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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


Hendricks: So, uh, I wanted to ask you. Kane thinks Taylor's behind the Black Station hit. Shouldn't their DNI show her exactly where they are?

Player: Kane said they're off the grid. They must have found a way to disable their DNI tracking.

Hendricks: I'm not so sure. I think our LNO's keeping something back from us.

Player: I think your being paranoid. I read her file. She's been through some bad ops - heavy situations, lived through it all. I think she's being straight with us

Hendricks: I guess we'll see.

Opening Cutscene

Scene shows the murder victims from the Black Station from the previous level.

Kane: The murders. The clear out job on the Station.

Kane: All signs point to Taylor's team being compromised.

Player: We served alongside these people for five years.

Hendricks: We know 'em, they wouldn't just flip. It's the Immortals. Killing style even says so.

Kane: Taylor - Immortals. Either way. They took the Station's data drives.

Kane: Once we recover them the security feeds will tell us for sure.

Player: Hendricks. You got contacts here. Can you get us close to the Gohs?

Hendricks: There's a dealer that works with them, Danny Li. He's a shifty little bastard, but he's well-connected.

Player: Use your charm to get us in. Once we're close, Kane will be able to track the drives.


Danny Li: The 54 Immortals have never been stronger. Singapore Armed Forces, CIA. No one will touch us.

Hendricks: You still relying on enforcers like Jae Xiong?

Danny Li: Jae Xiong?? Nobody's seen him in years.

Danny Li:(scoffs) Never mind about Jae-fucking-Xiong. Why should I be interested in your shitty robots?

Hendricks: These are the finest robotics available. Code Black.