"Turn your killstreaks into scorestreaks."
Create-A-Class description

Pointman is a Tier 2 perk in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It changes the user's killstreaks (except the Tactical Nuke) into scorestreaks, and is unlocked at level 49. While this does increase the number of kills required to get a streak, the ability to earn points for assists (including UAV, Counter-UAV, and Advanced UAV assists), objectives, destroying equipment and killstreak kills gives the player more ways to obtain streaks, and usually get them quicker.

The points obtained were increased with the 1.14.0 update, possibly to make the perk more attractive for objective players.


Streak Kills Scores
Personal Radar 3 375
Shield Turret
Counter-UAV 4 500
Care Package
Cluster Strike 5 625
Cruise Missile
Precision Airstrike
Infantry Assault Vehicle 7 875
Sentry Gun
Emergency Airdrop 8 1000
White Phosphorus 10 1250
Chopper Gunner
Support Helo 11 1375
Gunship 12 1500
Advanced UAV
Juggernaut 15 1875
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