The world is shown at its present state: the world is at war – the Americans are fighting the Russians who have invaded during the previous game. As the cutscene zooms into New York, which is under attack, glass shatters and images from Endgame are shown.

Price: Your world as you know it is gone. How far will you go to bring it back? Shepherd created a war ...but only we knew the truth.

Task Force 141 has been disavowed, and Captains John Price and John "Soap" MacTavish have been labeled fugitives, wanted by INTERPOL. Price and codename: Nikolai help Soap up.

Price: Nikolai, we've got to get Soap out of here.

Nikolai: Da – I know a place.

The glass cracks, tracing a path from Site Hotel Bravo, Afghanistan (33” 00' N, 65” 00' E) to a safe house in Northern India (22” 00' N, 77” 00' E). The glass shatters and shows a safe house in India.


Captain John "Soap" MacTavish wakes up on a stretcher after Nikolai lands the Little Bird in India. Captain Price and Nikolai begin to move Soap to the safe house.

Price: Get him inside!

Soap briefly flashbacks to the beginning of his first mission, Crew Expendable, with Price in the helicopter.

Price: What the hell kind of name is Soap, eh?

Soap comes to.

Nikolai: The safe house is up ahead!

Price: Keep moving!

Soap flashbacks to Game Over; Price slides his M1911 to Soap, who aims and pulls the trigger at Imran Zakhaev. Soap comes to again, they are inside the safe house. Loyalist troopers move aside as Price and Nikolai move the stretcher down a corridor.

Price: Out of the bloody way! Get a doctor!

Soap flashbacks to Endgame; he and Price on the zodiac at the edge of the waterfall.

Price: Back up! Back up!

The zodiac falls into the river and Soap comes to again.

Price: Keep pressure on that wound!

Nikolai: I'm trying! Hang in there, my friend.

Soap flashbacks pulling the knife out of his chest and throwing it at Shepherd's left eye, killing him. He comes to again. Price gets a doctor.

Price: He needs help, now!

Just as the doctor comes over to try and render medical aid, Soap begins to black out from loss of blood.

Nikolai: We're losing him. Charging. Three, two, one. Clear!

A defibrillator zaps as the screen shows:


(The first 'W' turns upside down and reveals the title screen)


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