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A timeline of events in the universe of the rebooted Modern Warfare universe. It features events from the games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.




September 17th


June 20th



March 29th



March 29th

August 21st

August 30th

October 30th


February 20th


May 1st




May 20th

July 23rd

December 26th

  • The Soviet Union collapses, Kastovia becomes an independent republic.


April 1st

November 30th



September 1st


April 2nd


  • Imran Zakhaev underwent emergency heart bypass surgery and remained in the hospital.




  • Rogue Russian general Roman Barkov and his forces invade Urzikstan.
  • Fatima Karim dies as a result of artillery bombing.
  • Walid Karim is killed by J-12 in attempt to protect his and Fatima's children Farah and Hadir.
  • J-12 is killed by Farah Karim.
  • Farah and Hadir attempt to flee Urzikstan, but get captured by young Barkov.


September 17th









  • Damian Raines served as a Marine Radio Operator in the Iraq War.
  • Azur El-Sarraf became an arms dealer in Alexandria and became active across Northern Africa.


  • The CIA called on Kate Laswell to supervise a SAD “black site” program.




  • Dmitry Bale and Maxim "Minotaur" Bale were besieged in the Kurbanov Hospital.
  • Wayne Davis was redeployed in Afghanistan as part of the troop surge.
  • Alexia "Alice" Valenzuela joined the United States Army.
  • Dominique Tam trained to represent France in the Summer Olympics in track and field.
  • Sydney "Syd" joined the United States Army.









  • Benjamin "Otter" Lee passed the SAS selection.




  • Dmitry Bale rejoin the Alpha Group.



  • The Delta Force raids one of the Wolf's training camps and discovers the name "Rahar".
  • Jackson Wyatt took parts in different operations in Urzikstan.


  • Viktor "Zane" Metiko resigned in protest after having filed 3 formal complaints against the government alleging misappropriation of foreign aid intended for the fight against Al-Qatala in West Africa.




April 12th

  • during Operation Nachtigall in Mozambique, some civilians were found killed with 7.62 NATO rounds consistent with Krueger's weapon.

April 14th

  • Krueger escaped KSK custody.

June 12th



Sometime in October

October 24th

Fog of War

  • "Alex" along with a team of Marine Raiders are sent to secure Barkov's chemical weapons in Verdansk, Kastovia. The operation fails as the team are killed and the poison gas is stolen by Urzik insurgents, leaving “Alex” the sole survivor.

October 25th


  • Al-Qatala launches a terrorist attack in Piccadilly Circus, London, England.

October 26th


  • "Alex" is sent to take part in a ULF-led attack on a Russian airbase.

October 27th

Clean House

  • The SAS raids a townhouse occupied by members of the Al-Qatala in Camden Town, London, England.

October 28th

Hunting Party

The Embassy

  • Al-Qatala and its supporters, aided by Jamal "The Butcher" Rahar, besiege the U.S. Embassy in Urzikstan after the capture of The Wolf.
  • The Wolf is rescued by The Butcher.

November 3rd

Into the Furnace

  • "Alex", Kyle Garrick, Captain Price and Farah with her militia launch a successful attack on Barkov's chemical factory in Borjomi, Georgia.
  • Farah Karim kills Roman Barkov.
  • Alex is seemingly killed in the chemical plant explosion.
    • Alex however survives the explosion but at the cost of the amputation of his leg.

Late 2019


March 3rd

  • Al-Qatala, now Al-Qatala-Aljahdid, and its new leader Khaled Al-Asad, launchs an offensive against Verdansk with the help of Victor Zakhaev. The city is now occupied.
    • Laswell informs Price and "Nikolai" about the situation and Kamarov indicates that Russia will cooperate with the West to contain the new threat. A military alliance is formed between the Coalition and the Allegiance, Armistice.
    • Near Faridah,Urzikstan, Nikto shoots down a helicopter used by Al-Qatala before engaging in a fight against a Coalition team led by Mara over the control of the gas canisters. From the BCH4 TV Station in Verdansk, Al-Asad witnesses the operation and reassures his men they have enough gas.

Late March

  • Armistice launchs several operations in Verdansk with the aim of stopping and crippling the organization access to weapons, funds, intelligence and hardware while Al-Qatala gathers a large quantity of gas.
  • In an effort to get rid of Armistice, Victor Zakhaev exploits the tensions between Russia and the West to create a conflict within the alliance. Al-Qatala also releases the gas in Verdansk. In an effort to survive, Coalition and Allegiance operators start fighting amongst themselves. Simon Riley who is stationed in Verdansk reports to Price and calls for help before leaving the city.


  • Armistice is now disbanded. Price contacts Riley who is deployed in a classified location where "Alex" joins him to fight back.


  • Price and Gaz arrive in Verdansk in search of Zakhaev.


  • The Allegiance calls upon a private military company called Shadow Company to assist them. A Shadow Company team led by Marcus "Lerch" Ortega arrives in Verdansk with intel indicating that Zakhaev was hiding in Verdansk's Acropolis National Arena. SC operative Rozlin "Roze" Helms blow up the roof of the stadium allowing the team to land.


  • "Nikolai" and Farah Karim arrive in Verdansk and reactivate the underground metro railway system as part of Price's plan to find Zakhaev. With the system reactivated, radiation is detected around Verdansk.


  • With the help of the Task Force 141 as well as Nikolai, Farah and Alex, Price successfully eliminates Victor Zakhaev and prevents the ICBM from launching which was intended to hit Washington D.C..


February 25th

  • The Vodianoy reappears near the coast of Verdansk. It grounds near the Zordaya Prison Complex.[Canonical?]
    • The Vodianoy and the surrounding shipwreck site become infested with zombies, including a variant that emits noxious fumes.[Canonical?]

March 11th

  • The infestation spreads to the Gulag and surrounding areas.[Canonical?]
    • Armistice Central Command issues a containment protocol alert after reconnaissance undertaken by terrain scouts and a multi-lateral Armistice air support squadron confirm the existence of anomalies within Verdansk.[1][Canonical?]

March 18th

  • The infestation spreads to the Verdansk Hospital, with a new variant of zombie being discovered that emits electromagnetic pulse-like discharges.[Canonical?]
    • Armistice Central Command issues another containment protocol alert. Operators in the area are given orders to exterminate the anomalous threats on site, and Verdansk Hospital is deemed no longer safe for medical use.[2][Canonical?]

March 25th

  • The infestation spreads to the Acropolis National Bank.[Canonical?]
    • Armistice Central Command issues another containment protocol alert, this time applying the containment protocol to the entirety of Verdansk.[3][Canonical?]

April 1st

  • The infestation spreads to the BHC4 TV Station, with the Emergency Broadcast System issuing a contagion warning for the station. A new variant of zombie is discovered that is highly resistant to ballistics.[Canonical?]
    • ACC issues another containment protocol alert. The Containment Protocol Level is raised to 33%. An anonymous field operator claims the infestation has gone far deeper than initially realized. The ACC orders to not induce panic and to "remove all alarmist rhetoric".[4][Canonical?]

April 8th

  • The infestation spreads to Atlas Superstore.[Canonical?]
    • Vice Commander of Armistice issues another containment protocol alert. While the Containment Protocol Level is raised to 66%, the Vice Commander claims that everything is under control. An anonymous operator restates that an evacuation of Verdansk must be planned if the Central Command cares about Armistice.[5][Canonical?]

April 15th

  • The infestation spreads to the Gora Dam. Contaminants able to infect humans in previously infested areas create "Corruption Zones", leaving the areas completely uninhabitable.[Canonical?]
    • ACC issues another containment protocol alert, revealing that the undead have left contaminants in every area they had infested. The Containment Protocol Level is raised to 100%, and Verdansk is considered to be entirely contaminated. The ACC claims that critical safety measures are being put into place.[6][Canonical?]

April 21st

11:00 PT

  • ACC orders a complete evacuation of Verdansk. Operators are ordered to update their comms units.[7][Canonical?]

11:45 PT

  • ACC Leadership issues a statement encouraging operators to carry out their mission.[Canonical?]

12:00 PT

  • The evacuation of Verdansk begins. Operators are deployed across the city and ordered to evacuate any and all non-infected civilians.[Canonical?]

12:45 PT

13:00 PT

  • The nuke is armed and launched, completely destroying Verdansk.[Canonical?]
  • Rebirth Island Comms Outpost-Whiskey attempts to re-establish contact with Verdansk after having lost communication with ACC following a massive spike in radiation.[Canonical?]

14:00 PT

April 22nd

10:15 PT

11:00 PT

  • RICO-W experiences electrostatic interference, rendering further communication impossible. A final message is sent out, once again ordering all operators to head to Rebirth Island.[Canonical?]


October 22nd

Dark Water