The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For the explosion used, see K.E.M. Strike.

The Predator Self-Destruct is a weapon in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is only available with the Predator Field Order reward on the map Ruins.

The Predator Self-Destruct is the last weapon the Predator has in its arsenal. Upon sustaining enough damage, the player will drop into a Last Stand mode, and will use a device on their left arm to activate its self-destruct. The Predator will then laugh as an explosion similar to the K.E.M. Strike is called in, killing all enemies on the other team. If the Predator continues to take damage from enemies, the K.E.M Strike will detonate prematurely.


  • The K.E.M. Strike that is activated upon the Predator's death is a reference to the movies and other media in which the Predator appears in, where upon defeat it will activate a nuclear explosive via its Wrist Gauntlet.
  • A faint laughing can be heard when this happens, which is a reference to the first Predator movie when the Predator activates its explosive device after being defeated by Dutch. As Dutch flees, the Predator is heard laughing maniacally before the bomb detonates.
  • Upon getting a game winning kill cam with the Predator Self-Destruct, the game will list the weapon used as the K.E.M. Strike.
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