Information Lacking Edit

Call of duty advanced warfare has just released on Novemebr 3rd, 2014 though it looks like the other pages are not being filled in so I'm just going to wait until they are filled out otherwise I end up making an idiot of myself.

Let's see the pages that are lacking in serious information would have to be a majority of the sidearms and primaries as well as a few score streaks.

Dan67 20:04, November 5, 2014 (UTC)

Advanced warfare exo survival questions Edit

Is exo survival local co-op? Also the can u wear wat u want in this mode? And for the skill weapons free is it a permenant upgrade or do u have to get it back every new map? I didn't find this information on the exo warfare page —Unsigned comment was added by

Advanced warfare demo Edit

Is there an advanced warfare demo or trial version for xbox 360 and if there is tell me the answer also if they haven't made one will they make one answer for that as well please and also if they won't be making one for 360 tell sledgehammer to make one with any campaign mission if its a singleplayer demo