A timeline of events in the "Ghosts Timeline." It featured the events from the Call of Duty series in the game, Call of Duty: Ghosts.


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  • At the age of 17, Thomas Merrick became the youngest recruit to complete the U.S. Navy SEAL training.



  • The Tel Aviv War ravaged the Middle East and disrupted the oil supplies, triggering a global energy crisis.
  • Operation Sand Viper commenced with a group of sixty Tier One Operators that are tasked to defend a civilian hospital and it's occupants from a force of five hundred enemy fighters. The sixty men are cut down to fifteen with one of the men that was sent to escort the civilians to safety. The remaining fourteen men hid among their fallen brothers as the enemy drew closer and quickly and viciously emerged from the sands, wiping out all, but one of the enemy who was left to wander in the desert to spread the word about what occurred. The fourteen Tier 1 Operators earned the name, "Ghosts" for their "menacing and unbeatable" methods which the lone enemy survivor deemed them "supernatural."





  • The First World nations who relied primarily on Middle Eastern oil like the United States, RussiaNATOChina and India are crippled and attempted to maintain order, but are stretched thin.
  • Venezuela, Brazil and Chile united under one banner to form the Federation of the Americas, allowing them to monopolize their resources, consolidate power over their neighbors and dominate the global energy market in the years to come.



  • General Diego Almagro, the leader of the Federation began a staunch anti-American purge, ordering all U.S.-born people living within Federation territory to be imprisoned or executed. This quickly drew the attention of the U.S. government.
  • Twenty United Nations peacekeepers are killed by the Federation and dumped in the ocean for the U.S. to find.

July 8thEdit

  • The U.S. responded to General Almagro's threats with Operation: Return to Sender, intending to assassinate Almagro in Caracas, Venezuela and destroy the Federation.
  • The Ghosts that are led by Gabriel Rorke successfully killed Almagro, but the Federation flooded the city and Elias was forced to leave Rorke behind to save the rest of the team.

Sometime after July 8thEdit

  • Rorke was captured by the Federation, tortured and converted to the enemy side.
  • Despite losing Almagro, the Federation continued its rise to its superpower status and began an expansionist campaign northward by conquering Central America and the Caribbean.



July 10thEdit

  • The command station of the U.S.'s newly completed Orbital Defense Initiative or ODIN was hijacked by the Federation forces who launched the tungsten rods at various cities in the United States. The specialists named Kyra Mosley and Baker fought back and successfully scuttled the station before the rest of the payload could be launched, but sacrificed themselves in the process.
  • El Paso, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles (Partially), Miami, New Orleans, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego and San Francisco are destroyed. 27 million are estimated to be killed as a result. The United States became crippled and was no longer recognized as a superpower nation and the Federation became the sole global superpower thanks to its abundant oil and energy resources.
  • The Federation launched an invasion against the United States.


December 10thEdit

  • The testing of the Federation's new Aegis-class destroyer prototype that was repurposed and reverse engineered from the U.S. Navy's Arleigh Burke-class destroyers proved to be successful. The bow of the ship was outfitted with an updated sonar pulse system which the sonic impact was purportedly strong enough to crush the organs and shatter the bones. Dozens of tests are performed on the human subjects, presumably Federation soldiers and none are reported that they survived the pulse.



  • Despite the damage, the United States held their ground against the invading Federation forces. The Federation War came to a stalemate after ten years.
  • The United States constructed a concrete wall that are bordering the damaged cities and the mines are laid all over the craters in "No Man's Land."


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June 6thEdit

  • Logan and David "Hesh" Walker and their German Shepherd, Riley reconned the Liberty Wall perimeter and defended it against a Federation incursion. They returned to Fort Santa Monica and are ordered by their father, Elias to investigate the Federation activity in "No Man's Land" beyond the Wall.

June 7thEdit

  • Logan, Hesh and Riley made their way through an area 10 miles north of San Diego. They discovered a Federation dig site at an ODIN satellite crash and learned that a man named Gabriel Rorke was involved.
  • Logan, Hesh and Riley teamed up with two Ghosts, Keegan Russ and Thomas Merrick to rescue their partner, Ajax from Rorke.

June 8thEdit

  • Logan and Hesh helped to defend Fort Santa Monica against a Federation offensive.

June 15thEdit

  • Logan and Hesh met up with Keegan and raided a building in Caracas, Venezuela to interrogate Victor Ramos for Rorke's location.

June 16thEdit

  • The Ghosts with the assistance of an entire squadron of AH-64 Apaches pinpointed Rorke's location to a series of oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico where he was captured and brought on board a transport plane that was going back to the United States.

June 17thEdit

  • Rorke escaped from capture as a Federation Y-8 gunship blew the Ghosts' plane apart which crashed in the heart of a dense Yucatan jungle in occupied Mexico.
  • Logan was separated from Hesh, Elias, Keegan and Merrick and eventually regrouped with them.

June 20thEdit

  • By using the Federation uniforms, Logan, Hesh, Keegan and Merrick snuck into a Federation base in the Andes Mountains along the Argentine-Chilean border and downloaded several computer files.

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June 28thEdit

  • Elias was executed by Rorke in front of Logan, Hesh and Merrick in the Ghosts' safehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada.

July 5thEdit

  • The United States committed it's last remaining aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Liberator in an all-or-nothing assault to disable the Federation's kinetic bombardment weapons platform or "LOKI" before it could be used to destroy the United States mainland.
  • The United States' invasion of the Federation commenced as an M1A2 Abrams unit stormed through the Atacama Desert to destroy the Federation's satellite array.
  • With the ground array destroyed, the U.S. astronauts hijacked the LOKI satellite from the Federation and destroyed multiple Federation ground targets.
  • Logan and Hesh boarded a Federation supply train in an attempt to kill Rorke and avenge their father. Upon encountering Rorke in the engine room, Hesh issued an order, "Checkmate" for the U.S. astronauts to fire upon the train. The train landed into the ocean where a fight ensued between Hesh and Rorke as Logan grabbed Rorke's handgun and loaded a single cartridge. Logan took aim and fired, apparently killing both Rorke and Hesh, but inadvertently shattering the window behind them. Logan grabbed Hesh and swam for the surface where Hesh notified Merrick about Rorke's death. However, Rorke, seemingly unscathed from the shot emerged from behind the brothers, knocking Hesh out and breaking Logan's arm, stating that he planned to turn him against the Ghosts and dragged Logan away.


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