"You think this changes anything? You have no idea what he's capable of. You are all dead! We are dead!"
— Pierre Danois

Doctor Pierre Danois is a character appearing in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He first appears in the level "Aftermath".


Prior to joining the KVA, Danois attended the Pasteur Institute and Oxford University.

The right-hand man of Hades, Jack Mitchell, Gideon, Torres and Joker were tasked with retrieving him so they could locate the KVA's leader. After being interrogated by Ilona and taunting her, Danois reveals Hades' plan for a meeting with his financial backers in Santorini, Greece. However, after Hades' death, Danois was set free by Irons, and he agreed to help Atlas create a chemical agent named "Manticore". He then goes under the alias "Doctor Bellamy". Some time later in 2060, he attended a meeting with Irons at his estate in Bangkok, Thailand, which is observed by the Sentinel Task Force. Danois is not heard or seen after that.


So this is what you think of me, uh? You think I'm a rat? Fuck you!

  Pierre Danois to Ilona, while being interrogated, in Template:Manhunt



  • Danois can be used as a player skin in the multiplayer mode, although he is named "Pas" in the customization screen.
  • The subtitles only refer to him as "Doctor".
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