Pierre LaRoche
Alias(es) Frenchie
Appears in Call of Duty 3
Affiliations French Resistance, SAS, 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment
Status Alive (as of 1944)
Birth 1906, Marseille, France (age 38)
Weapon Kar98k, Lee-Enfield, Sten
"Je m'appelle Pierre LaRoche. Welcome to France mon ami. (My name is Pierre LaRoche. Welcome to France my friend.)"
— Pierre LaRoche

Pierre LaRoche is a member of the Special Air Service Free French branch, and is set to be second in command.


"Pierre and Ingram share similar ideals. Justice, discipline and a rowdy party when the battle is won."
Call of Duty 3 description.

He is first seen in the beginning of the "Night Drop" level when he stops a German from killing the player. Together with the resistance and the British SAS, they destroy fuel depots, anti air emplacements, and rescue hostages. Tensions often flare between LaRoche and Cpl. Duncan Keith of the SAS by Keith calling him "Frenchie" and accusing fellow members of assisting the enemy. They also help free other resistance hostages and the Major when he was captured later in the game.

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