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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode

The Pipe Bomb is a buildable in the Extinction maps Mayday, Awakening and Exodus.

Five Pipe Bombs are built when crafted, and they occupy the lethal slot. Pipe bombs are thrown, and detonate within 1-2 seconds of being thrown. They are extremely powerful, capable of killing a Phantom in one blow, but it takes at least a couple more to kill a Rhino. A few Pipe Bombs focused on a Mammoth will rapidly reduce it's health, if not kill it.

The delayed explosion the Pipe Bomb can be confusing to some players when first using it, since it doesn't explode on contact like a Venom Grenade or an NX-1 Grenade, but the fuse is much shorter than that of a Semtex. It is still very powerful despite this, but it forces the player to adjust how they deploy the Pipe Bomb as a result.

The Pipe Bomb is generally considered inferior to the Venom Grenade due to the Venom Grenade's instant explosion and after-explosion damaging effects increasing potential lethality. The Pipe Bomb is also generally considered inferior to the NX-1 Grenade due to the NX-1 Grenade's extreme utility since it instantly drops the shield of an Ancestor if it hits. As a result, the Pipe Bomb is used far less on Awakening and Exodus, particularly on Exodus since the schematic for the Pipe Bomb is located right next to the Venom Grenade.


  • Mayday: In the first area, in the open room near the right side catwalk. It is also found on the upper deck near the Remote Turret just in front of the bio lab door.
  • Awakening: Like other schematics on the map, its placement is random with each match, but at least one Pipe Bomb schematic is guaranteed to appear in one of the side areas.
  • Exodus: In the slums area, on top of a shelter, directly across from a Tesla Anti-Air Defense System.


Each part can be found in any red tool box located usually in rooms behind doors which can be accessed with use of the drill.