick and his team. Fowler points out the fighter shooting on top of the car.

Cst. Fowler: On the car!

More Al-Qatala fighters show up with assault rifles as civilians are seen running away from the attackers.

Cst. Fowler: That's AK fire!

Sgt Crowley: Yeah, and we got fucking sidearms!

Cst. Fowler: (to civilians) Get down! Get down! Get to safety! Run!

Raven: (on radio) All units, be advised, suspects moving southbound through the shops.

Sgt. Crowley: They're in the buildings! We need to clear 'em out!

A police constable asks them which way they should go.

UK Police 4: Which way?!

Raven can be heard on the radio requesting an ambulance for downed officers.

Sgt. Crowley: (to civilians) Get out of here! Go!

UK Police 3: It's not safe here! Go! Go on! Get out of here!

(When the player moves up.)

Cst. Fowler: Moving up!

Sgt. Crowley: Roger!

Raven: (on radio) All units, all units- Attack is underway at Piccadilly Circus. Multiple IC1 shooters on site.

Sgt. Crowley: C'mon move! Move! Get to safety!

Fowler asks Garrick which way they should go.

Cst. Folwer: Left or right, sir?!

Kyle: Just follow me!

A police constable is seen helping a wounded civilian near the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and telling civilians to get out of the area.

UK Police 4: Get out of here! Go!

Raven: (on radio) All units, check fire! Check fire! Civilians are in the area! ARVs proceed to Piccadilly Circus. Officers down. I say again, officers down.

Raven can be heard informing the police that there is a possible hostage situation at the Tanto building.

When heading into the Aural Chic electronics store, an Al-Qatala fighter is seen ready to execute hostages inside the store.

Al-Qatala Fighter 3: For the Wolf!

After killing the fighter, Kyle orders the civilians to get to safety.

Kyle: Go! Get safe!

Kyle radios Raven.

Kyle: Raven, Sabre 2. Hostages secured, one suspect KIA. Electronics store. North building.

Raven: (on radio) Received. Medical response teams are on the way. Keep clearing those buildings, Sergeant.)

(When entering the first subway entrance, two Al-Qatala fighters are seen holding hostages in the subway tunnel and are ready to kill them.

Al-Qatala Fighter 1: Your government has brought nothing but death to our lands! We shall return this death in kind. You will bleed as our children have bled!

(After killing the two fighters.)

UK Civilian Female 1: I thought I was gonna die...

Kyle: Stay down. Stay here.

Kyle orders a police constable to get the hostages somewhere safe.

Kyle: Yeah, get these people safe!

UK Police 5: Yes, sir!)

(If the player heads to the other subway entrance.)

Raven: The Army has been alerted. I need you to contain the threat until they arrive!

A police constable is seen helping civilians escape through the subway tunnel and closing the gate.

UK Police 6: This way! Let's go! Through here! (on radio) Raven, PC Munroe, you've got civilians inbound from the Bakerloo exit. They got wounded with 'em, they'll need medical attention.

An Al-Qatala fighter is seen charging towards Garrick, who shoots the bomber. The bomber explodes.

UK Police 4: Bloody hell! He blew up! He just blew himself up!

(If the player enters The Reading Place store where Al-Qatala fighters are pinning down police on the second floor.)

UK Police 4: Shooter! Up top!

Kyle: Let's get up there!

(After eliminating the Al-Qatala fighters.)

Kyle: This is Sabre 2, book shop secure.

A police officer radios Garrick.

UK Police 3: Sergeant, those civilians at the bus need our help!

UK Police 4: Sir- there's a hostile near the red bus! He's targeting civilians!

(If Kyle manages to kill some of the attackers and help the police outside)

UK Police 3: Where's that fire coming from?

UK Police 4: It's friendly! We're in the bookstore!

(If the player accidently shoots a civilian.)

Cst. Fowler: Check fire! You hit a civ!

UK Police 3: Shit-! He killed the civilians!

Cst. Fowler: Contact! Ground floor of the bookshop!

Kyle radios Raven.

Kyle: Raven, this Sabre 2- Where's the bloody Army?!

Raven: 2-6, Army Assault Team has been deployed. No ETA at this time.

Kyle: Let's move.

An Al-Qatala fighter with a bomb vest runs toward them.

UK Police 4: Bomb vest! Bomb vest!

Al-Qatala Suicide Bomber: (in Arabic) For our leader! You will die here! For The Wolf!

(After the Al-Qatala fighter is killed.)

UK Police 4: Ah! Bloody hell!

Kyle: You good?!

UK Police 4: Yeah! (about the attackers) They're holed up in the Tanto building.

Cst. Fowler: They're falling back to the Tanto building.

Raven radios Garrick.

Raven: Copy Sergeant, suspects are retreating into the Tanto building to the Northwest. We need all units covering the Tanto building, now!

Cst. Fowler: Garrick, they need us at the Tanto building! Let's go!

(If some time passes without Kyle proceeding to the Tanto building.)

Raven: Sergeant, I need a status on those hostages. Get to the Tanto building, now.

Another suicide bomber wearing a vest attacks Kyle and the police. Garrick shoots the bomber, who then explodes.

UK Police 3: Fuckin' hell!

Kyle: You good?!

UK Police 3: Yeah!

Kyle: Raven, Sabre 2, get us backup here, now!

When Garrick arrives at the Tanto building, an Al-Qatala fighter with a bomb vest charges at the police surrounding the building.

UK Police 2: Bomb vest! Shoot him! Shoo--

(After killing the fighter.)

Kyle: Raven, Sabre 2! Officers down outside the Tanto building! Officers down!

Raven: Bloody hell! What is the status on the hostages?

(If some time passes without Kyle proceeding further.)

Raven: Sgt. Crowley, what's the status on those hostages?; Sgt. Crowley, enter the Tanto building and secure those hostages.

Garrick lifts the fallen doors. A fighter charges at him with a knife and a bullet hits the fighter in the head. Price and two SAS soldiers are seen approaching Garrick.

Kyle: Blue! Blue!

Price: I see you. You armed up?

Kyle: Yes, sir.

Price helps Kyle lift the doors.

Price: Captain Price... You're with me.

Kyle: Sergeant Garrick.

Price and Garrick walk inside the Tanto building as they hear the beeping sound of a bomb.

Price: Check those corners...

Price and Garrick find several hostages on the upper level of the building. One of them has explosives strapped to his body.

UK Civilian Male 1: Help! HELP!!!!!

Price: Hostages. Up top.

UK Civilian Male 1: Up here!

UK Civilian Male 2: We need help up here!!

UK Civilian Female 1: Someone! Someone please!

Price and Garrick run up the stairs to the upper level and find the hostage with the explosives strapped to him.

Hostage: Get it off me! Please! Get it off me!

Price: Sergeant, I need you over here.

Hostage: Help me... help me, I'm not one of them!

Garrick moves to assist Price with saving the hostage.

Price: All stations, we have a man with a bomb strapped to him. Keep your distance.

Garrick looks over the explosive vest looking for a way to remove it.

Hostage: I don't wanna die. Please. I don't wanna die, mate. I wanna go home...

Garrick sees the padlock on the vest and tries to forcibly remove it, but to no avail.

Kyle: It won't open-!

Hostage: I wanna see my family again... I...

Price grabs Kyle's arm and looks at him.

Price: Can you help him?!

Hostage: I wanna see my girls, please...

Kyle: I'm trying...

Hostage: Let me see my girls!

The timer on the bomb vest begins beeping faster towards its final countdown. Garrick sees the timer display at 00:6.

Price: It's going off.

Kyle looks at the hostage and the bomb vest.

Kyle: I can't get it! I can't-!

Price: No time!

Price grabs Kyle and shoves him backwards away from the hostage before turning his attention to the hostage. He lifts up the hostage and drops him over the railing to fall below.

Hostage: Help me! Help me! Wait! What are you doing?! No! Don't!

Kyle: Captain! No!

Price jumps out of the way in time before the bomb explodes, killing the hostage but sparing everyone else in the room. Price and Kyle are lying on the floor, recovering from the shockwave of the explosion. Price speaks into his radio set.

Price: All stations... Bomber's clear- prep medical, we're comin' out. (to the other hostages) Everybody stay calm. We're gonna get you out of here. (to Kyle) You broken? 

Kyle: I'm good...

Price gives Kyle a hand and helps him stand up.

Price: Let's go.

Price and Kyle start leaving the area. The screen fades to black.

(End of level.)

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