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For similar scorestreaks, see EMP Systems and System Hack.
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The Power Core[1] is a scorestreak featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It will require a scorestreak of 1250 (Brought down from 1400 in an update) points for the player to acquire it.[2]

The Power Core is a placed scorestreak, similar to the Hardened Sentry and Guardian. The Power Core will apply a constant EMP effect to all people in the match. This will completely disable the enemy HUD, including the minimap. It will reduce the effectiveness of enemy thrusters, will disable all electronic sights (ELO, Reflex,etc...), and noise will emit from the player similar to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's System Hack. The Power Core will also instantly destroy all enemy scorestreaks on the map.

Like the UAV, CUAV, and H.A.T.R., the player who deployed the Power Core grant a score bonus whenever a teammate eliminates an affected enemy player. The Power Core can be destroyed by the enemy team, and is often located by sheer luck, following the faint buzzing noise, or searching the area affected or with the Engineer perk.

The Power Core is useful defensively, but because it does not apply an EMP effect when it is picked up, and will destroy itself if the user is killed while it is being carried after initial placement, the Power Core serves little to no offensive purpose.

EMP Grenades have no effect against the Power Core, so conventially, only bullet and explosive weapons can damage and destroy it.


  • It is not possible to hack the Power Core with a Black Hat without assistance from another player, as the scorestreak will self destruct before the hacking process is complete, no matter how close to the center that player is aiming.


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