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A timeline of events in the "Nightmares universe". It features events from June 11th, 1904 until 2075 from the games Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black OpsCall of Duty: Black Ops (DS)Call of Duty: Black Ops Mobile, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Strike Team and the Nightmares mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


June 11thEdit


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August 17th Edit

September 17th Edit


1943 Edit

January 3rd Edit


September 15th Edit

September 16th Edit

  • Pvt. C. Miller and his squad attack Japanese positions on The Point, eventually entering the cave network and eliminating the heavy gun crews.


April 3rd Edit

  • PO Locke and his PBY Catalina attacks a convoy of Japanese transport ships off Okinawa, flying back to the fleet when they come under attack by Japanese Zeros, rescuing sailors whose ships had been destroyed by Japanese Kamikazes.

April 18thEdit

April 23rd Edit

April 24th Edit

April 30th Edit

May 14th Edit

May 29th Edit

Sgt. Roebuck is killed in the process.

Pvt. Polonsky is killed in the process.

September 2ndEdit

October 29thEdit

Sometime after October 29thEdit


Unknown DatesEdit

  • The U.S. now officially recognizes the APU (Armed Propaganda Unit) as the NVA (also known as the People's Army of Vietnam or PAVN)
  • Former OSS field operative Marshall Bryant becomes a recipient of the Intelligence Star.

June 25thEdit

Sometime between 1950 and 1953Edit


July 27thEdit

  • The Korean War ends with the signing of an armistice.

Unknown DateEdit


Unknown DateEdit

November 1stEdit

November 19thEdit


Unknown DateEdit

August 12thEdit


September 1stEdit

September 5thEdit

September 6thEdit

October 5thEdit

  • Ryan Jackson sends a report under the subject name, "Excessive and Suspicious Eastern Bloc Commercial Freighter Traffic in Cuban Ports of Call" to Richard Kain.

November 9thEdit

Unknown DateEdit


March 5thEdit

April 17thEdit

November 24thEdit


January 8thEdit

February 24thEdit

September 5thEdit

Unknown Date between 1961 and 1963Edit


June 6thEdit

June 26thEdit

October 6thEdit

  • 0600: Viktor Reznov and Alex Mason begin their escape from the Vorkuta gulag, sacrificing most of their fellow inmates. Mason escapes, but Reznov is presumably killed.

November 1stEdit

November 10thEdit

November 17thEdit

November 21stEdit

  • John Trent sends JFK a final letter as a "last warning".

November 22ndEdit

November 24thEdit

November 25thEdit


January 24thEdit

  • The SOG is established.



September 1stEdit

  • Ryan Jackson issues a proposal to William Colby for further added Agency presence within Combat Base in South Vietnam, and an expansion of Air America efforts into Laos.

September 17thEdit


February 2ndEdit

February 14thEdit

February 18thEdit

March 15thEdit

March 20thEdit

June 6thEdit

August 1stEdit


January 2ndEdit

January 8thEdit

  • Ryan Jackson writes and sends a letter regarding the Soviet Military Industrial Complex to Joseph Taub.

January 10thEdit

February 11thEdit

April 14thEdit

June 19thEdit


  • Alex Mason and Michael Shaw are imprisoned in Cuba. A rescue team is sent to rescue the two but are led to the wrong place by inaccurate intelligence reports. Shaw eventually escapes on his own and meets up with the rescue team. Mason eventually escapes later.

September 7thEdit


January 21stEdit

January 23rdEdit

January 29thEdit

January 31stEdit

  • The Viet Cong attacks within the boarders of South Vietnam, despite the North and South Vietnamese truce during a 2-day cease fire in the honour of the Tet Nguyen Dan Holiday. The NVA joins the assault within 24 hours in full force and fighting spreads on a country-wide scale.

February 2ndEdit

February 4thEdit

February 9thEdit

February 11thEdit

February 16thEdit

February 18thEdit

February 19thEdit

Sometime after February 19thEdit

  • Frank Woods is supposedly captured and sent to the Hanoi Hilton.

February 22ndEdit

February 23rdEdit

February 25thEdit

February 26thEdit

Sometime after Febuary 26thEdit

February 27thEdit

  • John Trent sends Hudson a message informing him to tell Mason "This time it's freedom for both of us".

August 12thEdit

November 2ndEdit

December 23rdEdit


May 1stEdit

  • SOG is disbanded, effectively ending its operations in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. A similar but smaller operations group called the Strategic Technical Directorate Assistance Team 158 (STDAT-158) is established to take its place but does not last.

December 23rdEdit

  • There is an earthquake in Managua, Nicaragua, leaving 5000 dead.

Unknown DateEdit

  • Frank Woods is the sole remaining prisoner of the Da Nang POW camp and engineered an escape to get back to the US safely. He later returned to work with the CIA.


June 19thEdit

  • An American sets a warehouse on fire for $11,000 of insurance money with Raul and Josefina Menendez still inside. They escape, but Josefina is left badly burnt.



April 29thEdit

  • Frank Woods destroys agency cipher machines called parable machines so the North Vietnamese cannot get support from the Kremlin.

April 30thEdit



  • "Operation Active Measures" takes place. Alex Mason is sent to East Berlin to gather intel and interrogate Mikhail Belov.



  • Frank Woods infiltrates Mt. Yamantau and kills Schlussel, who was trying to revive Project Nova.
  • Frank Woods is sent to Mt. Elbrus in Russia to stop a Soviet ICBM test launch

November 19thEdit

  • X sends a letter to Weaver telling him that his sister, Olga, survived Stalin's Purge but died in childbirth and that Weaver now has a niece named Kristina in Moscow.

November 27thEdit

  • Ryan Jackson sends Weaver a letter regarding his niece Kristina Raskova, but apologises that he cannot help him locate her whereabouts. He, however, says that he can forward on this information to his direct report, which may then decide an appropriate means of action.

1978 Edit


Mike Harper is born.

June 19thEdit

June 30thEdit

July 4thEdit

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October 30thEdit

  • The CIA and MI-6 supposedly execute Operation Charybdis, which has the objective of neutralizing Alex Mason, Jason Hudson, and Grigori Weaver after all three fled to South Africa. They are seen as potential threats to national security (Jason Hudson and Grigori Weaver are considered a threat due to Alex Mason's mental status and the fact that Jason Hudson and Grigori Weaver fled with him). CIA analyst Ryan Jackson is adviser. MI-6 provides a SAS operator named Jonathan (last name redacted). Grigori Weaver's niece, Kristina is supposed to play a major role in the operation: seducing Alex Mason. The specifics of the operation itself, including its success or failure, are currently unknown (and likely classified). However, Alex Mason and Jason Hudson are shown to alive and working for the CIA in the 1980's, leading to the result that Operation Charybdis was not successful. The fate of Weaver is unknown, though, as well as his niece.


July 19thEdit

  • A CIA false flag operation rescues U.S. National Guards from Managua as Sandista forces enter the country, but a deep cover operative is captured.

Sometime after July 19thEdit

December 27thEdit

Sometime after December 27thEdit





May 21stEdit


Sometime before July 2ndEdit

July 2ndEdit

  • Alex Mason assists Jonas Savimbi and UNITA in a counter-attack against an MPLA charge.
  • Alex Mason and Jason Hudson are sent to rescue Frank Woods from Angola. They eventually rescue him and extract him.
  • Alex Mason attempts to kill Raul Menendez, but instead wounds him severly, causing him to lose his right eye. Menendez swears revenge on Mason.

September 5thEdit

  • Woods, Mason and Hudson are sent to Afghanistan to assist the Mujahideen against the Soviets in return for information on Raul Menendez.
  • Woods and Mason meet Tian Zhao.

Woods and Mason capture Kravchenko and interrogate him, but Mason shoots Kravchenko before they can get any information out of him.

Woods and Mason capture Kravchenko and interrogate him. Kravchenko reveals that there is a potential mole in the CIA working for Menendez. Woods executes Kravchenko.

  • The Mujahideen betray Woods, Mason, Hudson and Zhao, leaving them for dead in the desert. They are rescued by an unknown person, who Mason believes to be Reznov.

September 25thEdit

  • Manuel Noriega and the PDF assist Mason, Hudson and Woods in a mission to find and capture Raul Menendez in his home in Nicaragua.
  • Menendez is briefly captured by the PDF, but then released by Noriega.

Mason recovers CIA documents from Menendez' compound, implying that there may be a mole in the CIA working for Raul Menendez.

  • Josefina Menendez is killed by a grenade thrown by Woods. Raul is also severely injured.
  • Hudson tells Woods and Mason that Menendez is dead. The mission is aborted.

1987 Edit

  • SEAL Team Six is dissolved. A new unit, the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), is created as its successor.


February 15thEdit

December 20thEdit

  • Operation Just Cause commences.
  • Woods and Mason find and capture Noriega in Panama.
  • Hudson orders Woods to assassinate "Nexus Target". Hudson claims that Nexus Target is Raul Menendez.

Woods shoots and kills the target. It turns out to be Alex Mason.

Woods shoots and wounds the target. It turns out to be Alex Mason.

  • Noriega escapes unharmed.
  • Menendez cripples Woods' legs with a SPAS-12 and then executes Hudson.


January 8thEdit

  • Ryan Jackson is at the office of the Inspector General, speaking about his career.

January 12thEdit

August 2ndEdit


February 28thEdit

  • The Gulf War ends in a coalition victory.

December 25Edit

  • The Soviet Union collapses; Russia is now the Russian Federation.


June 6thEdit



September 27thEdit

  • The Taliban capture the city of Kabul, triggering the Afghanistan civil war


January 12thEdit


September 11thEdit


March 20thEdit


December 15thEdit

  • U.S. forces withdraw from Iraq. The Iraq War ends.


September 20thEdit

  • Hurricane Erin hit Singapore devastating all the island.


June 19thEdit


September 19thEdit

  • K-pop group Aegyo Generation started a 3-year tour around the world. Due to a continued instability around the Mediterranean Sea the tour dates were postponed in Malta, Cyprus, and Corfu.

September 27thEdit

  • Croatian fashion designer, Narcis Dravinski, showcased his "Elabor8 MZFIT" collection in Milan, Italy.



  • Cordis Die cause a cyber-attack on the Chinese stock market. China blames the United States and holds them accountable for the resulting global economic meltdown, thus beginning the Second Cold War.



October 22ndEdit

  • Joint J-SOC and Spetsnaz operation, in Alaska, to secure Site Juliet-Two-Niner, a retrofitted Cold War-era ICBM silo, which has been captured by unknown insurgents. The team is unable to disarm the missile and is re-targeted to land on top of the facility.

October 24thEdit

  • The NSA discover that the Insurgents objective at Site Juliet-Two-Niner was not to launch a WMD on US soil, but to steal data concerning a DARPA research project. The data was then transferred to known arms dealer Felix Kaplan to be sold.
  • J-SOC are sent to the Paktika Province in Afghanistan to disrupt the transaction, capture Kaplan alive, and send the data to FOB Oscar Kilo Charlie for processing. Kaplan is captured and taken into custody.

November 2ndEdit

  • Felix Kaplan is interrogated and it is revealed that the DARPA research data has been smuggled into Hong Kong. China's Ministry of State Security confirms a significant increase in internet traffic between anti-Communist revolutionary groups and Cordis Die.
  • J-SOC are sent to a warehouse to destroy the computer servers containing the data. They succeed in destroying the servers, however the data was protected by Cordis Die.

November 3rdEdit

  • Marion Bosworth is elected President of the United States.


January 20thEdit

  • Marion Bosworth becomes President of the United States and works to repair international relations with China. Cordis Die denounces Bosworth's presidency, calling her actions "continued war-mongering".

June 19thEdit

  • Raul Menendez uploads a video to YouTube regarding the United States' involvement in a cyber-attack on the Chinese Stock Market.

June 30thEdit

  • Cordis Die's Twitter account is deleted by the U.S. Government.

July 2ndEdit



March 14thEdit

  • France and Germany withdraw from the European Union.

April 19thEdit

April 20thEdit

April 28thEdit

  • The Treaty of Rome and the Maastricht Treaty of 1993 are repealed. European nations repeal the Euro.

May 29thEdit

  • Raul Menendez negotiates with rogue ISI soldiers in Lahore, Pakistan. His conversations are recorded by J-SOC.
  • J-SOC learn that Menendez is planning to attack Colossus.
  • Section briefly meets with Tian Zhao.

Section learns of Zhao's negotiations with Raul Menendez.

June 12thEdit

  • J-SOC go undercover in Colossus to find the cyber weapon, "Karma".
  • Section learns that Karma is in fact a woman named Chloe Lynch, a former employee of the Tacitus Corporation.
  • DeFalco launches an attack on Colossus in an attempt to find and kidnap Chloe.

DeFalco is killed before he can escape with Chloe.

DeFalco escapes with Chloe, who is then taken to Yemen and put into captivity.

June 14thEdit

Chloe is rescued by J-SOC.

June 18thEdit

  • Undercover operative Farid fights alongside Yemeni rebels in an attempt to gain intel of Raul Menendez.

Harper is captured and killed by Farid under Menendez' orders.

Harper is spared and Farid attempts to assassinate Menendez, resulting in Menendez killing Farid.

  • Menendez allows himself to be captured by U.S. Navy SEALs and taken to the U.S.S. Barack Obama for interrogation.
  • Menendez escapes from captivity on the Obama and uploads a virus to the U.S. Command Network, taking control of the U.S. Drone Fleet.
  • Salazar betrays J-SOC and helps Menendez in his effort to gain control of the Drones.

Chloe Lynch is killed

Farid sacrifices himself to save Chloe, who then attempts to counter the virus.

DeFalco is shot and killed by Farid who dies afterwards

Briggs is shot and killed by Menendez

Briggs is wounded by Menendez but later re-activates the U.S.S. Obama's defense systems

Briggs is knocked unconscious by Salazar but later re-activates the U.S.S. Obama's defense systems

Salazar is taken into captivity.

Salazar is executed by Harper.

China sends Drones to defend the U.S.S. Obama from attack, resulting in the U.S.S. Obama remaining intact

The U.S.S. Obama is destroyed and sinks.

  • Section escapes the Obama, but Crosby is wounded in the process.

June 19thEdit

  • A G20 summit is held in LA.
  • Menendez unleashes an attack on Los Angeles using the Drones.
  • The LAPD begins to evacuate the area.
  • Section is assigned to protect the US President.

The French President is saved by Section after being attacked by Mercs.

The French President is killed after being attacked by Mercs.

Anderson is shot down and killed.

Anderson is shot down but survives.

  • Anderson protects Section and his team through downtown L.A.
  • Section pilots Anderson's FA38, clearing the skies of Drones.
  • J-SOC launches a massive attack on a Haitan facility in which the drones are believed to be being controlled from.

Chinese special forces parachute onto the roof of the facility to clear it of snipers.

  • Menendez launches a live Podcast, depicting the Drones being self-destructed.
  • J-SOC is unable to regain control of the Drones.
  • Menendez attempts to escape the facility, disguised as a U.S. Soldier, but is tracked down by Section and fatally wounded. 
  • Menendez is killed by David Mason regardless of players choice

DeFalco is shot and killed by Section.

Section kills Menendez, resulting in an uprising by Cordis Die that causes massive public disturbance in Washington, D.C.

Section captures Menendez .

Chloe Lynch cracks the Celerium Worm and is invited onto Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about her success at cracking the Celerium Worm, much to the displeasure of Raul Menendez.

The "CIA Nerd" fails to crack the Celerium Worm.

Section visits Woods in the Vault and reunites with his father, Alex Mason.

Menendez escapes from his prison cell.

Section and Woods both visit Alex Mason's grave.

September 17thEdit

  • The European Union disbands.



  • Augmentations start with DARPA.

Menendez assassinates Woods in the Vault and then commits suicide over the grave of his sister, Josefina.



  • Modified athlete Shannon Stevens becomes "the fastest woman on the planet" by running 100m in 6.21 seconds at the 2028 Nairobi Olympics.
  • NATO Dissolved.


February 2ndEdit

  • David "Prophet" Wilkes is born in Britain. 



  • Jacob Hendricks is born.



  • A superstorm hits Tokyo, Japan.
  • Rachel Kane is born.


January 8thEdit

  • Alessandra "Outrider" Castillo is born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.



  • First networked brain-to-brain connection created.


April 17thEdit

  • Krystof "Firebreak" Hejek is born in Prague, Czech Republic.


  • Coalescence Corporation absorbs Axcentric Systems, and with it, gain an early foothold in the augmentation and neuron-imaging field.


June 5thEdit

  • Donnie "Ruin" Walsh is born in America.


December 1stEdit

  • He "Seraph" Zhen-Zhen is born in the Singapore Quarantine Zone. 


  • Superstorm Daisy; Coalescence Corporation's Seascraper is sunk.



  • DNA upgrades and organ replacement is now the norm.



  • CourtOptic announces a new retinal implant.


June 2ndEdit

  • Coalescence Corporation Disaster of 2060: At 08:17, an explosion takes place at Coalescence Corporation’s research facility, resulting in the first outbreak of Virus 61-15. The Singapore Authorities announce a state of emergency, declare martial law, and a 30-mile quarantine zone is established.



  • Worldwide protests and riots erupt around the world, caused by the growing resentment of people over augmentations, feeling that scientists are playing god.


July 19thEdit

  • Experimental War Robot-115 "Reaper" is creat​ed.


  • Cairo suffers from water shortage.



  • Military has more advanced augs than civilians, turning humans into weapons: super soldier programs, neural control, involuntary limb, organ, torso and eye replacement, cloaked infantry, etc. Small squads of augmented infantry can slaughter large groups of unaugmented with ease.
  • Damien Bishop discovers a cure to Virus 61-15 but is captured by NRC forces

October 27thEdit

  • The Player and Jacob Hendricks take part in a hostage rescue in Ethopia which is a success but the player is brutally maulled.

October 29thEdit

  • The Player and Jacob Hendricks undergo surgery to become Deadkillers.


  • John Taylor's team goes dark.
  • They follow the team's footsteps back to an abandoned Coalescence Corporation facility. A CIA Black Project called SP/Corvus is discovered.
  • They engage in a battle against the defector Sebastian Diaz, killing him in the process.
  • The facility is attacked by the 54i by orders of Goh Xiulan


Day 0Edit

  • John Taylor's team goes dark.
  • Communication is lost with a CIA Black Station in Singapore.
  • The Player and Hendricks are sent to investigate and find the staff's bodies mutilated.

Day 1Edit

  • The Player and Hendricks infiltrate the Bio-Dome Facility, which is run by the 54 Immortals, to gain the data drives information from the CIA Black Station. After confronting enemies, in the process killing one of the 54i leaders, Goh Min, they find the culprit was John Taylor and his team.

Day 2Edit

  • They follow the team's footsteps back to an abandoned Coalescence Corporation facility. A CIA Black Project called SP/Corvus is discovered.
  • They engage in a battle against the defector Sebastian Diaz, killing him in the process.
  • The facility is attacked by the 54i by orders of Goh Xiulan.

Day 3Edit

  • Against orders, the Player and Hendricks go into the Safe Zone to rescue the LNO Rachel Kane. This proves to be successful.
  • Goh Xiulan is killed by the Player.

Day 4Edit

  • They go to Cairo, Egypt to find answers about SP/Corvus from one of the survivors of the 2060 Catastrophe, Dr. Yousef Salim.
  • Yousef Salim is kidnapped by the NRC during their attack on an Egyptian Army base in Ramses Station.

Day 5Edit

  • They establish that Dr. Salim is in a area of interest by the name of "Kebechet", and launch attack on the place.
  • They meet resistance by the NRC and more noticeably by one of the defectors, Sarah Hall.
  • After battling against her, the Player scans her DNI for info (killing her in the process) and finds out that Dr. Salim was killed before she entered the battle.

Day 6Edit

  • Operation: Sand Castle is approved, the Player and Hendricks, with support of the Egyptian Army, attack an aquifier in Bawiti.
  • They are successful to assassinate one of the defectors, Peter Maretti.

Day 7Edit

  • The Egyptian Army launches an attack against the NRC in one of their bases, the Lotus Towers, which is also the place where the last defector, John Taylor, is located.
  • One of the generals of the NRC, Hakim, is killed.
  • Zeyad Khalil is surrounded by NRC troops and imprisoned.
  • John Taylor is assassinated, although Jacob Hendricks is infected by Deimos, turning against his team.

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