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A timeline of events of the "Infinite Warfare Universe".


December 17th

  • Orville and Wilbur Wright created the first plane that can fly known as the Wright Flyer.


January 7th

  • The 1st Aero Squadron is formed.

July 28th

October 5th

  • Voisin III becomes the first plane to shoot down enemy aircraft.

Between 1914 and 1918

  • Several dogfights continue throughout the war.
  • The Fokker E.I plane becomes the first plane with a machine gun.
  • Manfred von Richthofen gets the nickname "The Red Baron" and wins 79-80 battles during WWI.


July 5th

  • The Fokker Dr.I plane is created.


November 11th


March 16th

  • Robert H. Goddard creates and sells liquid rocket fuel.


May 21st

  • Charles Lindbergh reaches transatlantic flight with his plane the Spirit of St. Louis.


May 20th

  • Amelia Earhart becomes the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.


March 5th

  • The Supermarine Spitfire makes its first flight.


April 1st

  • The Mitsubishi Zero makes its first flight.

September 1st


October 26th

  • The P-51 Mustang makes its first flight.


July 18th

  • The Messerschmitt 262 becomes the first jet-powered plane.


September 8th

  • The V2 Rocket becomes the first artificial object to reach space.



  • Operation Paperclip is created and recruits former Nazi scientists for building rockets.

September 2nd


January 19th

  • The X-1 makes its first flight.


March 12th

  • President Truman signs the Truman Doctrine, beginning the Cold War.

October 1st

  • The F-86 Sabre makes its first flight and becomes the first subsonic jet.

October 14th

  • Chuck Yeager becomes the first pilot to break the sound barrier.

December 30th

  • The MiG-15 makes its first flight.


February 4th

  • The D-558-II makes its first flight.


November 20th

  • Scott Crossfield becomes the first pilot to reach Mach 2


February 14th

  • The MiG-21 makes its first flight.

December 26th

  • The F-106 makes its first flight.


May 27th

  • The F4 makes its first flight.

July 29th

  • NASA is founded.


February 6th

  • The Titan-I rocket makes its first flight.

June 8th

  • The X-15 makes its first flight.



  • Earth's population reaches 3 Billion.


April 12th

  • Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin becomes the first human to reach space.
  • The Vostok-I becomes the first rocket to successfully reach space.

November 9th

  • Robert White becomes the first pilot to reach Mach 6.


August 27th

  • The Mariner-II is launched.


June 10th

  • The MiG-23 makes its first flight and becomes the first Soviet jet equipped with look down/shoot down radar tech.

November 9th

  • The Saturn V makes its first flight.


March 3rd

  • The Top Gun Program is established after radar guided missiles become difficult to maneuver from.

July 24th

  • Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to land on the moon.
  • The Apollo 11 becomes the first spacecraft to land on the moon.


December 21st

  • The F-14 makes its first flight.


August 20th

  • The Voyager-II is launched.

September 5th

  • The Voyager-I is launched.


April 12th

  • The STS-I is launched.


December 26th

  • The Soviet Union collapses, ending the Cold War.


July 4th

  • The Sojourner lands on Mars.


November 20th

  • The ISS is launched.


January 4th

  • The first of the two Exploration Rovers known as Spirit lands on Mars.

January 10th

  • The second of the two Exploration Rovers known as Opportunity lands on Mars.


October 31st

  • Earth's population reaches 7 billion.


August 6th

  • The Curiosity lands on mars.

Pre-Secession Wars

  • The F-155 makes its first flight.
  • The F-188 makes its first flight.
  • The F-222 makes its first flight.
  • The F-356 makes its first flight.
  • Air-to-air battles peak for air dominance.
  • Dogfighting decreases in exchange for drones and long range attacks.
  • The GQ-1 is created.
  • The GQ-8 is created.
  • The FR-12 is created.
  • The X31-BCZ is launched.
  • The SSO RVLV is launched.
  • Unmanned drones become preferred over manned jets.
  • The OP37 makes its first flight.
  • The F/A-27C makes its first flight.
  • The F/A-ZZ makes its first flight.
  • The XC40-C is launched.
  • The XC450-CF is launched.
  • Earth's population reaches 16 billion.
  • XRB-333 Resuable Space Cargo/Bomber makes its first flight.
    • It's equipped with hybrid rocket engine refinement that allow single stage to stage orbit.
    • Detectable boosters are still used.
  • Due to a resource crisis and a dwindling atmosphere, the United Nations ignite a massive wave of off-world colonization to resolve these issues. Most planets and moons within the Sol System are colonized.
  • Mars is colonized by a multi-national and a private contracted effort.
    • Mars population reaches 100 million.
  • The first Space Elevator Dock is completed and Large Scale Rapid Prototyping lowers cost for space vehicles.
  • The MSQ-4 Series is introduced.
    • First module is a small reusable cargo craft modified for Mars commute.
    • Second and third module are smaller space craft developed to defend and observe fleets from competition.
  • The Space Renaissance begins as political conflicts decline to focus on global resources.
  • Entreprenuers enter competition for market share speed developments.
    • Hundreds of space resources companies are reduced to a few.
    • Space corporations merge, buy, and sabotage each other.
    • Within 55 years, 32 companies become 3. 
  • The Space Cargo Carrier Series is introduced.
    • The 2nd GEN carriers are fitted with weapons for defense.
    • FTL Drives are introduced, reducing interstellar travel times from months to days.
    • The 3rd GEN FTL energy efficiency reduces travel from days to minutes.
    • The 4th GEN FTL Drive reduces the size and energy requirements, reducing travel from days to seconds.
  • Mars population reaches 900 million.
  • Earth population reaches 30 billion.
  • After a drone hacking incident, manned fighters return.
    • Special Combat Air Recon (SCAR) is established.
  • The Manned S-JSF Multi-purpose Fighters from Atmosphere/Sphere makes its first flight.
  • Settlement Defense Front is established to maintain martial law in off-world territories.

Secession Wars

  • The SDF refuses to ship cargo to Earth and goes on strike and Earth sends troops to apply pressure.
    • One young soldier accidentally fires and kills an SDF Soldier and the Mars Massacre happens in retaliation.
    • SDF declares war on the nations of Earth, igniting the Secession Wars.
  • Sgt. Omar's father survives two plane crashes in the battle for Deimos.

1 ASW (After Secession Wars)

  • After a year of fighting, Earth and SDF's political leaders meet on Pluto's moon, Charon, to negotiate the Charon Accords. This ultimately brings an end to the Secession Wars, whilst limiting both sides' abilities to expand further into the solar system.
  • SDF secures Mars's sovereignty through the Accords

Sometime between 1 and 31 ASW

  • The nations of Earth and their colonies band together to form the UNSA to regulate the trade of resources with the SDF and SATO is formed as a deterrent against SDF's military might.
  • Ignoring the Charon Accords, SDF begins to expand into the UNSA controlled Neptune and Uranus Clusters, killing numerous UNSA civilians in the process.
  • Captain Audrey "Mac" MaCallum resigns from her position as the Captain of Retribution, deeming herself unfit.
  • Captain John Alder becomes the captain of Retribution

30 ASW

  • Further violating the Charon Accords, SDF captures the UNSA controlled Saturn Cluster and its vital refueling stations.

31 ASW

May 6th

May 7th

  • Fleet Week begins within UNSA.
    • Petty Officer First Class E3N "Ethan", a battle robot with human emotions, is presented to Lieutenant Nick Reyes and Nora Salter.
  • Riah hijack the AATIS guns in Geneva, crippling much of the UNSA fleet as SDF ships appear.
    • After a brief skirmish, the guns are secured back into SATO grasp and SDF sleeper-cell Riah is captured.
    • SATO fleet engages SDF fleet in ship-to-ship combat outside Earth's atmosphere.
    • After destroying the attacking fleet, Olympus Mons arrives and destroys most of the SATO fleet.
      • Captain John Alder of Retribution rammed his vessel into Olympus Mons, causing damage to both vessels, forcing the Mons to retreat; Alder is killed due to the impact.
      • Lieutenant Nick Reyes is promoted to the rank of Commander by Admiral Raines and became the new captain of Retribution.
  • Concurrent with the assault on Earth, SDF launches an attack on the Lunar Gateway.
    • SATO launches Operation Port Armor and successfully retakes the port.
      • After taking back the port, SATO Forces engaged Ares Vallis and destroyed the ship.
        • Captain Bradley Fillion is killed during the breach.
        • Using Bradley's ID Card, the SATO Force managed to gain info about the SDF Ships' positions.
  • In Operation Taken Dagger, SCAR Team 1 and Marines rescued several engineers captured and retrieved the P-LAW.
  • In Operation Phoenix, SCAR Team 1 and Marines managed to take an SDF Prototype Skelter.
    • Junior Lieutenant Cesar Magana was killed by Reyes along with his co-pilot as he boards the Prototype Skelter.
    • During the dogfight, Captain Taras Emin, Major Nicholas Rado, and Colonel Young Kim were taken down by Reyes.
  • In Operation D-Con, SCAR Team 1 and Marines breached the SDS Hellas and secured a chemical weapon, before destroying the ship and the rest of those weapons.
  • In Operation Deep Execute, SCAR Team 1 took out Vice Admiral Caleb Thies and Captain 1st Ranks Oren Emin and Khosi Siyada.
  • UNSA launches Operation Burn Water on Titan and successfully destroys the SDF's critical refueling stations.
  • The quarry on Vesta-3 has been interfered by SDF, turning its robot workers against the men.
  • Operation Dark Quarry takes place to rescue the facility's workers.
    • SCAR team and the Marines managed to save the majority of the workers.
    • One of the workers, Lee, failed to board the ship on time. Staff Sergeant Usef Omar tried to rescue that worker but failed to do so. This results in both of them incinerated by the daylight on Vesta-3.
    • Corporal Sean Brooks is promoted to the rank of Sergeant by Captain Nick Reyes and is given command over all Marines aboard the Retribution, in place of Omar.
  • Back to Retribution, the attack on Tigris by Olympus Mons is reported to Captain Reyes.
  • Moments later, it is confirmed that the Tigris is destroyed, and all its crew is K.I.A.
  • After Operation Burn Water, Operation Sudden Death was conducted in surprise and takes out 5 SDF A-JAK Cutters and several Skelters.

May 8th

  • SATO launches Operation Black Flag in an attempt to lure the SDF fleet into the AATIS array.
    • The prisoner escort is compromised, Akeel Min Riah escapes.
    • Nick Reyes tracks him down the city and corners him on the top of the annex. However, Riah is ready for this and counterattacks Reyes.
    • Riah destroys the ATTIS guns, cuts his Transponder out and destroys it, but ultimately dies.
  • SDF fleet arrives, the Olympus Mons destroys the UNSA HQ, killing Admiral Raines.
  • SCAR Team One hijacks Olympus Mons and successfully take control of it.
  • SATO launches Operation Blood Storm in an attempt to cripple the SDF war effort by attacking Tharsis Shipyard. Using The Olympus Mons, now affiliated with SATO, to ram into the shipyard.
    • The Olympus Mons manages to cripple several SDF ships, before being overrun.
    • The Retribution loses its altitude, and gets into the path of Olympus Mons; Reyes ordered the Mons to dodge and saves the Retribution.
    • Both ships crashland on Mars.
  • The crew managed to regroup and carries on the last mission: Destroy the Shipyard.
    • Due to the air interceptions' presence, the crew will have to use the elevator to get on.
    • The crew fights through and successfully reaches the elevator. The Marines hold off while SCAR team heads up the elevator.
      • Chief Warrant Officer Maynard "Griff" Griffin exchange his position with Sergent Sean Brooks, assuming command of the marines, and remained on the ground. He is then killed.
    • Mid-way, an ambush from SDF is anticipated, so Reyes, Lieutenant Nora Salter, and Lieutenant Commander Audrey "Mac" MaCallum dispatch to destroy the ambush.
      • Mid-way through the dispatch, the trio come across a robot capsule, so they decide to disable it.
      • Mac is caught by the bot in the pods after she saves Reyes, and is caught in an explosion they planted, preventing the exploded pod, and further pods, from reaching the battlefield below.
    • The crew reaches the Shipyard safely. All crew members, except Ethan and Reyes, board a weapon-disabled SDF Destroyer in an attempt to escape the shipyard after destroying it.
  • Tharisis Shipyard is destroyed, along with much of the SDF fleet. This came at the cost of many SATO's men.
    • Ethan self-destructs on Reyes' command, unlocking the weapon system of SDF Destroyer.
    • Captain Nick Reyes executed his final order on Salter to fire on his position, causing him to float in space. Debris hits his helmet, breaking it, and making Reyes suffocate to death.