New perk idea for call of duty:blackops 2 Edit

Add me on psn Final_Apock

My new perk-a-cola is called FHR TEA fog hugger repellent for short. This new perk FHR TEA is a perk so when you go in the fog no fog huggers get on you.

My song goes like this: you wont have to worry in the fog. FHR will get you through. Foghuggers will fly  away from you. before you know it youll be through                    

THE FOG!!!. YOU NEED FHR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. in  a whisper foghugger repellent.                                                                                                                             \

The color is VIOLET.

It costs 2500 dollars

Tell treyarch and see if u get on bo2 thanks for reading!!!

Town Zombie Glitches? Edit

Just played Zombies on Local with two in Town, and at wave 24 the game glitched by leaving a zombie off map.We were able to kill the straggler with Semtex, and the next wave triggered. It hangs out behind the big trucks by Double Tap Rootbeer and one Mystery Box location.  This happened for the next 5 waves, til we died. We also lost the Mystery Box. The glitch is no big deal haha. Anyone know how to get the box back? LOL I CALL BS


is the online connections issues going to get better because I have had it, I would like to get a refund for the season pass

What is a good is a good name to call zombies that makes since ?

Cod3 info Edit

I found call of Duty 3 info here: 17:14, March 22, 2013 (UTC)

Black ops 2 mods ¿?¿ Edit

Black ops 2 mods ?¿?Edit

so are there coming custom mods on black ops 2 pc editsion yes or not ?¿? awnser please