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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

The Power Station is the fourth location in TranZit Mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is not an actual map, as it is only present in TranZit. It is the location after Farm, but before Town


Upon getting off the bus, the player will see an outhouse. The door to the outhouse costs 750 points, and leads to the nuclear reactor. On the side of the outhouse, there is an AK-74u that costs 1200 points to obtain. Upon entering the nuclear reactor, there is a locked door behind the player that can be powered with a Turbine to open the door for Pack-a-Punch Machine. The machine is located in the Bank Vault in the Town, and must be built before the player can use it.

The Power Switch must be built in the nuclear reactor. The parts can be found scattered about the reactor. When the power is turned on for the first time, streaks of lightning will come out around the middle structure. These will kill any zombie in the round room (not the small cut-out where the switch is, and not the long entrance hallway). A center glass cylinder will rise out of the middle structure where, the Avogadro can be seen manifesting. Thirty seconds after the power is turned on, when the electricity stops and Avogadro flies up into the air, the garage-type door will open, which leads to the rest of the Power Station. The door can also be opened before the electricity stops by utilizing a Turbine. The Avogadro will then begin to spawn throughout the rest of the game. The switch can be toggled on and off, though the lightning will not shoot out again for the second time.


  • AK-74u
  • Electrical Board
  • Zombie Hand
  • Old TV Screen
  • Board with Pole
  • Car Battery
  • Cables/Wires
  • Switch
  • Possible spawn location for the table




Power Plant Menu Selction BOII.png
  • This area was scheduled to be a separate Survival map, but was removed for unknown reasons. Its map selection icon is still present within the game files. Interestingly, the map icon itself (pictured at the right) is still present on the map. It's located above farm. However, it's hard to see because it is overlayed by fog.
  • The hole in the wall by one of the control panels cannot spawn zombies. It is however a "shortcut" for the zombies should the shudder door close and the zombies are outside of it