Before November 23rdEdit

  • After Atlas launches a Manticore strike at a prison in order to put an end to a prison riot, the deceased rioters reanimated into zombies, forcing the four operatives sent to contain the riot to escape via Warbird with Gideon, who is pulled out of the Warbird by a zombie.
  • Atlas contains the outbreak, but suffered heavy casualties. However, Atlas also managed to capture a few zombies, which they bring to a facility for experimentation.

November 23rdEdit

  • The Atlas facility which stored the zombies experiences an outbreak.
  • Four Atlas employees, Oz, Kahn, Lilith Swann and Jim Decker, band together and fend off the undead forces. They attempt to call in a Warbird for rescue, but it is shot down. They eventually mount a last stand, but end up defeated.
  • Atlas forces come to rescue the four survivors in the nick of time, and places them in stasis bags and transports them away for unknown purposes.
  • Overnight, Atlas sets up a base around a Burger Town at which they left the survivors.

November 24thEdit



  • The Sentinel Task Force takes the remaining three to an Atlas carrier and they, along with Lennox, proceed to sink it, but encounter a zombified Oz before they can escape.
  • Oz escapes the group as the ship is destroyed.

November 25thEdit

  • The group attack an Atlas black spot known as the Trident's Retreat.
  • Oz is killed by the group, although it was revealed that he has been cloned.

After Oz's DeathEdit

  • Lennox is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel for eradicating the source of the infection.
  • Decker is enlisted into Sentinel by Lennox, who now fights against his former employer.
  • Lilith becomes a hacktivist and helpsKahn sues the Atlas Corporation.
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