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The Propane Tank is an usable item in Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode on Point of Contact and in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Propane Tanks appear on Point of Contact and will always be in the exact same spots on every single match of said map.

The Propane Tanks only appear in areas where Barrier Hives are present. Because of this, no Propane Tanks are present in Point of Contact's third area. Propane Tanks are very common in the areas where it's present, where they can be picked up and thrown.

When dealt damage via bullets, a nearby explosion, or dropped in a source of fire, the propane tank will explode, causing a large explosion capable of killing Cryptids as bulky as Hunters and Scorpions over a fairly large area. This explosion will also leave a lingering flame pool which lasts for several seconds that can ignite Cryptids that walk into it, and do further damage to them. The lingering flame pool is usually lethal to Scouts and Seekers, but typically not lethal to anything else.

There is a good level of danger to players associated with the Propane Tank. Carrying one severely reduces a player's movement speed, making the carrier extremely vulnerable, with only the Melee attack to defend themselves until the Propane Tank is thrown away. The initial explosion does notable damage to players in the immediate blast radius. The lingering flame pool can also deal damage in intervals to a player for a short period of time, although Engineers are not affected by this specific danger.

The Propane Tank's greatest utility comes against Barrier Hives. The Propane Tank can be thrown onto a barrier hive close to or on the Barrier Hive's hurtbox, and detonating the Propane Tank can deal additional damage to the hive. There's no limit to how many Propane Tanks can be thrown on a Barrier Hive either, so it is possible for players to detonate in excess of a dozen Propane Tanks on a Barrier Hive. This is a common tactic used by players to hasten the process of destroying the Barrier Hive. Oddly, having multiple tanks in the same area and exploding them simultaneously will only do the same amount of damage compared to a single tank, but with a larger explosive radius. This can be seen when using multiple tanks in one go on a barrier hive, and the health bar only loses 1 tanks worth of health. This has since been patched, so more damage is dealt with more tanks, but detonating them on indivdually still yields more damage overall.

In areas where Propane Tanks are present, it is possible to receive a challenge requiring kills with Propane Tanks. Kills from the initial explosion will always count, whereas kills from the lingering flame pool will usually count, but kills from a lingering flame pool might not count if the Cryptid was ignited just before the flaming pool was extinguished. Because there are a finite number of Propane Tanks in a given area, the inherent danger of using Propane Tanks in general, and the Propane Tank's utility against Barrier Hives, it is best to detonate as few Propane Tanks as possible outside of a challenge.


Call of Duty: Warzone

The Propane Tank returns in Call of Duty: Warzone as the Gasoline Can where it can be used to damage enemies and vehicles. They were added at launch of Vanguard Season One content for the game.

They can be found on Caldera and Rebirth Island and usable on any mode. The Gasoline Can will deal 150 damage to any enemy standing on top of it and will destroy the Tac Rover, ATV, Helicopter and SUV no matter the health. They can also be thrown while lit.



  • If a Hypno Knife is thrown at a Propane Tank, the knife will be destroyed and rendered unobtainable.