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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

"Piccadilly" is the second campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.



In London, S.A.S Sgt. Kyle Garrick is in a SUV stuck in traffic with his fellow teammates Sgt. Crowley, Cst. Brooks and Cst. Fowler who are part of the Metropolitan Police Services's Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer unit. Garrick's superior Raven radios Garrick to inform him of the critical terror threat with the possibility of multiple attackers, bombers, etc. Garrick asks if there are snipers but Raven tells him that they may alarm the public. He orders Garrick to prevent London from spiraling into chaos in which Garrick complies.

With no support, the team are left to handle the mission themselves. Brooks then spots a suspicious white van in the opposite direction of the road. Noticing that the passengers are armed, Garrick and the team get out of the SUV and approach the white van while its stopped at a traffic light. As they are moving to approach, a man in a car heading in the opposite direction of the white van warns the others of their presence. Brooks knocks the man to the ground and Crowley orders the passengers out of the van to which they comply. Suddenly, the van accelerates down the road and explodes in the middle of the intersection. The blast knocks Garrick and the others back. As he gets up, the man kills Brooks while he is still down. Garrick and his team quickly take out the men who are now attacking them. As the team head up to the street leading to Piccadilly Circus, they catch Al-Qatala terrorists beginning their siege on the town and slaughtering innocent people, including police officers.

Garrick and his team battle his way through Piccadilly Circus, taking out multiple AQ terrorists in several landmarks amongst the chaos. He then finds out that the terrorists have taken hostages in the Tanto building through radio chatter. At this point, Raven tells Garrick that special forces are on their way. A suicide bomber rushes out of the entrance and towards the police surrounding the building and explodes, killing several police officers nearby. Garrick approaches the entrance and pushes a fallen door up, only for a terrorist inside to attack him with a knife before being shot dead by Cpt. John Price. Price helps Garrick with the door and they both enter the building. The hostages call for help on the second floor and Garrick and Price notices one of them has a bomb vest.

The hostage begs Garrick to get the vest off him, but there is a lock on the vest. However, Garrick notices the timer counting down to six seconds. With no time left, Price pushes the hostage off the railing in time as the bomb goes off, knocking both of them down. After assuring the remaining hostages, Price helps Garrick up.

In the aftermath with police currently locking down the town and investigating, Garrick is frustrated that the attack happened and equally so with the rules of engagement. Garrick offers Price intel he and his team have during the tracking of the AQ cells, prompting Price to bring him into his unit.

Weapon loadout

Starting loadout
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  • Trigger Discipline (50 Gamerscore.png) - Do not injure any civilians in 'Piccadilly'.
  • Circus Tour (30 Gamerscore.png) - Kill at least one enemy while inside The Reading Place, Aural Chic and both Subway undergrounds.


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