The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

"Floating resort in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Tight corners and angles throughout."
— Map description

Plaza is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The map takes place in a large shopping mall, featuring numerous stores and bars across Colossus.


Plaza, similar to Express, is a nearly symmetrical map. The center area of the map can be overlooked by two balconies on each team's spawn. These places are common for snipers due to the view they provide, and tactical insertions are frequently used. These balconies have two entrances each, and without certain protection such as a Shock Charge or Bouncing Betty, can lead to the enemy quickly flanking players. The sides of the map are excellent for submachine gun and shotgun encounters, as they are rather tightly enclosed spaces. Assault rifles can prevail in the center area of the map, with proper cover.

The primary firefights usually occur in the middle section of the map where there is a intersection. Weapons with high rate of fire and shotguns prevail in this area. In Domination, intense fights revolve around the B Flag which is dead centre in the middle of the intersection.




  • The nightclub named Luna is a counterpoint to the Solar nightclub of "Karma".
  • In the night club named Luna, the dubstep song played is "Imma Try It Out" by Skrillex feat. Alvin Risk. It has since been updated that the intensity and volume of the song has been lowered during gameplay, possibly to provide less distractions to players in the club area.
  • One of the jewellery stores named Dales, is a reference to a real life jewellery store, Zales.
  • A VTOL Warship can be seen parked on a helipad outside the northern section of the map. 
  • Fireworks can be seen exploding in the night sky above the other side of the resort in the distance. 
  • In some of the stores, there are brochure racks which contain a brochure to the Oasis resort, a map that was a downloadable content map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
  • In the campaign, it says the resort is near the Cayman Islands, but in multiplayer it is said to be in the Indian Ocean. The explanation for this is that Colossus has the ability to move across the oceans.
  • The map's original name was Promenade.
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