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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Port of Verdansk is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The map is designed for Ground War and allows for 32 vs 32 matches. Port of Verdansk was released as part of the Season One of content for the game.


The map is a roughly V-shaped design, stretching from the Checkpoint to South Cranes, allowing all forms of combat styles.


  • Checkpoint(North) - Allegiance Infil.
  • North Crane
  • Lumber - A Flag
  • Parking Lot
  • Bodyshop - B Flag
  • Center Cranes
  • Cargo Processing
  • Fuel Depot
  • Vacant - C Flag
  • North, Center and South Bridge
  • Processing Center - D Flag
  • Storage - E Flag
  • South Cranes - Coalition Infil
  • Pine Forest
  • Checkpoint(South)
  • South Fields

Long range weaponry are appropriate in most situations while short to mid range engagements occur in some of the smaller areas; usually in flag locations. While Claymores provide great defense against hostiles when safeguarding points, Smoke Grenades and Gas Grenades forces enemies to retreat for an incoming assault. Munitions Box and Stopping Power Rounds are highly effective field upgrades on this map. Some of the side sections contain the least resistance which can be used in flanking towards the furthest capture flags. The most commonly used tactic in taking control of most, if not all, objectives is using height advantage in some of the taller infrastructures. Roof tops, the highway and the cranes in the far left section overlook the majority of the map with the risk of exposure to enemy gunfire. There's even a lot of verticality in some of the smaller, inactive areas. Similar in Karst River Quarry, falling into some dumpsters with garbage bags will take the least damage. Most of the abandoned shipping trucks and inactive accessible buildings can be used as a safe area to reload, call in streaks or regain health.

Vehicles are the best mode of transportation to get to objectives. Armoured vehicles, especially the APC, effectively sweep the entire map. It's best to be equipped with explosives when dealing with these vehicles. Less protective vehicles, however, can get to flags faster but are vulnerable in firefights and easily destructible. Cruise MissilesChopper Gunners and Gunships are the best streaks to use when directly targeting condensed areas while the White Phosphorus can not only decimate in wide areas but also provide effective smokescreens.


There's a lot of open space on some of the areas connected to each teams HQ base and while there are some open spaces in the middle portion, it mostly consist of close quarters and tight corridors. The road almost reaches the entirety of the map and the bridge divides the shipping area from Vacant. The bridge looks over the whole middle section and connects a part of the Vacant building's roof allowing to view down the Shipping and Receiving area where the C Flag's located. Cranes on side section have multiple levels to get on top but offers excellent sightlines across all areas of the map.

Flags are in a T-shaped position. Both A and E flags are located outside while the others are indoors. Middle flags won't be difficult to secure since tanks and some aerial killstreaks can only strike on certain points of entrances.

A: Lumber

The flag is situated on the center of the stacked shipping containers. Cargo crates provide climbables ways to get on top of the containers for higher positioning and slight coverage. There's a MH-6 Little Bird in the right side of the area. It's a bit faster to get to the B Flag as oppose to the other side of getting from E to D.

The road of Allegiance HQ stretches outside the map with an entry point to the bridge. On it's right are the North Cranes and the Parking Lot is on the bottom. Narrow pathways for vehicles that navigate through the railways underneath the cranes.

B: Bodyshop

The flag is situated in the first floor garage with multiple entrances. The building itself has four floors that look over the Parking Lot, some parts in Vacant and the Cargo Processing. The other side of the building has a staircase that leads directly to the second floor. Taking advantage of the roof tops gives sightlines across some parts of the map including the Processing Center.

The Cargo Processing area seperates the B and D flags. Tanks can manuever on the road and could potentially pick off enemies here. It's another area of stacked shipping container and a single floor office building with multiple large windows.

C: Vacant

The flag is situated in the Shipping and Receiving area. This section is very familiar in layout for anyone who played the original in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare with the addition of the three circular fuel containers on the depot. Since the building's roof tops can be accessed through the bridge or parachuting from a helicopter, the ceiling windows leave anyone vulnerable to open fire if unattentive. It also stretches to the South Checkpoint.

D: Processing Center

The flag is situated in a warehouse facility room with a loading deck. This building has two floors with the roof windows opened. The second floor has an array of fourteen cubicles that leads to the lower loading deck. There are parked trucks and stacked piles of wood on the outside.

E: Storage

The flag is situated in an open area with boxes between a small selection of storage sheds. There are drilling machines on the upper side towards the Processing Center.


  • The C flag location is a reimagining of the map Vacant from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
    • This part of the map is was released standalone as a map for 6 vs 6 matches also in Season One.
  • When playing as Allegiance, the map is known as "Operation Warship". When playing as Coalition, the map is known as "Operation Lifeboat".
  • The Coalition team is called "MSOC" and is not one of the three sub-factions.
  • In the middle of the map between cargo crates, a burned out campsite can be found.