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A timeline of events in the "World War II Timeline". It features events from Call of Duty series from January 1, 1897 until September 2, 1945 from the games Call of Duty, Call of Duty: United Offensive, Call of Duty: Finest Hour, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty: Roads to VictoryCall of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts, Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS) and Call of Duty: WWII.


1897[edit source]

1898[edit source]

1902[edit source]

1904[edit source]

1906[edit source]

1907[edit source]

1910[edit source]

1911[edit source]

May 13th[edit source]

1913[edit source]

1914[edit source]

  • Marcel is presumably born in Northern France.

July 28th[edit source]

1915[edit source]

1916[edit source]

1917[edit source]

1918[edit source]

May 28th[edit source]

November 11th[edit source]

  • World War I ends in Entente victory.
  • Emmet Daniels is awarded a silver star for heroic action.

1920[edit source]

1922[edit source]

1923[edit source]

1925[edit source]

May 26th[edit source]

1926[edit source]

September 3rd[edit source]

1938[edit source]

April 3rd[edit source]

May 16th[edit source]

November 7th[edit source]

1939[edit source]

September 1st[edit source]

October 6th[edit source]

  • Nazi Germany takes over Poland.

1940[edit source]

May 10th[edit source]

  • The Battle of France begins.

June 25th[edit source]

July[edit source]

1941[edit source]

June 22nd[edit source]

  • Nazi Germany launches Operation Barbarossa and invades the Soviet Union; Battle of Białystok–Minsk.

July 3rd[edit source]

  • The Battle of Białystok–Minsk ends.

August 23rd[edit source]

  • The Battle of Kiev begins.

September 2nd[edit source]

September 9th[edit source]

  • Siege of Leningrad

September 26th[edit source]

  • The Battle of Kiev ends.

October 2nd[edit source]

  • Germans launch Operation Typhoon, intending to capture Moscow, but fail.

December 7th[edit source]

  • The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor prompts American entry into the war.

December 17th[edit source]

1942[edit source]

June 4th[edit source]

  • Battle of Midway begins.

June 6th[edit source]

  • Private Joe Miller and his squad recieve basic traning in North Carolina, USA.

August 7th[edit source]

  • Battle of Guadalcanal begins.

August 10th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Martin goes through training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia, USA.

September 18th[edit source]

September 20th[edit source]

October 3rd[edit source]

  • Lt. Tanya Pavelovna, along with Pvt. Aleksandr Sokolov, navigates through Stalingrad's sewers to reach a tractor factory. Lt. Tanya Pavelovna provides sniper fire to protect the building and the T-34 inside. The tank crew led by Lt. Nikolai Badanov reaches the factory and the group escapes.
  • While repairing the T-34, the Russian squad comes under fire from German forces.Lt. Tanya Pavelovna is wounded but carried to safety. Lt. Nikolai Badanov is ordered to take back Red Square. Lt. Nikolai Badanov gives a radio to the forward observers allowing a Katyusha rocket strike to destroy an approaching German Panzer column.

October 29th[edit source]

  • Sgt. John Davis and the 7th Armored Division create a diversion by blowing up crates in order to get important documents.
  • Sgt. John Davis and the 7th Armored Division repel the enemy attacks and escape.

November 3rd[edit source]

  • Towards the end of Operation Supercharge, Sgt. John Davis and the 7th Armored Division break through enemy lines by using the tanks as cover. Sgt. John Davis finally radios the high command to tell them that the mission was a success.

November 6th[edit source]

  • Sgt. John Davis along with the 7th Armored Division defeat the Germans at El Daba, Egypt. Sgt. John Davis retrieves the important documents and radios to the navy to destroy the German cargo ships.

November 8th[edit source]

  • Airman "Stretch" Roger participates in a bombing raid on an oil refinery in Tunisia.

November 9th[edit source]

December 2nd[edit source]

December 8th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Vasili Ivanovich Koslov is given the task to repair the communication wire while under heavy fire.
  • Pvt. Vasili Ivanovich Koslov and the Red Army take over the railroad station in Stalingrad.

December 24th[edit source]

1943[edit source]

January 15th[edit source]

January 22nd[edit source]

January 23rd[edit source]

February 9th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Joe Miller's squad attack Japanese postions on the island of Guandalcanal.

February 13th[edit source]

February 19th[edit source]

February 22nd[edit source]

Pvt. Roland Roger and his squad defends the town of Kasserine from a German assault until American medics leave the area, then fall back.

February 19th-24th[edit source]

March 10th[edit source]

  • Sgt. John Davis and the 7th Armored Division barely escape the city of Toujane in an enemy armored car while picking off Panzerschrecks.

March 11th[edit source]

  • Sgt. John Davis and the 7th Armored Division retake Toujane by taking over the most important sectors and defeating the German forces that occupy the city.

March 30th[edit source]

July 4th[edit source]

July 10th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Roland Roger and his squad lands on Sicily and assaults Italian positions on the beach, moving inland where they rescue an isolated unit of paratroops in the town of Gela.

July 11th[edit source]

July 12th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Yuri Petrenko is transferred to the 2nd Guards Tank Division and they head to Prokhorovka.

August 5th[edit source]

August 22nd[edit source]

September 18th[edit source]

October 3rd-6th[edit source]

November 1st[edit source]

  • U.S. troops land on Bouganville

November 20th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Joe Miller and his squad land on Betio Island and destroy enemy artillery to aid the beach landings.
  • Pvt. Joe Miller along with Roebuck and his squad are sent to take a Japanese Airfield and to destroy some AA guns, then they help the 8th Division to conquest and defend the Japanese HQ on Betio Island.
  • Pvt. Joe Miller's squad hold of several Japanese counterattacks on Betio Island.

December 12th[edit source]

1944[edit source]

March 7th[edit source]

June 5th[edit source]

  • At 2330 hrs, Pvt. Martin and Sgt. Heath drop near Sainte-Mère-Église as pathfinders to set up beacons to help guide the rest of their unit to the dropzone. Heath lands a short distance away from Martin, gets caught in a tree and is killed there. Martin takes Heath's beacons and then fights through a pair of houses to reach the destination point.

June 6th[edit source]

Normandy landings

  • At 0012 hrs, Pvt. Martin and the 101st Airborne Division assaulted Sainte-Mère-Église minutes after landing near Sainte-Mère-Église, and they then escaped from the German forces at 0712 hrs on that day.
  • Cpl. Roland Roger lands on Omaha Beach with the rest of the 1st Infantry Division. Breaking through, Cpl. Roland Roger eliminates enemy mortar and artillery emplacements.
  • Pvt. David Ferguson and the 82nd Airborne Division attacks the Germans to get transportation to Sainte Mere Eglise, France.
  • Pvt. Jonathan Shepherd and the 82nd Airborne Division's gliders crashes near Carentan, France. They regroup and take the town.
  • Ronald "Red" Daniels lands on Omaha Beach with the rest of the 1st Infantry Division. Red Daniels is ordered to break the seawall with a Bangalore Torpedo. After clearing four bunkers, Red Daniels and Robert Zussman were attacked by a German soldier. Zussman is stabbed by a knife and the German soldier is knocked out by Red Daniels with his own helmet. Red Daniels then drag Zussman to the field hospital and goes to destroy a GPF cannon with Lt. Joseph Turner and the rest of the 1st Infantry Division.

June 7th[edit source]

June 11th[edit source]

June 12th[edit source]

  • Sgt. John Davis and the 7th Armored Division capture the crossroads of Anctoville, France, 17 miles east of Caen, and the town of St. Louet.

June 14th[edit source]

  • Sgt. John Davis and the 7th Armored Division defend their position against a German counterattack at Amaye sur Seulles, France.

June 25th[edit source]

  • Private Joe Miller and two other Marines scout the area around Mount Tapochau on Saipan Island. They then fight through several cave networks and areas to get to where the Japanese artillery is located.

July 14th[edit source]

July 19th[edit source]

July 22nd[edit source]

July 25th[edit source]

July 26th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Nichols and his squad attacks and eliminates German positions in St. Germain allowing the Allied advance to continue.

July 29th[edit source]

  • American forces launch an attack on Mayenne, France, in order to disable a bridge that the German forces are using for transportation.
  • Sgt. McCullin's mental health degrades severely to the point in which he is unresponsive to most communication.

July 31st[edit source]

August 1st[edit source]

  • In a night attack, Pvt. Cole's unit attacks the German lines, knocking out an artillery battery as well as taking and holding an industrial complex against German counterattacks.

August 5th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Nichols and his squad cross the Mayenne River by boat to secure the bridge before the Germans blow it. Sgt. Frank McCullin bravely disarms the bombs on the bridge but is killed in the process.

August 7th[edit source]

August 8th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Bohater's Polish unit moves out from St. Aignan-de-Cramesnil, France and engages the enemy. Their tank encircles and destroys a Tiger II tank commanded by the Black Baron.

August 9th[edit source]

August 11th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Nichols' squad moves through the Foret d'Ecouves, clear the way for 2nd Battalion. The unit successfully destroys multiple German strong-points and roadblocks while under heavy fire.

August 14th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Cole and his squad crosses the Laison River and takes out German positions on the other bank allowing the Allied advance to continue.

August 18th[edit source]

August 20th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Bohater along with his Polish tank crew hold off several German attacks on Mt. Ormel (Hill 262), until relieved by Canadian forces. Fellow tank crewmen Kolwalski and Rudinski, as well as the Canadian Pvt. Baron, are killed in the process.
  • Pvt. Nichols with the rest of his squad fight desperately in Chambois to prevent the Germans from escaping the Falaise Gap.
  • Pvt. Guzzo is wounded and Sgt. Dixon is killed in action while saving him.
  • Pvt. Guzzo takes command of the squad and orders one final offensive against a persistent German force attempting to get through the village.
  • After heavy fighting, the Germans surrender and Chambois is secured by the allies. 

August 25th[edit source]

Liberation of Paris

August 26th[edit source]

September 2nd[edit source]

September 4th[edit source]

September 12th[edit source]

September 14th[edit source]

September 17th[edit source]

  • Flight Officer Paul VanAtta and the Eight Air Force bombs Nijmegen, Netherlands.
  • Cpl. Micheal Dabrowa and the 1st Airborne Division fights their way to the bridge in Arnhem.

September 18th[edit source]

September 19th[edit source]

  • Sgt. Gerald Miller and the 82nd Airborne Division assaults Nijmegen, Netherlands and destroys Flak88 positions in Hunnerpark.
  • The Battle of Hürtgen Forest begins.

September 20th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Jason Wescott and the 82nd Airborne Division crosses the river in Nijmegen to secure a bridge.

October 16th[edit source]

  • Cpl. Alan Bradshaw and the Calgary Highlanders fights through Woensdrecht, Holland.

October 18th[edit source]

  • The 1st Infantry Division attack the State Theater in AachenRonald "Red" Daniels and William Pierson request Tank support to the 745th Tank Battalion. SSG. Augustine PerezRabsonAmbrams and Pool advance into the streets. Rabson and his crew are killed by a Panzer IV. Perez encounters Panzerschreck crews and German tanks in his way to the plaza. After clearing the lobby, the platoon later meets civilians who are involved by the battle, including Anna and Erica. Red Daniels and Frank Aiello then go to retrieve the truck to evacuate the civilians. Erica then realize that Anna is not with her. Red Daniels then goes back to the basement to find Anna. After bringing Anna to the truck, Erica is suddenly killed by German soldiers.

October 21st[edit source]

  • Sgt. Chuck Walker's squad helps take the city of Aachen, the end of the Battle of Aachen.

October 24th[edit source]

October 27th[edit source]

October 31st[edit source]

  • Cpl. Alan Bradshaw and the Calgary Highlanders began the assault on Walcheren Island, Holland.

November 14th[edit source]

Battle of Hürtgen Forest

  • The 1st Infantry Division advance into the Hürtgen Forest and are ordered to destroy the hilltop artillery at Hill 493. They set up defenses on a bridge to help Sgt. Marks against the German attack. Ronald "Red" Daniels, Joseph Turner and Drew Stiles then go to eliminate the mortar team. After taking out the mortar team, they are attacked by artillery fire. Red Daniels is knocked off the hill by artillery and sees his brother Paul Thomas Daniels by illusion. He then finds Joseph Turner and are attacked by a sniper. Red Daniels and Turner later regroup with Stiles and the 1st Infantry Division to capture the Mill.
  • After capturing the Mill, Drew Stiles realize that Pierson is assaulting Hill 493 with his squad. Joseph Turner then orders the 1st Infantry Division to capture the hill. They regroup with Zussman and Pierson to escort Parker and the engineers to destroy the pillbox. Daniels then goes to destroy the artillery cannons on the hill. After destroying all artillery cannons, they encounter a Tiger II tank. Daniels attempt to destroy the tank by throwing thermite. Augustine Perez comes but his tank get destroyed by the Tiger II. He and his crew are wounded but successfully escaped. Joseph Turner kills the Tiger II crewmen but is shot by the commander. Daniels grab Turner's Enfield No. 2 to kill the commander and drags him to safety. Turner then orders the squad to leave him and escape the hill. Lieutenant Joseph Turner is killed in action.

November 15th[edit source]

December 6th[edit source]

December 7th[edit source]

December 8th[edit source]

December 16th[edit source]

December 23rd[edit source]

December 25th[edit source]

December 26th[edit source]

December 27th[edit source]

  • The 1st Infantry Division ambush a German convoy in the Ardennes forest. Ronald "Red" Daniels and Robert Zussman sneak into the Luftwaffe base and reach the towers to support the 1st Infantry Division's assault. The tower gets destroyed and Zussman is captured by Germans. Daniels disobey Pierson's order and chases after the truck Zussman is in, but fails to save him.

December 28th[edit source]

  • Tom Sharpe together with Sgt. Maddock, Pvt. TaylorDavies and Rogers destroy a German supply center near Bastogne. Rogers is killed in action by a German sniper.
  • Robert Zussman arrives in Bad Orb, Germany. He drops his Dog Tags as he is Jewish and avoided execution or being sent to concentration camps, but is sent to a labor camp instead by Metz.

1945[edit source]

January 4th[edit source]

January 5th[edit source]

January 9th[edit source]

  • Sgt. Sam Rivers leads an attack that captures the town of Tillet, cutting off the German assault on Bastogne.

January 13th[edit source]

January 15th[edit source]

January 17th[edit source]

January 19th[edit source]

January 25th[edit source]

January 26th[edit source]

  • Sgt. Alexei Ivanovich Voronin is transferred to the 2nd Guards Tank Army and uses a T-34 to push the German forces past the Oder River. The 2nd Guards Tank Army secured the town near the Oder river destroying the Flak 88 guns, and also destroying the Flakpanzer anti-aircraft gun.

February 2nd[edit source]

February 7nd[edit source]

February 26th[edit source]

  • Cpl. Tod Gessinger and the North Shore Regiment fights their way to Keppeln, Germany.

March 3rd[edit source]

  • Ronald "Red" Daniels earns an honorable discharge certificate and learns truth of the Battle of Kasserine Pass from Colonel Davis. He dreams about returning to home but refuses to leave without Robert Zussman.

March 6th[edit source]

March 7th[edit source]

March 24th[edit source]

April 4th[edit source]

  • The platoon finds out the holocaust when going to a labor camp in Berga, Germany to find Robert Zussman. Daniels crossed a forest and finds out Metz is about to execute Zussman. Daniels kills Metz and retrieve Zussman with the platoon.

April 7th[edit source]

April 18th[edit source]

  • Sgt. Alexei Ivanovich Voronin and the Red Army fight their way to the Reichstag. In the process Sgt. Alexei Ivanovich Voronin eliminates multiple German soldiers, destroys Flak 88 guns and destroys an enemy Panzer. Sgt. Alexei Ivanovich Voronin and his squad reach the Reichstag where they raised the flag.

April 28th[edit source]

May 8th[edit source]

March 27th[edit source]

May 28th[edit source]

  • Pvt. Joe Miller's squad break through enemy defenses at the Shuri Line on Okinawa.

May 30th[edit source]

  • Colonel Davis gives a speech at the ceremony of a US garrison in the Port of Le Havre, France. The platoon disbanded and return to their own lives.
  • Corporal Ronald "Red" Daniels gets a Bronze Star for his war effort.

June 13th[edit source]

August 6th[edit source]

August 9th[edit source]

August 15th[edit source]

September 2nd[edit source]

  • World War II ends in Allied victory. Over 50 countries took part and 65 million were killed. It is the deadliest conflict in human history.
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