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A timeline of events in Treyarch's "Zombies Timeline". It features events from the Call of Duty series from a time prior to 1905 until an unknown date from the zombies mode in the games Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Note that the events of (some, but not all) maps that have dates, do not go in chronological order, due to time travel and teleportation.

Sometime before 1905



Between February 20th and March 10th


January 9th


Between August 26th and August 30th


January 5th


June 9th


May 29th

Before September 22nd

  • Richtofen joins Group 935 after his parents deaths, which saddens him greatly. Maxis attempts to be a father figure to him, however the other Group 935 members begin to influence him.

September 22nd

After September 22nd

October 6th

  • Takeo Masaki writes a letter about how he has become a secret agent to either destroy or capture Group 935's weapons to benefit Japan.

November 19th

  • Tank Dempsey writes a letter about 115-powered armor and weaponry in Northern France and he and his team are to be sent in.

December 10th

  • Nikolai Belinski writes a letter about his banishment from Russia and being prepared for a large battle in Northern France.


February 23rd

  • Nikolai Belinski writes a letter about how he misses home, watching it being destroyed in civil war from afar but is thankful for those in France who are helping him through it all.

March 2nd

  • Takeo Masaki writes a letter about planning to meet the Emperor for his prowess at the Battle of Mukden and about having nightmares.

April 14th

  • Tank Dempsey writes a letter about his previous battle experience and about the Russians and Japanese also being after the enemy's plans.

May 13th

  • Edward Richtofen writes a letter about finding the largest source of element 115 in history and of reporting Ludvig Maxis' mental state to Group 935's leaders.

Sometime after May 13th

  • Maxis makes designs for 4 elemental staffs as the original cannot be found.
  • Soldiers and miners try to open a chamber and after failing to do so, a soldier plays a song from the "La Source Noire" and the seal opens itself.
  • Several reportings of "ancient figures" in the mounts were reported by men working on one of the the Generators, but Maxis dismissed them until the next morning when all the men were either dead or missing.
  • Maxis begins to hear a little girl's voice talking to him, saying she was trapped in "Agartha" and saying that she needed help. Also that she is his daughter even though he has not had one. Maxis begins to think he is crazy.
  • 115 helps the German Wonder Weapon program expand and grow faster than ever before, however Richtofen begins to notice a change in Maxis and other Group 935 members. Several got sick and died when exposed to 115 without mask.
  • As Group 935 mine Element 115, they accidentally unleash Medieval zombies, who attack and Zombify all miners. The Zombies then run to a nearby battlefield, which was started over capturing the 115 mining site, and attacked the soldiers. Tank Dempsey and his tank directly fight off the Zombies, being only armed with a knife, an MG 08 and a Remington New Model Army. Nikolai Belinski uses a Mauser, Olympia, and a hatchet to attack the oncoming Zombies. Takeo Masaki uses his Katana to slice the Zombies to pieces and uses also uses his Mauser to blast some away. They all meet up at a bunker, at first about to attack each other, but seeing the person they came for, Edward Richtofen, behind them, they decide to join together and capture him. However Zombies arrive and a giant 1,000 foot robot stomps onto the building, this beginning the battle. Richtofen takes the brain and informs them that they need to turn on the generators and they leave. Richtofen places Maxis' brain into a device and Maxis has no choice but to do what Richtofen says.
  • Maxis gets a new body.

After 1918

  • Despite the Zombie attack in France and Germany's fall after World War I had ended, Group 935 survives the struggle.
  • Edward Richtofen joins the Illuminati.




August 13th



  • Billy Handsome is arrested and imprisoned on Alcatraz Island for the murders of 116 people.
  • Michael "Finn" O'Leary is arrested and imprisoned on Alcatraz Island for 16 counts of gambling fraud after his wife, actress Angelina Bow, informs the police of his misdeeds.
  • Albert Arlington is arrested and imprisoned on Alcatraz Island after being found guilty as part of Los Angeles heist.


February 26th

  • Albert Arlington designs Icarus, a makeshift aircraft, that he intends to use to escape the island with his fellow mobsters.

June 13th

  • Salvatore DeLuca is arrested and imprisoned on Alcatraz Island for numerous breaches of the law, including the distribution of alcohol and running prostitution rings.



December 31st


January 19th

  • Morning: Finn O'Leary, Salvatore DeLuca and Billy Handsome are executed by electric chair for the murder of Albert Arlington.

Before 1939

  • Japan finds fragments of the 115 meteor in a site known as the Rising Sun Facility  and begin researching it. They use it to power their Zip lines and traps and begin designs for the Ray Gun. Eventually Group 935 seizes the designs and takes over The Rising Sun Facilty
  • Illuminati spy Dr. Edward Richtofen and American spy Peter McCain infiltrate Group 935 and deliver information to their superiors despite being forbidden to speak to their friends, families, and governments.


December 4th

  • Richtofen and Schuster perform the first successful teleportation by teleporting a walnut.

After December 4th

  • After revealing his teleportation discovery to Dr. Maxis, Maxis becomes angry, as Richtofen was supposed to be experimenting with the Element 115 formula to reanimate dead bodies and for use in the Wunderwaffe DG-2.


January 4th

  • After 30 days of working on matter transference, Richtofen decides it is time to use a human test subject. Richtofen is successfully teleported, being the first human to do so. He teleports to the M.P.D. (on the Moon), not intending to go there. He examines it for a while. In the process, he touches it, shocking him. This is seemingly the reason for Richtofen hearing voices in his head, and the reason for him becoming a sociopath. After examining it for a while, he is teleported to a jungle.

January 23rd

  • Richtofen finally returns just as Schuster is about to scrap the teleporter and begins working on Griffin Station.

February 4th


January 20th


  • After two years of work, doctors Richtofen, Groph, Schuster and other Group 935 members who worked secretly from Maxis managed to build Griffin Station and the Vril Generator. Richtofen unveils the Vril Generator to the other members and makes Groph the lead scientist at Griffin Station.
  • Stanley Ferguson leaves his job as a prison guard at Alcatraz.


Sometime before September 15th

  • Tank Dempsey is captured by soldiers on a raid before the battle of Peleliu. He is put in a rat-infested cage submerged in malarial water.
  • 2 weeks after his capture, Dempsey gnaws through the cage, attacks his captors and escapes.

Sometime after April 21st

May 16th



September 2nd

  • Richtofen accidentally kills Marinus.

September 10th

  • Tank Dempsey leads a strike team to rescue Peter McCain from a mental asylum, failing in the process and him getting captured.

September 17th

  • Richtofen struggles to keep Dempsey under control during experimentation.

September 20th

  • Richtofen confirms his discoveries:
    • Takeo, Tank, and Nikolai have all lost their memories
    • Nikolai only functions with a vodka-based serum
    • Tank hates Richtofen even with his memory wiped
    • Takeo is quiet and prefers to say Japanese proverbs

October 1st 

  • Richtofen learns that Maxis is not mass producing the Wunderwaffe DG-2.
  • Richtofen receives orders to kill Maxis, which he happily accepts.

After October 1st

  • Maxis starts up the teleportation project again, but appears to have trouble with the designs. After turning Samantha's dog Fluffy into a Hellhound, Samantha comes in and sees this, running into the teleporter. Maxis chases after her and Rictofen locks them inside, teleporting them, although he believes them to be dead. (Original Timeline)
  • After his betrayal, Richtofen is confronted by the original characters' younger counterparts. He goes against their wishes and opens the teleporter's door, revealing his younger self, who executes him and secretly preserves his soul in the Summoning Key. The original characters fight the zombies that have risen and activate the first beacon in their quest. (Alternate Timeline)
  • Maxis is teleported to a jungle and Samantha is teleported to Griffin Station. Groph and Schuster try to stop her but she runs into the MPD and becomes locked inside. They get Maxis and he tells Samantha to "kill them all" before being shot and killed himself. The Zombies then rise on the moon and attack Groph and Schuster.
  • Richtofen, "Tank", Takeo and Nikolai arrive at the Rising Sun Facility, a Group 935 mining site for Element 115(Original Timeline)
  • The young Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai commandeer a Giant Robot from the Der Riese facility and purse the remnants of Group 935 to their mountain top fortress, who have captured the original Dempsey. (Alternate Timeline)
  • Group 935 bring the original Dempsey aboard a rocket inbound for the Moon, with the young characters eventually causing the rocket to crash back at Griffin Castle. (Alternate Timeline)
  • Dr. Groph, along with any other remaining Group 935 members at Griffin Station are killed after the young original characters blow up the Moon(Alternate Timeline)
  • Young Richtofen uses the Summoning Key to preserve original Dempsey's soul after he is put down by his young self. (Alternate Timeline)
  • The young four stowaway aboard a Japanese ship bound for the Division 9 facility in the Pacific Ocean, resulting in them to be captured by the Imperial Japanese Navy(Alternate Timeline)
  • The young four escape from their captors after a wave hits the ship, recover the Summoning Key before it rolled overboard and destroy the ship before swimming to the island. (Alternate Timeline)
  • The four eventually find original Takeo mutated beneath the Division 9 bunker and they reverse the effects of the mutation before original Takeo commits seppuku, with his soul being preserved in the Summoning Key. (Alternate Timeline)
  • The four travel briefly to Alcatraz Island, where they obtain some blood vials before returning the island. (Alternate Timeline)
  • The young four travel to a war-torn Stalingrad, where they manage to find and kill the original Nikolai before collecting his soul and releasing the souls to Maxis. (Alternate Timeline)
  • The four travel to The House, where they personally meet Maxis and Dr. Monty(Alternate Timeline)
  • Maxis accidentally releases the Shadowman from the Summoning Key, who then summons the Apothicons into Monty's perfect world. (Alternate Timeline)
  • The four manage to defeat the Shadowman while Maxis and S.O.P.H.I.A sacrifice themselves to repair the universe. (Alternate Timeline)
  • Monty sends the four back in time as Primis, creating a time loop. (Alternate Timeline)



June 6th


April 6th

October 5th

  • Dr. Robert Oppenheimer sends a message to Dr. Vannevar Bush.
  • Dr. Vannevar Bush sends a message to Dr. Robert Oppenheimer in response to his message.

October 24th

  • Dr. Vannevar Bush sends a message to Dr. Robert Oppenheimer.

October 31st

  • Dr. Vannevar Bush sends a message to Dr. Robert Oppenheimer.


January 1st

  • Dr. Robert Oppenheimer sends a message to Dr. Vannevar Bush.

Sometime before November 1963


  • After the teleporter at Der Riese malfunctions due to the Wunderwaffe DG-2 being used inside the teleporter, Richtofen, Tank, Takeo and Nikolai are sent through time to an abandoned Group 935 Nazi theater, in West Berlin, West Germany. Richtofen realizes what Maxis has kept hidden from him, such as the Thunder Gun and Zombie subject 2-6, also that Maxis already mastered teleportation and begins to wonder what else he has kept hidden from him.
  • Yuri Zavoyski, an Ascension group member, is transferred to work on sending monkeys to space by Gersch. Yuri later goes insane and traps Gersch in a Gersch Device, which lets the zombies in the Soviet Cosmodrome.


Between October 16th and November 19th

Sometime after 1969


April 14th


March 17th

After 1996

  • Sometime before the events of Richtofen, Tank, Takeo, and Nikolai arrive in America, Russman becomes a member of and later leaves Broken Arrow, becoming homeless.
  • A battle launches out in a Nuclear test site in Nevada, but despite the battle a experimental nuclear bomb is still launched, killing everyone.
  • Radiation Scientists are dispatched to the destroyed town but never return so another group is sent out to a Nevadan nuclear testing site, following the explosion of the nuke going off, which reanimates the dead into Zombies. Richtofen, Tank, Takeo and Nikolai arrive at Groom Lake, which has already been infested with Zombies, and use a teleporter there to arrive on the Moon. Richtofen's plan comes together and he assumes control of the zombies after he switches souls with Samantha Maxis. As a counter measure, Ludvig Maxis unleashes rockets upon the Earth in an attempt to lower the severity of Richtofen's control. Now Samantha fights with Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo against Richtofen and his undead army.


  • Sometime before a group of survivors arrive in an area near the Hanford Site, a radio transmission is sent to all radio broadcasting systems and it is about another group of survivors activating a spire, but they are overrun by the Zombies.[1]
  • Sometime before a group of survivors arrive in the area, the CIA and CDC are dispatched to fight zombies at a bus depot, a farm and a town.A CDC soldier loses communications with the rest of his team, being stranded at a diner.
  • A group of survivors, Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Marlton Johnson, Russman and Samuel J. Stuhlinger attempt to survive in an area northeast of the Hanford Site, in Washington, and they decide to complete a task for either Richtofen or Maxis.
  • After the fight against the zombies in Washington and lighting the first of three spires, ordered by Richtofen or Maxis, Misty, Marlton, Russman and Samuel are teleported by Richtofen to Shanghai, China, which has become overrun with zombies and extremely disfigured from the bombs from the moon, and are again asked by either Richtofen or Maxis to complete an objective for them.
  • After the activating the second spire in Shanghai, Misty, Marlton, Russman and Samuel travel by foot to a mining site in Africa, then descend into a buried town. Maxis and Richtofen contact the survivors again to complete one last objective. If they follow Maxis, it is revealed that Maxis' real intentions are on opening the gateway to Agartha. Maxis reveals that in the process of opening the gateway, planet Earth (and it's survivors) will be destroyed. Maxis then takes over as Demonic announcer and sends Richtofen's soul into the body of a zombie. If they follow Richtofen, the gateway/rift into Agartha will be mended, trapping the soul of Samantha Maxis forever. As the Earth begins to repair itself, Richtofen possesses the body of Samuel, and sends Maxis's soul into non-existance.
  • Samantha somehow travels back in time to 1918 and arrvies in Agartha.


  • Two adventurers, Brock and Gary, find Shangri-La, but they are later attacked by zombies. Richtofen, Tank, Takeo and Nikolai, time travel back and save Brock and Gary, only for them to end up where they started. Richtofen takes the Focusing Stone from Shangri-La.
  • Tank Dempsey goes to Brazil some time before the events of The Giant.


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