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For a similar enemy, see Hellhound.

Plaguehounds are an enemy introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies in the map Die Maschine, also appearing in Zombies Onslaught, Outbreak, and Forsaken. They act in function similar to Hellhounds of games prior, spawning on specific wave numbers with the final kill dropping a Max Ammo Power-Up, however they also are infused with a form of the Nova 6 biochemical agent which causes their corpses to explode similar to how Crawler Zombies do. Plaguehounds take increased damage from the Napalm Burst ammo mod.

A Plaguehound is also featured in the "Plague Hound" Finishing Move, as part of the Corpse Collector bundle. When executed, a Plaguehound teleports in and knocks the enemy to the ground, followed by savagely biting their head, decapitating them, before disappearing. Additionally, as long as the Finishing Move is equipped, a Plaguehound will follow the player's operator in both the Multiplayer and Zombies lobby.




  • The tongue of the Plaguehounds appear to have teeth covering them, similarly to those of the Keepers.
  • If a Plaguehound is turned using Brain Rot, the player has the option to interact and "pet" the Plaguehound. Doing so will reward the player with +50 XP with the notification "Good Dog".[1]