The Power Switch is a utility found in all Zombie mode maps, except Nacht der Untoten and Shi No Numa. It turns on the power, which in turn is used to upgrade weapons and buy perks. It also allows the use of utilities.


Zombie Verrückt

It is located in the power room, next to the first Mystery Box spawn.

File:Power Switch.jpg

Power Switch in Verruckt. Note the Hand.

Der Riese

The switch can be found behind the mystery box spawn in the courtyard.

Kino der Toten

The switch is backstage, adjacent to the M16.


It is found in the central room in the basement, near the telephone easter-egg.


Located three stories above Juggernog, next to the initial box location.



  • The Power Switch is always near a Mystery Box spawn location.
  • It is strange that in Der Riese, there is still a hand on the switch. This may be that Treyarch re-used the model from Verrückt.
  • Oddly, only in the Wii version of Kino der Toten, there is the same hand model on the power switch (Note: This is only in Wii)
  • In "Ascension,"there's no hand on the power switch.
  • There is a Power Switch at the back of the Map in the building near the Ice Cave in Discovery. Though It cannot be used.
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