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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
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Piccadilly is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Piccadilly is a map based on the second mission of the campaign level, which has the same name. The map is based in London, and seems to take place after the events of the campaign level. There are buses in the center of the map, with accessible buildings around the edges. Long distance gunfights are typical, but the bus area as well as other sections offer great shotgun and submachine gun battle opportunities. The upper levels of certain buildings allow for sniping lanes as well as light machine gun nests, provided they are not flanked from behind. A booth near the buses is a common spot for players looking to eliminate enemies at their spawn, but is open at the rear, allowing for easy flanking.



  • Coalition - Between The Reading Place and The Winstonian, Gets off a MH-6 Little Bird.
  • Allegiance - North-Eastern section of Map, Gets out of a white van.

The Reading Place (Library)

A little bookshop located on the western side of the map, Spawn points from both teams differ depending on a number of factors. The underground is accessible directly opposite of the shop.

Aural Chic

A clothes shop located on the Eastern side of the map, Can make a excellent snipers nest with the right precautions taken beforehand.


A fountain located in the centre of the map, Full of tents and small booths. Great for ducking into cover for but can become a chokepoint.

The Winstonian

A museum located on the South-Western side of the map, Coalition's spawn point is defaulted to this location during the beginning of the match, Can change to Allegiance.


A car-park located at the back of Cork & Glass.

Cork & Glass

A spirit shop located on the Centre-Northern part of the map, Allegiance’s spawn point is defaulted to this location but can change to Coalition during the match.

The Underground

A underground section of the map located on the South-Western side of the map, Can hide players and make traversal easier compared to the buses.


A no-man’s land between the Coalition spawn point and the Allegiance spawn point, Firefights will erupt in this section of the map due to the cover of the buses and the killstreaks which can hit around the buses.


Another clothes shop located directly next to Cork & Glass, Partially damaged from the events of Piccadilly

Tanto Building

The entrance to the Tanto Building, Most of the building is blocked up in this map except for the entrance and scaffold.

Riley’s Arcade

A partially destroyed arcade located on the Eastern side of the map. A inaccessible underground station is located outside of the Arcade.


A small crater located on the southern side of the map, Directly south of the Buses and Aural Chic, Contains a Ambulance which can be blown up. Debris is scattered everywhere around this area.

Back Alley

A dead-end outside of The Winstonian. Also, At the North-Eastern section of the map is another back-alley.

Main Street

Spans from the Buses all the way up to the North-Eastern section of the map. Full of cars and debris from the events of Piccadilly


Archways located on the North-Western side of the map, Provides excellent cover from gunfights near the buses.


  • There is a building named "Riley's Arcade", which is a reference to Simon "Ghost" Riley.
    • As of the 1.13 title update, the giant screens above the scaffolding area occasionally display a symbol resembling the skull faceplate that Simon "Ghost" Riley wears.
  • Unlike other games set in London, The Underground maps in the underground sections of the map seem to be identical to their real-life counterparts.
  • The Buildings are based off real buildings such as the Tanto building being referred as the Sanyo Building in real-life.
  • The fountain is the same as found in the actual Piccadilly Circus.
  • Sometimes when traversing through The Reading Place, players can hear a sound effect played there. This is the same sound effect played when the player walks through the security scanners in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare mission Black Sky.
  • This map was the subject of April fools' jokes in both 2020 and 2021:
    • In 2020, a playlist titled 'I have trust issues' was added, with the description 'Totally Shipment. Come on in. But just so you know, if you quit, there’s a penalty'. However, despite the description, the mode was in fact "Piccadilly 24/7".
    • In 2021, with the new addition of the map Killhouse, a playlist called "Piccadilly 24/7" was added, with the description 'I swear it's not killhouse'. However, despite the description, the mode was in fact "Killhouse 24/7".