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"Everyone I love is dead. And the only time I feel alive is when a German begs for his life. So... I am exactly where I need to be."
— Polina Petrova

Lieutenant Polina Borisovna Petrova is one of the five playable protagonists and Operator featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard, and introduced in Call of Duty: Warzone.


Born and raised in Stalingrad, Polina Petrova is a soldier not by choice, but by a need to defend her country.

Stalingrad was her childhood home, one where she lived many happy memories, including hunting with her father and brother. Although she lost her mother a decade prior to the war, her reality was even more impacted by the brutal Axis invasion of Operation Barbarossa. Using the sharpshooting skills, she learned from her family, Petrova’s story is one of vengeance and retribution for all that she and her community lost.

Polina is a woman of few words, but when she speaks, it is with purpose and often leaves a powerful impact. She’s content in her own company, only opening up to those she trusts and respects deeply with sharp and educated wit.

Although she barely shares what is on her mind, her actions speak for her opinions. Often, she takes matters into her own hands and never waits for anyone else, especially when her thirst for vengeance takes over and puts her in a blind rage.

Whether by words or action, Polina is driven by a desire to see her home free from Nazi invaders, and she is not afraid to put this personal pursuit above her duties.


Life in Stalingrad

She was initially put into a medical unit, instead of being a sniper. Boris told her and her brother Misha to have breakfast with him. Afterwards, she carried molotovs to where Misha is, and afterwards, she goes to the rooftop to report on her duty. She arrived to where her station when the Nazis air raided their camp, prompting her to return to their home.

She returned to the house after encountering Germans, taking her dad's rifle. She saw her dad executed by the Germans and fought her way to the site. She then tried to find Misha, rescuing him and a handful of new recruits about to be executed by the Germans. She provided a distraction, allowing Misha and the others to secure the tunnels.

A year later, the siblings scout through the area, but they encountered Germans under Leo Steiner. The duo fought through them until they reached the position. But a sniper wounded her brother, and the latter sacrificed himself to distract the enemies. She snuck her way, up to where Steiner was. She fought the Nazi officer's elite troops, including assault snipers. She played a cat and mouse game with Steiner, then mortally wounding him. They ended up on the rooftop, which she stabbed Steiner. She took a note referring to Hermann Freisinger, then threw him off the roof, landing the corpse near the Nazis.

Joining Vanguard

In 1944, Polina was assigned by the Red Army to station at Wilczek Land, to eliminate any Nazi threat in the area. Eventually, she was approached by Captain Carver Butcher, who wished to recruit her into his own special forces team. Initially, she was wary of his appearance, but agreed to listen to his offer. The two worked together to take down a Nazi convoy and lure out its commander, and Butcher promised her with a chance to get her revenge by joining up, rather than staying and picking on the grunts. She agreed, on the condition that Butcher never attempts to threaten her with a weapon.

Some times later, Polina was present with Butcher, alongside other task force recruits: Wade Jackson, Lucas Riggs, and Milos Novak, as Butcher attempts to secure the team leader, Arthur Kingsley. With Kingsley recruited, alongside his right-hand man Richard Webb, the task force later known as Vanguard would be assigned their first mission.

Project Phoenix

On their first mission as a team, Task Force Vanguard is ordered to retrieve intelligence regarding Project Phoenix, a secret Nazi program run by Freisinger. They hijacked a train heading to Hamburg, eventually leading them to a submarine base where they find the intel being kept hidden. However, the task force was captured, and Novak was brutally murdered by Freisinger on site, while the others (minus Jackson) are delivered to the Gestapo headquarters in Berlin. Jackson is eventually captured after attempting to steal a plane at Tempelhof Airport, while Webbs is executed by Gestapo officer Jannick Richter in an attempt to demoralize Kingsley and the others.

While under captive, Polina was eventually interrogated by Richter, who attempted to learn more about the nature of Project Phoenix, which he was unaware of. Polina recounted her journey leading to Steiner's death, leading Richter to question his connection to Freisinger. Later, while Richter interrogates Riggs, the latter manages to break free and subdue Richter, then free the squad. Kingsley stabbed Richter with Polina's knife, which she later retrieved, leaving him to bleed out. The four members of Task Force Vanguard then pursued Freisinger to Tempelhof and apprehended him.

When Freisinger attempted to insult Polina, she bashed her rifle on him, then stabbed a fuel drum, dousing him with gasoline. Either Polina burns Freisinger alive on her own, or she does it with Kingsley. The team entered Freisinger's plane, where they discovered evidence of Nazi projects including V2 launch sites, Project Nova, and locations of other projects.



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Motherland Common PolinaPetrova Motherland.png Multiplayer: Get 200 Sniper Kills.
Zombies: Get 250 Critical Kills with Sniper Rifles.
Bolt-Action Common PolinaPetrova Bolt-Action.png Operator Level 10
Azimuth Common PolinaPetrova Azimuth.png Operator Level 20
CDL At Home Rare PolinaPetrova CDL Home.png Call of Duty League Run It Back 2022 Bundle
CDL On The Road Rare PolinaPetrova CDL Away.png Call of Duty League Run It Back 2022 Bundle
Proper Hunt Rare Polina Proper Hunt Skin CODV.png Battle Pass Season Four Tier 10
Rangefinder Rare PolinaPetrova Rangefinder.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in the Shadow Unit
Rising Legend Rare PolinaPetrova RisingLegend.png Battle Pass Season One Tier 90
Winter Sage Rare Polina Winter Sage Skin CODV.png Battle Pass Season Three Tier 50
Arctic Shadow Epic PolinaPetrova ArcticShadow.png Task Force One Pack (Ultimate Edition Bonus)
Legendmaker Epic PolinaPetrova LegendMaker.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in 4 Units
Battleprepped Legendary PolinaPetrova Battleprepped.png Battle Pass Season One 20 Tier Skip Bundle
Cloaked For Combat Legendary Polina CloakedForCombat Skin CODV.png Locked Target Bundle
Experiment P-N6 Legendary Polina Experiment P-N6 Skin CODV.png Toxic Valkyrie Bundle
Harbinger Legendary Polina Harbinger Skin CODV.png Endless Omen Bundle
Imperatrix Legendary Polina Imperatrix Skin CODV.png Battle Pass Season Three Tier 0
New Wave Renegade Legendary Polina NewWaveRenegade Skin CODV.png Black Sheep Bundle
Sinister Agent Legendary Polina Sinister Agent Skin CODV.png High Voltage Reactive Mastercraft Bundle
Ushanka Legendary Polina Ushanka Skin CODV.png Motherland Bundle
Runeslayer Ultra Polina Runeslayer Skin CODV.png Pack Leader Ultra Bundle
Call of Duty League Skins


Name Rarity Quote How to obtain
It's All Over Now Common "Shh.. It's all over now." Operator Level 2
Death's Messenger Common "I am not death... I am its messenger." Operator Level 14

Finishing Moves

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Rack It Base RackIt FinishingMove Polina CODV.gif Unlocked by default
Vicious Common Vicious FinishingMove Polina CODV.gif Operator Level 17
Universal Finishing Moves

Highlight Intros

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Press Check Base PressCheck HighlightIntro Polina CODV.gif Unlocked by default
Hardscope Rare Hardscope HighlightIntro Polina CODV.gif Operator Level 15
Show Of Force Legendary ShowOfForce HighlightIntro Polina CODV.gif Motherland Bundle
Universal Highlight Intros

MVP Hightlights

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Pistol-Whip Base PistolWhip MVPHighlight Polina CODV.gif Unlocked by default
Gutted Common Gutted MVPHighlight Polina CODV.gif Operator Level 5
Artisan Rare Artisan MVPHighlight Polina CODV.gif Battle Pass Season One Tier 72
Universal MVP Highlights



  • Polina Petrova is based on Lyudmila Pavlichenko.[1]
  • Polina's hobbies include playing the piano and hunting.
  • Polina is credited with 300 recorded kills prior to joining Task Force Vanguard.[2]
  • In the days prior to the reveal of Call of Duty: Vanguard, Polina was featured in the victory screen of Call of Duty: Warzone where she was shown killing one of the players from the winning squad as they were using a rope to ascend to the exfil helicopter.