Project Prometheus was a Winslow Accord Black Ops unit designed to be able to combat General Infantry Units and complete high-priority missions that would prove difficult or impossible for GIUs or regular human infantry. This was achieved through creating so-called "Cyber Soldiers" - humans with advanced mechanical augmentations. The combination of a human brain and the abilities of a robot ensured that these Cyber Soldiers were incredibly effective in the field.

The project was designed in collaboration with the Coalescence Corporation, under the direction of Sebastian Krueger.


  • Taylor, J - Accepted
  • Hall, S - Accepted
  • Kantor, D - Rejected
  • Osman, P - Accepted (KIA)
  • Mason, C - Rejected
  • Maretti, P - Accepted
  • Caracal, T - Accepted (KIA)
  • Diaz, S - Accepted
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