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"A gift from Sam? But why?!"
Edward Richtofen

Every Power-Up available in IX.

Power-Ups are featured in every Zombies and Exo Zombies map and help the player in different ways. Power-Ups drop from Zombies, Hellhounds, the Pentagon Thief, Space Monkeys, Zombie Monkeys, the teleporters in Der Riese and The Giant, the random teleporter rooms in Kino der Toten, George A. Romero, in between Gravity Lifts, from the Quantum Entanglement Device, adding points to the keys in the Bank, behind a door in the map Nuketown Zombies, completing the Tower of Babble achievement, Jumping Jacks, in certain prison cells in the map Mob of the Dead, Brutus, digging with the Shovel, Panzersoldats in Origins and Der Eisendrache, harvesting the Harvest Pods with the Fumigator and behind the first room in Shadows of Evil, Margwas, using the Gondola in Der Eisendrache, by calling the Tram or by shooting a web with the KT-4 in Zetsubou No Shima. Each Power-Up's icon is gold with a green glow (with the exception of the Death Machine, Zombie Blood and Lightning Bolt, which are silver and glow blue) and hover above the ground. The icon will blink when it is about to disappear (except on the Nintendo Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, where it becomes more transparent until it disappears). All power-ups give off a whistling or humming noise when a zombie drops them. Also, the Demonic Announcer will announce they have been picked up by saying a phrase that varies depending on the power-up, with the exception of the Random Perk Bottle, Tombstone, Cure, Blood Money (TranZit and Buried only), Monkey Bombs, Tank, Helicopter, Nuke (Turned mode and Dead Ops Arcade), or unless the Demonic Announcer is Ludvig Maxis, where he will stay quiet.

Power-Ups drop randomly from enemies in the Zombies mode, but only if the enemy is inside the map and not outside the barriers. Zombies have a chance to drop any Power-Up randomly except the Bonfire Sale, Random Perk Bottle, and Lightning Bolt (Fire Sale will only drop after the Mystery Box has moved at least once and Carpenter will only drop if five or more windows are destroyed). In some cases Power-Ups will be given from specific enemies, Max Ammo is guaranteed to drop from the last Hellhound, the Pentagon Thief, the last Space Monkey, the last Jumping Jack and the last Templar Zombie attacking a 115 Generator. If the Pentagon Thief is killed, he will drop a Fire Sale in addition to the Max Ammo. If he takes no weapons, he drops a Bonfire Sale in place of the Fire Sale.

In Ascension, the Random Perk Bottle can be obtained if all monkeys during a monkey round are killed before any Perk-a-Cola machines have been attacked. In Call of the Dead, the player will receive the Death Machine or the Lightning Bolt (depending on whether or not they've completed the Original Characters Trapped Easter Egg) and the Random Perk Bottle for killing George A. Romero. In Shangri-La, Power-Ups can be stolen by Zombie Monkeys and turned into a different Power-Up if the monkey is killed before it returns to the Pack-a-Punch Machine. In Moon sometimes, Power-Ups float around the gravity lifts in the Biodome or a Bonus Points bonus may spawn from a Quantum Entanglement Device.

On Grief mode, the Flesh power-up can be obtained. Any other power-up only affects the team who picks it up.

Power-Ups come in six colors. Green Power-Ups have effects on the all players, Blue Power-Ups have effects on the player who picks it up, Red Power-Ups have a negative effect on the player or positive effects to zombies and negative effects to humans in Turned, Purple Power-Ups which only affect the zombies, Gold Power-Ups singular effects on a player as well as the Silver Power-Ups, but less greater. Gold and silver will only appear on Dead Ops Arcade.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops (DS), Power-Ups are different; they are all made of the colors brown, white, bronze and silver, they have no glow to them, they are 2D icons, the player can only have one timed Power-Up at a time, and they can also be collected if they are attacked (for example, if a player threw a Throwing Knife at one).

Power-ups return in Exo Zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with most functioning similar to counterparts found in the Treyarch Zombies maps, however there are also more unique power-ups such as Explosive Touch and Open Fire. Along side this, Oz will sometimes announce the drop on the map Carrier.

Within Call of Duty: WWII in Nazi Zombies, power-ups appear as Geistkraft conduits that project the icon of the power-up while creating an audible beeping sound that grows in pace until the power-up despawns.

Power-ups also appear in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, with them following similar patterns to how they function in Exo Zombies, with Willard Wyler announcing them and Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson announcing them in Attack of the Radioactive Thing, much to the annoyance of Willard.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, power-ups behave in a similar manner to their original implementation, albeit with a on HUD timer for any timed Power-Up. The Announcer is a Dark Aether entity known as The Forsaken.

In Call of Duty: Vanguard, power-ups function identically to Black Ops Cold War with the announcer being another Dark Aether God known as Kortifex.


Insta-kill icon.png

Main article: Insta-Kill
"Man up Zombies, it's time to die!"
Tank Dempsey after getting Insta-Kill



Enables players to instantly kill zombies with any weapon. It is wise to get it as soon as possible, but reckless action is inadvisable. The icon is a skull. In the World at War version of Nacht der Untoten, players are awarded 10 + 100 points for any kind of kills during the Insta-Kill duration, as opposed to the 130 for a knife kill, 60 for a torso kill and 50 for a limb kill they would normally get if Insta-Kill wasn't activated. In all Call of Duty: Black Ops maps the player will get 10 + [50/60/100/130] for [limb kill/torso kill/headshot/knife kill] respectively. It is recommended to only use a knife during the time that Insta-Kill is active to save ammo unless zombies are in a large horde. Also grenades become very useful as hitting a zombie with a grenade will kill it, and when the grenade explodes, it will kill all zombies in the blast radius. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Insta-Kill will also increase damage dealt to Elite class enemies, alongside making all damage deal the exact damage needed to kill a standard zombie at that round, regardless if it would normally deal more.

Persistent Upgrade

Main article: Persistent UpgradesIn Call of Duty: Black Ops II, if players do not get a kill during two consecutive Insta-Kills, they will be rewarded with the Red Insta-Kill persistant upgrade. It allows players to walk into zombies to kill them, however, the Red Insta-Kill lasts for half the time compared to a regular Insta-Kill. This upgrade can be lost if the player gets hit by a zombie when the upgrade expires.


Only found on Moon out of the QED, this power-down, when picked up, would enable zombies to kill the players with just one hit, regardless if they have Juggernog.

Double Points Icon.png
Double Points

Main article: Double Points
"Double the honor!"
Takeo Masaki on Double Point's effect

Double Points.jpg


This doubles the point values for damaging or killing all kinds of enemies for zombies to Hellhounds to the Pentagon Thief and for boarding up windows. In Call of Duty: World at War, it does not apply to points earned from Nukes and Carpenter whereas in Call of Duty: Black Ops, it does double the points. The 25 points got from the bottom of the Perk-a-Cola machines on Der Riese are not affected by double points on both games, but the 100 points gained in this manner Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be doubled. The icon is an 'x2', standing for "times two". In Ascension, if the rocket is destroyed a Double Points will drop below in the room before the Pack-a-Punch room.

Persistent Upgrade

There is a Persistent Upgrade (Half-Off) in Black Ops II that reduces all purchase costs by half during a Double Points Power-Up. This can also be stacked with the effects of the Fire-Sale power-up, reducing the Mystery Box price to just five points per roll. This outcome is rare, however. This upgrade is obtained when the player accumulates three thousand or more points during a Double Points Power-Up. This is lost when a player doesn't purchase anything during the power-up's effect.

When the Double Points power-up is active, hacking another player gives them 1000 points and still only deducts 500 from your score.


Anti-Double Points

A red variant may appear in Turned mode which will double the amount the health the zombies have.

Dependent Double Points

A blue variant may appear on Turned mode and it will function depending on what team picks it up.

Max Ammo

Main article: Max Ammo
"Why do I feel so heavy now?"
Nikolai Belinski after getting his ammo back

Max Ammo.jpg


Gives player's weapons full reserve ammo and refills grenades. It does not fill up the magazine currently in the weapon (unless the player is using an ultimate staff). In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Max Ammo refills the magazine, but does not restock grenades or equipment. Downed players only receive the effect for the weapon in use, and the effect does not apply after being revived. The icon is a box with an ammunition belt coming out of the side. It refills both primary and special grenades on the maps Der Riese, Five, and Kino der Toten. If a player has put down two Bouncing Betties, and thus has none in their inventory, it will not give the player new Betties. However, if only one Betty has been put down, the player will get a second Betty. In Call of Duty: Black Ops, it will refill the player's inventory regardless of the number they currently have. Max Ammo is guaranteed to drop off of the last Hellhound of a Hellhound round, or the first zombie of the next round and the Pentagon Thief, regardless of whether or not he was defeated. Max Ammo also appears at the end of every Monkey round on Ascension whether they took perks or not.

Anti-Max Ammo


After using the QED, a red variant may appear and, when obtained, will empty out all the reserve ammunition from every player.


On Turned mode, it will empty the clip from the human's gun, causing them to reload.


Main article: Nuke (Zombies)
"Ka-fucking Boom meatsacks!"
Tank Dempsey following the nuke's carnage

Nuke Powerup BOII.jpg


The Nuke (Atomic Bomb in the IOS WaW version) kills all zombies on the map at the time of detonation and gives 400 points to every player in the game. All downed players will not get points from the nuke, neither will the opposing team while playing Grief. If double points are active, it will give the players 800 points. Any unspawned zombies in the round will not be affected, and the round will continue after the bomb's use unless the zombies on the map were the last in the round. Players are advised to get it as soon as possible, but to not be suicidal, a way to max your points is to kill all zombies, and in between rounds, obtain the Nuke, since the power up will give you 400 (or 800) points no matter what. The icon is in the image of the 'Fat Man' bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. A deep voice also says "Kaboom". It does not kill as many zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops compared to the Call of Duty: World at War zombies. Only some of the zombies will die instantly upon the activation of the nuke, the rest will die in sequence shortly after from their heads exploding. The Nuke kills zombies in a blast radius way, zombies closest to the nuke die first, and those farthest die last. It should be noted that these zombies cannot attack the player, and if left to their own devices, will approach the player as usual, but just stand in front of them shaking their heads until death.


In Turned, the zombies will freeze and take one hit before death. This applies with a red, but on a human, turning the zombie who picked it up to human.


Main article: Carpenter
"The stake that sticks out, gets hammered down."
Takeo Masaki activating Carpenter.



Boards up all windows and gives all players 200 points, 400 points on Double Points. There is a delay between picking it up and receiving the points; the players get the points once all the windows have been boarded up. A Carpenter will not drop unless at least five windows are destroyed. The icon is a hammer. Carpenter was introduced in Der Riese and has been present in all Zombie maps made afterwards, excluding Dead Ops Arcade, Nuketown, Mob of The Dead, Origins, and including the other Call of Duty: World at War maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops. In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 it also fully repairs the Shield if it is damaged and equipped. In Call of Duty: Black Op Cold War, it gains the function to repair Armor.

Persistent Upgrade

There is a Persistent Upgrade in Call of Duty: Black Ops II which will create stronger boards on windows. This is obtained by killing a zombie during the power-up's effect and can be lost by doing the opposite.

Fire Sale

Main article: Fire Sale
"If this were Russia, it would be free. Just be polite."
— Nikolai Belinski obtaining Fire Sale

Fire Sale.jpg


Lowers the price of the Mystery Box from 950 to 10 points for 20 seconds. It also makes the Mystery Box spawn at every possible point. A Fire Sale will not drop from Zombies if the Mystery Box has not been moved at least once. This Power-Up was introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The icon is a large price tag that says "sale!!!". A 60's style rock 'n' roll song is played while the power-up is active, except for in Buried, where it plays a different jingle, as Richtofen rules the zombies. In addition, in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, it will lower the price of the Gobblegum machine from 500 points to 10 points. All Gobblegum machines will be active during the time of a Fire Sale.

Anti-Fire Sale

A red variant may appear after using the QED which will move the Mystery Box to a different location.

Death Machine

Main article: Death Machine
"This thing's bigger than me?"
— Sarah Michelle Gellar getting a Death Machine

Powerup death machine.jpg

Appears in every map after Kino der Toten on Call of Duty: Black Ops except for Shangri-La. Grants the player a Death Machine for 30 seconds (90 seconds if received from repairing the Casimir Mechanism in Ascension or opening the M.P.D. in Richtofen's Grand Scheme). It has infinite ammo and can be a significant asset later in the round. The icon is similar to the icon for the Rapid Fire attachment. However, the player wielding it cannot revive players and Perk-a-Cola's cannot be purchased when the Power-Up is in use, although it is possible to rebuild barriers with the Power-Up active. The icon is five golden bullets. This power-up only appears as blue, making it only give one player the weapon.

Bonfire Sale Icon.png

Bonfire Sale

Main article: Bonfire Sale

Powerup bonfire sale.jpg

Appears normally in "Five" and Classified, but can be spawned in any Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 map using Conflagration Liquidation. It links all of the Teleporters to the Pack-a-Punch Machine, regardless of DEFCON level, and lowers the price of using it from 5000 points to 1000 points. On top of that, Double Pack-A-Punch will only cost 500 points. The only way to get Bonfire Sale in Black Ops is to kill the Pentagon Thief before he steals anyone's weapons, and the only way to get the power-up without the use of Conflagration Liquidation in Classified is to survive a specific amount of rounds within Groom Lake. The icon is a Pack-a-Punch Machine in Black Ops, and in Black Ops 4 until the addition of Conflagration Liquidation, which made the power-up resemble a literal bonfire.

Random Perk Bottle

Main article: Random Perk Bottle
Perk Drop BO4.png


Grants all non-downed players a free, random perk; it can be used to exceed the four perk limit. Appears in Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, Moon, Die Rise, Buried, Origins, Shadows of Evil, The Giant, Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou No Shima. This Power-Up will drop in Ascension if the player successfully completes a monkey round without having any of the perk machines attacked by Space Monkeys. In Call of the Dead, the player must kill George A. Romero. In Shangri-La, it is only obtainable by killing the Zombie Monkey that steals a Max Ammo (it cycles through all Power-Ups, the bottle appears for 0.25 seconds). In Moon, it can be obtained by throwing a Quantum Entanglement Device near a Perk-A-Cola machine, occasionally a random perk will be given to the player. In Die Rise if the player defeats the Jumping Jacks on the special round with 100% accuracy, the last Jumping Jack will drop this Power-Up along with a Max Ammo. In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, it can be obtained via the 'On The House' or the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' GobbleGums. In The Giant, the perk bottle can rarely be obtained through teleporting to the Mainframe as a random powerup. The icon is a bottle.

Anti-Random Perk Bottle

A red variant may appear from the QED which will take one perk away from every player.

Empty Perk Bottle

Main article: Empty Perk Bottle

The Empty Perk Bottle is similar to the Random Perk Bottle, as it increases the amount of perks a player can purchase, by using either a Perk-a-Cola Machine or the Der Wunderfizz machine. If the player repeatedly does this, they will be able to obtain eight perks. These can only be obtained from the Zombie Blood dig sites or in Zetsubou No Shima by watering a plant three times with 115 water and shooting it with the KT-4 each time after watering.

Lightning Bolt

Main article: Lightning Bolt
"Lightning is power!"
— Samantha on the Wunderwaffe DG-2

Only appears in Dead Ops Arcade, Call of the Dead, and Dead Ops Arcade 2: Cyber's Avenging.

Wunderwaffe DG-2

Awarded when the player completes the Stand-in or Ensemble Cast Easter Egg. It grants the player a Wunderwaffe DG-2 that can't be Pack-a-Punched and will disappear when the player runs out of ammo (although Max Ammo refills it). It will also be dropped by George A. Romero upon death from then on. The icon of the power-up is the same icon as a Death Machine.

Super Speed Boost

Found on both Dead Ops Arcade maps, this can be collected and used whenever the player wants to. The inventory can hold up to ten. It will boost the player to the direction they are facing and kill any zombies in the way.

Random Weapon

— Samantha Maxis, when the weapon is picked up.

Only appears in Moon, Origins and Der Eisendrache. In Moon, the player must throw a Quantum Entanglement Device. When thrown, it may drop a random weapon, Pack-a-Punched or not. Picking up the Power-Up instantly replaces the players weapon with the one in the Power-up. In Origins, the player has to complete a challenge by Performing 115 Normal Zombie Headshots, and it will give one of a selection of Pack-a-Punched weapons. In Der Eisendrache, the player can get a tram fuse Power-Up from killing zombies. This can be used on the console on the raised platform directly ahead of the tram. Once the tram fuse is used, the tram will move down the mountain, and then return with a random Power-Up. This Power-Up has a chance of being a ray gun that can be picked up for free by the player. Unlike Moon, the player will have to press their use key to pick up the ray gun.

Bonus Points

Main article: Bonus Points
Bonus Points BOCW.png

"Points for everybody!"
— Takeo Masaki after getting bonus points


Only appears in Moon, Dead Ops Arcade, TranZit, Buried, Dead Ops Arcade 2, Die Maschine, Firebase Z, and Outbreak. In Moon, it only appears after the player has thrown a QED. The effect is random; it gives the player who picks it up (or everyone in the game) a random number of points. The power-up looks like a Z with two lines going across it, like a $ sign. Its model is based on a regular treasure in Dead Ops Arcade. In Call of Duty: Black Ops II, in TranZit at Green Run, in the location Town, the Bonus Points can appear in the bank. After melee attacking the two keys, with Galvaknuckles, every 1100 points the player deposits, the drop appears and the other players will get 1000 per 1100 the other player added (not doubled with Double Points). This also applies for Buried because the bank is there also. This has a same function as the power-up below, and has the exact appearance, although the demonic announcer doesn't announce it (except on Moon) and it is not affected by Double Points. In Black Ops Cold War, it appears alongside regular power ups, and gives every player 500 points.

Anti-Bonus Points

A red variant may be obtained after using the QED on Moon. This does the opposite function to all players.

Blood Money

Main article: Blood Money

In Origins, Blood Money is obtained through digging it up. It looks and has a similar function to Bonus Points, as it gives the player a random amount of points ranging from 25 to 500 points when obtained. If the player kills zombies near a Blood Money power-up it will result in the player getting more points from it. It also appears in Shadows of Evil where it can be found in Red or Purple Harvest Pods. In Der Eisendrache, there is a chance of it appearing in a gondola after calling it with a tram fuse. This power-up is affected by Double Points.

Zombie Flesh

Main article: Zombie Flesh

The Zombie Flesh power-up is only available in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II game mode Grief. It was first revealed in Delivery 7 on the Call of Duty official website. This power-up gives the player a piece of meat which can be thrown anywhere in the map. It lures the zombies towards it and they stop and stand near it. It can be stuck to a person, luring zombies to that person. If it is thrown outside of the map, the zombies will be unaffected by it and continue to attack the player. It emits a green aura.

Zombie Blood

Main article: Zombie Blood

The Zombie Blood power-up.

Zombie Blood is a power-up that appears in Origins. It causes the player to be masked in a red fog and disguised as a zombie acting in a similar way to one of the abilities granted by Vulture Aid or being shot by the VR-11. The Power-Up itself looks like either the icon for the Achievement Acid Drip in Mob of the Dead or a blood pack. The power-up lasts for 30 seconds, and can only be used by the player who picks it up. It returns in Blood of the Dead, and is gainable through an easter egg.

Tram Fuse

Main article: Tram Fuse

The Tram Fuse is a power-up found in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies map Der Eisendrache. It can be used to activate the Gondola, which can be used to obtain many benefits such as power-ups and weapons.


The Tank Power-Ups only appear in the map Dead Ops Arcade and Dead Ops Arcade 2. The player can be turned in to a T-55 but for a limited time only.


This Power-Up is the same as the Tank as it only appears in Dead Ops Arcade. The player can be turned in to a Mi24 Hind but for a limited time only.

Extra Life

This is found in both Dead Ops Arcade maps and it will grant the player an extra life.


These act as money, appearing randomly or from killed players in both Dead Ops Arcade maps and they are worth a lot depending on their size.


Found in both Dead Ops Arcade maps, these act a support gun, either sharing the same weapon or using one that's similar and shooting in the direction the player is shooting. There can be up to five being used.



Iron Fist

This power-up can only be obtained in Origins, by killing 20 Templar zombies with the Thunder Fists at the excavation site. It gives the player an upgraded version of the Thunder Fists that can take on the elemental powers of any staff currently equipped.


This power-up can only be obtained in Turned mode, at the start of the game in the middle of the map. It will only spawn once at the beginning of every game. It shares the same drop as random perk bottle except it's red. Upon being picked up by a player, the player who picked it up will become the survivor.

Monkey Bomb

This power-up can be only be obtained in Turned mode after a kill with the Kap-40. It has a green glow. After picking it up, the human will recieve a monkey bomb in their tactical grenade slot. After thrown, zombies will instead see a clone of the human glowing as usual instead of the real human. Kill a zombie will make another one appear with a blue glow and the cycle continues until the human is killed.

First Person Pad

Only appearing on Dead Ops Arcade 2, this turns the gameplay from top-down to first person and it lasts for a minute before switching back. On vehicles, it goes to the original third person perspective.

Full Power

Introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, this will automatically charge the player's Specialist Weapon. They can be obtained for free in IX by either doing challenges, or through being thrown to the player by the crowd.

Odin Drop

The Odin power up as seen in IX.

Available on the maps IX and Voyage of Despair, this drop will give the player a free perk alongside the pre-selected 4 perks. On IX, it is acquired through an easter egg that involves gathering a Helmet, Sword, and Cup, and placing it on the corpse of a Viking in the Odin Temple. Afterwards, the player must throw a Wraith Fire from the Zeus Temple on to the corpse and wait 7 rounds before the drop will appear.

Max Armor

MaxArmor VG.png

Introduced in Call of Duty: Vanguard on Der Anfang, the Max Armor Power-Up repairs the player's Armor to full health.

Exo Zombies

Full Reload

Full Reload functions similarly to Max Ammo, and will refill all players' ammunition when picked up.

Hyper-Damage icon AW.pngHyper-Damage

Hyper-Damage functions similarly to Insta-Kill, and will allow players to kill zombies in one hit for 30 seconds.

DNA Bomb icon AW.pngDNA Bomb

DNA Bomb will kill every zombie on the map in a green flash.

Security icon AW.pngSecurity

Security will activate all traps on the map for 30 seconds.

Multiplier icon AW.pngMultiplier

Multiplier functions like Double Points, giving the player twice as many points as usual, including from terminals, during 30 seconds.

Note: As of 4-08-2015 update, Multiplier does not show a flashing Icon, however the Power-Up does spawn as usual. Finding it requires quickly getting to it when one hears the Power-Up beeping its countdown.

Power Surge

Power Surge functions like Fire Sale, and will make every 3D Printer on the map function, costing only 10 credits per use, for 30 seconds.


Resupply is a power-up that is dropped by players upon death, and that can be picked up only by the player who dropped it. When picked up, the player will recover one of their weapons they had before dying.

Open Fire

Open Fire gives all players infinite ammo for a limited amount of time.

Explosive Touch

Explosive Touch makes it so any zombies the player touches will instantly die.

Nazi Zombies (Sledgehammer)


Elektromagnet icon WWII.png
"Spawn an Elektromagnet power-up to earn twice as many points for a short time."
— Consumables Description

The Elektromagnet power-up functions nigh identically to the Double Points of other modes, allowing the players to gain Jolts at double the the rate.

Taschen Voll

Taschen Voll icon WWII.png
"Spawn a Max Ammo power-up to replenish ammo and equipment for all players."
— Consumables Description

The Taschen Voll or Max Ammo power-up functions nigh identically to the Max Ammo of other modes but also refilling the current magazine of a weapon, if ammo remains. Otherwise it will give an additional magazine for reload.


Totengriff icon WWII.png
"Spawn a Totengriff power-up to instantly kill enemies with one hit for a short time."
— Consumables Description

The Totengriff power-up functions nigh identically to the Insta-Kill power-up of other modes, allowing for the one hit killing of standard zombies, Pests, Gekochts and Corpse Eaters.


Überladen icon WWII.png
"Spawn a Full Meter power-up to overcharge each player's Special Ability meter."
— Consumables Description

The Überladen or Full Meter power-up will charge the equipped Special Ability by 100%, up to 200% charge.


Vernichten icon WWII.png
"Spawn an Vernichten power-up to instantly kill all weaker enemies."
— Consumables Description

The Vernichten power-up functions night identically to the Nuke power-up of other modes, instantly killing any standard zombies, Pests, Gekochts and Corpse Eaters while causing Wüstlings and Brenners to be temporarily stunned.

Volle Rüstung

Volle Rüstung Icon WWII.png

The Volle Rüstung power-up can only be found in The Tortured Path mode, where it can be found in B.A.T. Ordinance drops or spawned in by the consumable. It refills the Geistschild of whomever picks it up.

Zombies (Infinite Warfare)

Max Ammo

"Max Ammo."
— Willard Wyler

Max Ammo returns in theCall of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode, functioning identically to prior modes. Refilling the reserve ammo of weaponry to maximum.


— Willard Wyler

Carpenter returns in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode, functioning identically to prior modes. Fixes all boarded windows to full and awarding 200 money.


— Willard Wyler

Insta-Kill returns in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode, functioning identically to prior modes. Allowing any damage dealt by a player to instantly kill standard zombies.


"Ah! No one asked you to clear the set!"
— Willard Wyler

Nuke returns in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode, functioning identically to prior modes. Instantly killing all standard zombies on the map.

Double Money

"Oo, Double Money."
— Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson
"Hey! That's my line, you beehive bimbo."
— Willard Wyler

Double Money appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, functioning identically to the Double Points of prior modes. Doubles all awarded money, whether by damage or other means.

Fire Sale

"Fire Sale."
— Willard Wyler

Fire Sale returns in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode, functioning identically to prior modes. Drops the cost of the Magic Wheel down to 10 money while also temporarily activating all locations of the Magic Wheel.

Infinite Ammo

"Infinite Ammo."
— Willard Wyler

Infinite Ammo returns in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode, functioning identically to the power-up featured in Exo Zombies. Allows any weapon to be fired infinitely until the power-up runs out.

Infinite Grenades

"Infinite Grenades!"
— Willard Wyler

Infinite Grenades appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, where it allows the use of Lethals to be utilised infinitely by refunding after use.


  • In the original version of Nacht der Untoten, power-ups showed how much time they had left on screen, but it was changed to an icon which blinked depending on how much time is left.
  • In Moon, various power-ups may be hacked with the Hacker to change them into Max Ammo. Max Ammo can be hacked into Fire Sale for 5000 points.
  • On Moon, power-ups can spawn in the Biodome around any Gravity Lift.
  • In Nuketown Zombies, a power-up will randomly spawn in the shed of the yellow house. This power up will change every time the 'Nuke Clock' ticks over.
  • The insta-kill will not give a 10 point bonus per kill if the weapon used to kill the zombie would have been an instant kill anyway.
  • In Turned, a purple power-up will sometimes spawn. This means the power-up is available to the first person to grab it, the human or the zombies.
  • A green glow means that all players get the power-up, Blue glow means that only player who picked up power-up gets it.
  • When a Monkey Zombie from the map Shangri-La picks up a perk, the perks that it cycles through vary in how long it appears on the monkey's back; for instance a Random Perk Bottle or a Max Ammo will not last as long as a Carpenter or an Insta-Kill.
  • Dr Monty created the Power-Ups, along with the Mystery Box, Chalk Weapons, Gobblegums and Perk-a-Colas.
  • Throughout the Black Ops games, the icon that appears for the timed power went from looking like a Perk-a-Cola icon, to a square turned 45 degrees, to a circle.