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A timeline of events in the universe of the Modern Warfare reboot.

1980s[edit source]

1999[edit source]


  • Rogue Russian general Roman Barkov and his forces invade Urzikstan.
  • Fatima Karim dies as a result of artillery bombing.
  • Walid Karim is killed by J-12 in attempt to protect his and Fatima's children Farah and Hadir.
  • J-12 is killed by Farah Karim.
  • Farah and Hadir attempt to flee Urzikstan, but get captured by young Barkov.

2008[edit source]

  • The CIA called on Kate Laswell to supervise a SAD “black site” program.

2009[edit source]


2010[edit source]

2011[edit source]

2013[edit source]

2014[edit source]

2015[edit source]

  • The Delta Force raids one of the Wolf's training camps and discovers the name "Rahar".

2017[edit source]

  • "Alex"’s units played a key role in ensuring definitive victories against emerging terrorist networks.

2018[edit source]

2019[edit source]

October 24th[edit source]

Fog of War

  • "Alex" along with a team of Marine Raiders are sent to secure Barkov's chemical weapons in Verdansk, Kastovia. The operation fails as the team are killed and the poison gas is stolen by Urzik insurgents, leaving “Alex” the sole survivor.

October 25th[edit source]


  • Al-Qatala launches a terrorist attack in Piccadilly Circus, London, England.

October 26th[edit source]


  • "Alex" is sent to take part in a ULF-led attack on a Russian airbase.

October 27th[edit source]

Clean House

  • The SAS raids a townhouse occupied by members of the Al-Qatala in Camden Town, London, England.

October 28th[edit source]

Hunting Party

The Embassy

  • Al-Qatala and its supporters, aided by Jamal "The Butcher" Rahar, besiege the U.S. Embassy in Urzikstan after the capture of The Wolf.
  • The Wolf is rescued by The Butcher.

November 3rd[edit source]

Into the Furnace

  • "Alex", Kyle Garrick, Captain Price and Farah with her militia launch a successful attack on Barkov's chemical factory in Borjomi, Georgia.
  • Farah Karim kills Roman Barkov.
  • Alex is seemingly killed in the chemical plant explosion.
    • Alex however survives the explosion but at the cost of the amputation of his leg.
  • Victor Zakhaev is attempting to replace Barkov, using his power to free Hadir for his further assistance.
  • Al-Qatala, led by a new leader Khaled Al-Asad, also known as "The Ascendant", invades and overruns Verdansk.

Later,2019-2021[edit source]

  • Captain Price discuss with Laswell into a Café. They decided to form "Task Force 141" and set on recruiting:
  • Al-Qatala, led by Khaled Al-Asad, gain new resources and launch an offensive that overwhelms Russian forces not far from Verdansk.
    • Nikolai and Price are informed of the new threat by Laswell.
    • Kamarov, an FSB agent, informs Nikolai and Price that the West and Russia will cooperate to contain the new threat. 
    • Alex, now equipped with a new proshetic leg, joins the Coalition operators.
  • Armistice dissolves, as part of Mr Z's plan. As the remaining Al-Qatala forces left the city, and massive gas clouds started to close in. In an effort to survive, Coalition and Allegiance operators starting fighting amongst themselves.
  • Captain Price eliminates Victor Zakhaev and stops one of the nukes from being launched.
  • A ship by the name of Vodianoy arrives at verdansk near next to the Gulag.
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