In Call of Duty: Black Ops II, there are calling cards which can be unlocked via completing challenges, purchasing DLC or through simply levelling up.

List of Calling Cards in Black Ops IIEdit

General Calling CardsEdit

Weapons Calling CardsEdit

Game Mode Calling CardsEdit

Prestige Calling Cards (Accessible at level 1 Prestige 1)Edit

DLC Calling CardsEdit


These are in the game files, but are currently unused


  • In game the "Defender" calling cards (46-49 under Game Modes) do not state the game mode they must be earned in.
  • Despite their descriptions, the "Primary Mastery", "Secondary Mastery" and "Weapons Mastery" calling cards do not require Mastery on each weapon, as only Expert on each weapon (except Peacekeeper) will suffice.
    • Moreover, the "Weapons Mastery" calling card's description states Diamond Camouflage for Combat Knife is unlocked by completing Mastery for every weapon, while it is actually earned by completing all camouflage challenges for all Special weapons.
  • Under Prestige Calling Cards, the character featured in Perk 1 Greed is green, and the character in Perk 2 Greed is blue. Upon looking at the perks in both tiers, their colors should be reversed assuming they are colored that way to represent the perks.
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