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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


HendricksSo, uh, I wanted to ask you. Kane thinks Taylor's behind the Black Station hit. Shouldn't their DNI show her exactly where they are?

PlayerKane said they're off the grid. They must have found a way to disable their DNI tracking.

Hendricks: I'm not so sure. I think our LNO's keeping something back from us.

Player: I think your being paranoid. I read her file. She's been through some bad ops - heavy situations, lived through it all. I think she's being straight with us.

Hendricks: I guess we'll see.

Opening Cutscene[]

Scene shows the murder victims from the Black Station from the previous level.

Kane: The murders. The clear out job on the Station.

Kane: All signs point to Taylor's team being compromised.

Player: We served alongside these people for five years.

Hendricks: We know 'em, they wouldn't just flip. It's the Immortals. Killing style even says so.

The scene shows the Supertrees, along with thunder and lightning.

Kane: Taylor - Immortals. Either way. They took the Station's data drives.

Kane: Once we recover them, the security feeds will tell us for sure.

The scene shows the Brother-Sister Leaders: Goh Min and Goh Xiulan.

Player: Hendricks. You got contacts here. Can you get us close to the Gohs?

The scene shows Hendricks's contact: Danny Li.

Hendricks: There's a dealer that works with them, Danny Li. He's a shifty little bastard, but he's well-connected.

Player: Use your charm to get us in. Once we're close, Kane will be able to track the drives.

Level Briefing[]

Encryption# 20-67-6F-69. Protocol: Echo

Reasonable Provocation has been established

The 54i base of operations is the civilian Singapore, Bio-Dome facility

Active Mission - Day 1


Danny Li: The 54 Immortals have never been stronger. Singapore Armed Forces, CIA. No one will touch us.

Hendricks: You still relying on enforcers like Jae Xiong?

Danny Li: Jae Xiong?? Nobody's seen him in years.

Danny Li: [Scoffs] Never mind about Jae-fucking-Xiong. Why should I be interested in your shitty robots?

Hendricks: These are the finest robotics available. Code Black.

Danny Li takes and looks at the tablet, and places it back on the table.

Danny Li: [Laughs] Don't care about Black, Hendricks. Care about Green. You might not know this, but Singapore dollar ain't what it used to be. Hey! Bring my friends another round.

Danny Li: Who would've thought, right? One downtown building explodes and everything falls into chaos... and anarchy.

The Bartender walks to the table with the drinks.

Hendricks: C'mon Danny, look, how far we go back huh? I know what happened here - the whole sordid history of the Q-Zone.

The Bartender place Danny Li's drink on the table, but accidentally spills Hendricks's drink.

Danny Li: Stupid fool!

Danny Li stabs the Bartender on his left shoulder with his knife.

Danny Li: You shame us in front of our guest?!

Hendricks: C'mon Danny, relax. Look we're just here to make a deal. You know that the Winslow Accord - they have the finest combat tech available, right?

Danny Li: Winslow Accord? Winslow Accord don't mean shit inside the Q-Zone. Where were they when so many died? When the SAF abandoned us and built the damn wall?

Danny Li takes his knife out of the Bartender and motions to a guard to escort the wounded Bartender out.

Kane: I need more time to locate the data drives...

Danny Li calms down and sits back down.

Danny Li: You know who was there? The 54 Immortals. They built something out of chaos. They took this park... and rerouted the solar power from the Super Trees.

Danny Li: If not for the Immortals, we wouldn't even have electricity in this shit hole. They gave us hope... when there was none.

Player: Yeah, with the backing of the CDP - this part's now at the heart of their covert arms smuggling.

Danny Li looks at Hendricks, then leans forward on the table to the Player.

Danny Li: I don't know... who you are - but let me tell you something. When your old friends desert you... you have to make new ones.

Danny Li: Let's see what your robots can do, Hendricks. Maybe we can work something out.

Hendricks: That's all we ask.

Goh Xiulan: Is it, now?

Goh Min and Goh Xiulan enter the bar with their guards.

Danny Li: Goh Min. Goh Xiulan. Uh, this is unexpected. I did not know you'd make an appearance.

Goh Min: ...and we did not know that Winslow Accord special forces would make one, either.

Hendricks: Hold on, man. Whatever you think you heard, you heard wrong. We're not looking for trouble. We're free agents.

Goh Min: Do not insult me with your lies. You... and your kind, have killed many of our people. This cannot be forgiven!

Goh Xiulan: Do you think we do not know why you are here?

Kane: You've been made Hendricks. What's the call?

Hendricks: ...Now!

The Player and Hendricks get out of the way as their Robots appear and shoot up the bar, killing a number of people, including Goh Min. Goh Xiulan and the surviving guard run away.

Player: Plan B?

Hendricks: Plan B. Kane, initiate Secondary Protocol - Echo Two.

Player: I thought you and Danny Li were friends?

Hendricks: Yeah - so did I.

The Player, Hendricks, and the Robots walk to the exit shutter and open it, where the 54i Soldiers are waiting for them.

Kane: Robot Squad, activating assault mode.

The Player, Hendricks, and the Robots engage all hostiles.

Hendricks: I hope you've located those data drives, Kane. We're taking a lot of heat down here!

Kane: Got 'em. The server room in Cloud Mountain.

Hendricks: Right in the heart of their operations.

Player: How much do you wanna bet that's where Goh Xiulan's heading?

Kane: Overwatch shows CDP allies ahead. Looks like the Nile River Coalition are in town.

Hendricks: You kidding me?! What, are they on a vacation?

The Player, Hendricks, and the Robots move up where more 54i soldiers appear, along with a:

Kane: Warlord! Get to cover!

The Warlord is killed along with a number of troops, forcing the remaining 54i Soldiers to fall back.

Hendricks: They're falling back, let's move!

The Winslow Team moves up the stairs where more enemies appear. Out of the house window:

Hendricks: Turret! Grab some cover!

Hendricks: We need to deal with that turret.

Hendricks: We're not moving until that turret is down. (if the turret is still active)

Hendricks: We're clear. (Once the turret and all soldiers are eliminated.)

Kane: Heads up. Got 54i reinforcements inbound!

The Winslow Team moves up and the 54i reinforcements engage them...

Civilian: Help me... Please...

...and also kill some civilians.

All hostiles nearby are dead and the Winslow Team keep push through.

Hendricks: Moving up, gimme some cover!

Player: Covering, go! (if the Player covers Hendricks)

The Player covers Hendricks as more 54i Soldiers, along with their Robots, Turrets, & Warlord, arrived.

Player: Got an RPG on that tower - he's mine!

The enemy RPG soldier is killed, and the tower blows up. With all hostiles neutralized, the Winslow Team proceeds up to a lot of shipping containers.

Kane: Whoa! Get out of the way!

The 54i Soldiers blew up a stack of containers and caused them to block the middle path.

Kane: Tracking enemy units moving in on both sides.

The 54i Soldiers and their Talons attack the Winslow Team.

Player: Tell us something we don't know!

Kane: I've located a backdoor entrance to Cloud Mountain - sending to you HUD.

Hendricks: Which way do we go, Kane? Left or right?

Kane: Your call! Both end at the Cloud Mountain entrance!

If the Player stalls:

Hendricks: C'mon, we gotta move!

The Winslow Team moves through the left or right side.

Hendricks: We gotta get to Cloud Mountain, let's move!

As they move up:

Goh Xiulan: For the Immortals: This is your mother, Goh Xiulan. Agents of the Winslow Accord have invaded our home and slain your father. My brother, Goh Min. They must be punished for their crimes. Whoever brings me their heads will be rewarded.

Hendricks: Goh Xiulan seems pretty pissed.

Player: You shot her brother.

Hendricks: I should have shot her.

The Winslow Team reaches the entrance.

Kane: The Robots should be able to get that door open.

The Robots open the door and across them:

Hendricks: P.A.W.W.S. moving in! We don't have the firepower to fight these things!

Kane: It's heavily armored, but it's not bullet-proof. Your weapons will bring it down.

The Winslow Team destroy or hack the P.A.W.W.S.

Player: P.A.W.W.S. is down.


Hendricks: That's the end of him.

Kane: Server room's located on the top floor.

Hendricks: Guess we're going up... spread out.

More reinforcements appear as The Player and Hendricks kills them all and moves in.

Hendricks: Take the second floor!

Kane: Exfil on marker. Biodome rooftop above Cloud Mountain. VTOL wings up on package confirmation.

Hendricks: Copy that.

The two clears the area and proceed up the stairs.

Player: Okay. Where now, Kane?

Kane: Server Room directly above.

Kane: You need to hustle. We've got Xiulan covered. She'll use the only bargaining chip she has... the information on those drives.

The two pushes through all the enemies, Warlords, Robots, Talons, Hounds, and Snipers in front of them.

As they get close to the Server Room:

Hendricks: Kane, they've got a Wraith!

Kane: Do not engage the Wraith unless it's unavoidable. If it gets a lock on you, you're dead meat. As long as you're in the Biodome, you'll be fine.

Hendricks: Fan-fucking-tastic.

More enemy Talons fly up & engage and more 54i reinforcements are seen below.

Hendricks: Ugh... looks like more reinforcements entering Cloud Mountain below.

Kane: Leave 'em. Goh Xiulan and the data drives are priority.

The Talons are destroyed, and the two take out the Robots in front of them.

As they tried to climb up the stairs:

Hendricks: They're on the walkways below us!

The enemies on the walkways are killed and the two finally reaches the Server Room, where there are more hostiles guarding the Server Room.

Hendricks: Focus on the turrets, I'll draw their fire!

Kane: Toss a frag in there!

All hostiles are eliminated and the two move to the entrance of the Server Room.

Kane: She's started decrypting the drives. They're uploading directly to a public server - every single piece of intel on those drives will go straight to the CDP!

The Player interacts and hacks the Server Room entrance panel.

Player: We have to take her down.


The Server Room entrance door opens, and the two head in. Goh Xiulan is trying to decrypt all the drives from the console, but Hendricks knocks her out. Hendricks tries to interact with console.

Hendricks: Kane, we're locked out of the command console. Options?

Kane: It's a Biometric reader. Scan her hand.

Hendricks picks up the unconscious Goh Xiulan and places her hand on the console.

Computer: User authenticated. Awaiting secondary input.

Hendricks: Secondary input? What the fuck is that?

Kane: Heads up. Reinforcements moving in on you position.

M. Player: The two inputs gotta be interchangeable between each sibling.

F. Player: The two inputs must be interchangeable for both siblings.

The Player takes out a cuff.

Hendricks: Can't be serious...

Player: We're out of time and options.

The Player puts the cuff on Goh Xiulan's right wrist and the cuff lasers her wrist off while Hendricks shakes his head in disgust. The Player places the now severed right hand of Goh Xiulan on the console.

Computer: User authenticated. Good Afternoon, Mother Goh. Please hold hand for secondary input.

Hendricks drags the unconscious and amputated Goh Xiulan inside the room for secondary input, and the computer grants them access.

Kane: Okay - Hendricks, interface with the console - I need to use your DNI as a conduit for the transfer.

Hendricks: Say what?

Kane: Trust me, okay? We need to perform an accelerated upload and wipe everything on those drives - just like we did when we wiped the Black Station data at the dock.

Hendricks: You'd better not mess up my brain, Kane.

Kane: I won't. But you may not like what you see...

Hendricks interface with the console and the transfer begins.

Player: Hendricks! You okay?

Gameplay Two[]

The Player is taking fire from 54i reinforcements.

Kane: He's fine.

The Player must defend Hendricks until the transfer is complete.

Player: Breach on the second floor! Moving to engage!

The Player takes out the hostiles while a group tries to break through the window outside the Server Room.

Kane: Download at Twenty Percent.

Player: Shit! They're blowing out the damn window!

Kane: Hostiles ziplining in from the VTOL!

The Player kills the hostiles that came in through the window and holds off the rest coming in.

Kane: Download at Forty Percent!

Player: More hostiles from the hallway! Covering!

Kane: Download at Sixty Percent, hang on!

The Player holds off the Soldiers and Robots coming in.

Player: We gotta get the hell outta here!

Kane: Download at Eighty Percent, almost there!

Kane: Hostiles breaching the second floor wall!

Kane: Download complete, exfil transport is inbound!

The Player eliminates the remaining hostiles in the Server Room.

Kane: Job done - now get the hell out there. We'll review that data when you get back to the safe house.

VTOL Pilot: Bird on approach for extract - fifteen second wings up.

The Player and Hendricks head for their VTOL's ziplines.

Hendricks: Ready Z-Tracs.

The two uses their Z-Tracs and as they headed for the VTOL, an enemy Wraith approaches them.

VTOL Pilot: We got incoming!

The Wraith fire rockets and hits the VTOL, causing it to lose control.

Hendricks: He's hit!

Player: Brace for impact!

The two land on the roof of Cloud Mountain and detach their Z-Tracs as their VTOL goes down.

Cutscene Feed[]

Player: Plan C?

Hendricks: Plan C. Kane, we lost our Exfil! Proceeding tertiary protocol echo three!

Kane: Confirmed. Proceed to marker, 54i dock. You're going to have to hijack one of their boats.

The feed shows the duo's current location & exfil point, and also shows a number of routes the two can take to move and zipline their way to the docks.

Gameplay Three[]

Kane: Keep going, just get the hell outta there!

The two descends their way down to the Supertrees, where more 54i Soldiers are waiting for them. Hendricks takes down one of the soldiers.

Kane: The Supertree on the far end has dock access. Go!

Hendricks: Can't wait. Let's get the hell outta here!

The two moves up as they see a damaged VTOL engaging 54i Soldiers before being shot down by the Wraith and crashing into a Supertree, cutting the top part off and having it and the VTOL go down into the ground. As they move into the damaged Supertree:

Hendricks: Pick a path and move!

Player: Taking exterior. Hendricks, move inside. (if the Player engages outside)


Player: Taking interior. Hendricks, clear the outside. (if the Player engages inside)

Kane: Overwatch shows 54i ziplining to your position with Talons in support.

Hendricks: That leaning tree's our way out, let's move!

Goh Xiulan: Immortals...

Hendricks: Shit... I was hoping she'd never wake up.

Goh Xiulan: ...hunt down and destroy the invaders who defiled our lands and our people. Bleed them... make them suffer... lead them to their deaths!

Hendricks: Wraith overhead - avoid it's line of fire. Don't let that Wraith lock on!

The Wraith spots them and tries to kill the two.

Hendricks: Wraith's targeting us, get inside!

The two head inside a Supertree to avoid the Wraith's line of fire. The Wraith then tries to destroy the leaning tree to prevent the two from escaping.

Hendricks: Kane, they're trying to burn down our exfil route. We got options?

Kane: Negative, that's your only shot to the docks, hurry it up!

Player: What?... No Plan D?

Hendricks: Now is NOT the time!

The two pushes through and zipline their way to the now burning leaning tree, which has some explosions seen when ziplining.

Hendricks: Kane, get us outta here! This place's an inferno!

Kane: Get to the elevators! Use your Z-Tracs to access the Sky Deck!

The two uses their Z-Tracs to go up, and an explosion occurs that caused the blast radius to chase them. Once on the Sky Deck, the two jumps from the burning learning tree into the water, where there are 54i soldiers waiting for them at the docks.

Kane: Stay with it. I'm getting you out of here.

Once the docks are cleared:

Hendricks: Kane - we've reached the airboats.

Kane: Copy that. Overwatch has Immortals swarming your position. You guys get on the turrets - I'll drive.

The Player gets on the turret while Hendricks lies down prone on the airboat. The Wraith spots the two and fires rockets near the airboat.

Player: You better drive fast, Kane!

Kane controls the airboat while the Player and Hendricks tries to protect the airboat from 54i Soldiers.

Hendricks: Go left! Go left!

Kane goes left as 54i Talons and Reinforcements appear to stop them.

Hendricks: Kane - that Ferris Wheel's coming down!

Kane: On it - hang on!

Kane avoids the Ferris Wheel from crushing the airboat and keeps moving forward. More 54i Reinforcements appear.

Hendricks: Go right! Left, left! Left, left!

Kane: Hey, do you want to drive these pieces of shit, Hendricks?! I didn't think so!

Kane drives the airboat over a ramp as the Wraith tries to hit it with rockets. The Wraith tries to chase them, but it hits a skybridge and gets crushed & destroyed. The two are in the clear.

Player: You okay, Hendricks?

Hendricks: Yeah... never better.

M. Player: Hey, you think Kane's right? You think Taylor's team killed our people?

M. Player: Hendricks, what'd you see?

Hendricks: I saw bullshit. That's what I saw...

Hendricks walks away as the screen fades to black and the mission ends.

F. Player: Is Kane right? Did Taylor's team really kill our people?

F. Player: What'd you see, Hendricks?

Hendricks: I saw bullshit. That's what I saw...

Hendricks walks away as the screen fades to black and the mission ends.