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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

"Posing as arms dealers, infiltrate the headquarters of The 54 Immortals - The Quarantine Zone's dominant criminal faction, in order to recover the Black Station's stolen Data drives."
— Mission Briefing
"Return to 2070. After your investigation of Coalescence, defensive perimeters for Undead Quarantine Zones are compromised worldwide. WA Command is down as they attempt to stop the now rapidly spreading virus. Secure transport with contacts in the 54 Immortals and escape Singapore."
— Nightmares Mission Briefing

Provocation is the fourth (third in Nightmares) level in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


Level Briefing[]

Encryption# 20-67-6F-69. Protocol: Echo

Reasonable Provocation has been established

The 54i base of operations is the civilian Singapore, Bio-Dome facility

Active Mission - Day 1

Pre-Mission Scrolling Text[]

Scrolling Text
AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-SGP. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Standing OIC: Juliet-Hotel. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-E Eyes Only. Encryption #2-0-6-7-6-F0XTR0T-6-9. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Infiltration & Recovery. Identities of Four Targets Marked for Termination are confirmed: CDP Defectors Mike-Sierra, Juliet-Romeo, Alpha-Charlie & Juliet Foxtrot. Mission Status: OPEN. Day: 1 Tracking the Data Drives revealed our Targeted Area of Interest: Singapore Biodomes, Stronghold for the 54 Immortals, heart of their operations. At this time we believe our Targets bartered the data drives with the Immortals for safe passage out of Singapore - reinforcing the defection theory as the 54i are aligned with the CDP. We entered the Stronghold posing as black market Weapons dealers selling Code Black Robotics provided by the CIA. Using Hendricks' contact - Danny Li, we sought to make contact with Goh Xiulan and Goh Min, the sibling Leaders of the combine. During our initial contact, LNO Kane (operating remotely from Safehouse-SGP) successfully triangulated the exact location of the package to the 54 Immortals Central Server Room within Cloud Mountain. The Goh's were suspicious -and quickly made us as WASF. The situation quickly escalated - In the initial struggle Goh Min was KIA and Goh Xiulan fled the scene. Team was forced to initiate Secondary Protocol Echo Two - VTOL exfilation rerouted to the top of the dome - wings up on package recovery confirmation. Engagements with hostile forces occurred en route to central server, including skirmishes with 54i and a contingent of visiting NRC forces. After breaching the server room, circumstances forced our team to remove Goh Xiulan's hand in order to gain bypass the biometric security. OIC Hendricks wanted it on record that this action did not have his approval, however time was critical and I felt we had no other option. After securing the package, secondary EXFIL was compromised by 54i-operated Wraith - and were forced to initiate Tertiary Protocol Echo Three - pushing exfil to the subway station beyond the surrounding swampland. This would prove successful, but not without additional collateral damage along the way. While Op did not proceed as smoothly as planned, our team had taken the appropriate steps to ensure the CIA's drives were secured. The Goh's suspicion and our team being compromised would seem to imply that Stone's team may have forewarned them of our arrival. Upon reviewing the data drives, Security footage positively ID'd the killers: Dylan Stone, Javier Ramirez, Alice Conrad and Joseph Fierro - members of our own Winslow Accord Black Ops Team as previously stated. At this time we can also confirm there were responsible for a) The KIAs at the CIA Black Station and b) The missing data drives and subsequent intelligence leaks. Hendricks' emotional response to the footage was not unexpected - our Targets were former teammates - we'd spent years in the field together. It's my firm belief that Hendricks' period of denial will soon pass. That said - the question remains - what led Stone and his team to defect? While reviewing the drives we learned that Stone's last op before his defection was to investigate a disturbance at Coalescence Corporation Singapore. We intend to follow in their footsteps in the hope of gaining greater insight into their motives.


Hendricks uses his charm to set a meeting with an old friend of his, Danny Li to sell robots to the 54 Immortals. The Player and Hendricks appear smoking alongside Danny Li, as Hendricks and Li speak of what the people in Singapore have rot by the Winslow Accord putting walls to stop radiation.

Li eventually agrees to see Hendricks' robots, as the Goh Siblings enter the room, revealing that they know they are WA Special Forces. Though first, Hendricks attempts to pursue they are burned agents, both he and the Player are forced to allow the grunts to handle the situation. The grunts presumably killed Danny Li, Goh Min and most of the 54i soldiers are confirmed dead, and Goh Xiulan and her surviving guard flees.

The two agents and allied grunts pursue Goh Xiulan from uploading CIA information on the web. Fighting against 54i Soldiers, Talons, Warlords, etc., the two agents make their way to Xiulan's location. Upon Xiulan doing so, Hendricks knocks her out as the Player attempts to enter into the console. The Player cuts off Xiulan's hand to enter into the console, as Hendricks interfaces with the system.

The Player defends Hendricks during the download, as the two leave with extraction until it is shot down. The two agents are forced to escape on ziplines and by boat as the 54i HQ crumbles. Afterward, the Player asks Hendricks if he believes Taylor killed his own people, as Hendricks considers it questionable.

The Player returns to 2070, five years after her first mission with John Taylor and his Team. After dealing with Sebastian Diaz, she and Hendricks head for the Biodomes to get out of Singapore with help from the 54 Immortals. Hendricks had a contact that can help get the two transport, Danny Li. Li agreed to help the two get them transport in exchange for resources from the Winslow Accord. He also claims to know where Taylor was heading, which made the Player suspicious.

Her suspicions were confirmed as Danny Li was stalling for the Goh Siblings to arrive at the bar. The Player notice something was off from the Siblings, and it was revealed after the mission that all high-ranking Immortals had DNIs implemented on them and that the two were infected like Diaz. The Player and Hendricks get out of the way as their Robots shoot up the bar, killing Goh Min and almost all the guards while Goh Xiulan and her surviving guard escapes.

The two agents and allied grunts pursue Goh Xiulan as she heads to the Server Room in Cloud Mountain. Fighting against 54i Soldiers, Zombies, Parasites, etc., the two agents make their way to Goh Xiulan's location. Upon doing so, Hendricks knocks Goh Xiulan out as he then attempts to enter into the console. The Player cuts off Goh Xiulan's hand to enter into the console, while Hendricks drags her body for the secondary input and then interfaces with the system to call in transport for extraction, as well as find anything that Goh Xiulan had on Taylor.

The Player defends Hendricks during the download, as the two leave with extraction until it is shot down. The two agents are forced to escape on ziplines and by airboat as the 54i HQ crumbles. Afterward, the Player reveals that information on the server was gone, Taylor was off the grid, and Virus 61-15 was now going to spread worldwide.

Weapon Loadout[]

Field Ops Kit
Found in Level


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  • Untouched: Completed the mission without dying
  • Score: Completed the mission with a score of 22,000 or higher.
  • Got 'em: Found all of the collectibles in the mission.
  • Give 'Em All Nine!: Use a turret to kill 8 enemies.
  • Trick Shooting: Destroy 6 Talons in under 2 seconds.
  • Skeets: Using gunfire, destroy 3 Talons without missing a shot.
  • Three for One: Use one grenade to destroy three or more robots.
  • Bigger Than You: Kill 8 enemies using a P.A.W.W.S.
  • The Pointy End: Kill an enemy with a stalactite.
  • Repelled: Kill all of the enemies headed for the server room while they are still on ziplines.
  • Action Hero: Kill three enemies while on a zipline.
  • Air Superiority: Destroy an enemy Wraith.
  • Clean Sweep: Kill all enemy soldiers on the super trees.
  • Up Periscope: Kill 4 enemies while underwater.
  • Wreckage: Destroy 5 guard towers.
  • Vehicular Slaughter: Destroy 6 enemy trucks.





  • Marshawn Lynch makes a cameo in this level, appearing behind Danny Li and Hendricks, sitting at the table with 54i soldiers. The character is not killed and escapes with Goh Xiulan after the scene.
  • A shrine to Goh Qiang can be seen in the backgroup of the first cutscene.
  • If the player goes back into the first room after the level begins and trying to fire outside of it, the bullets will hit an invisible wall,
  • The Gangster Bling and the location to find it, is a reference to the 2015 sci-fi film Chappie.